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  • Works with or without a headset
The Busy Light is an easily visible light which indicates to others when you are on the line. Great for preventing interruptions and monitoring group phone activity. Works with or without a headset.
Manufacturer Headsets.com
Catalog Number 1904
Type Wireless
Wearing Style Not Applicable
Max Range / Cord Length 6 ft.
Connector Type (view connectors) Not Specified
Weight 1.5 oz.
Lines: (telephone products only) Both Single and Multi
Compatibility Not Applicable
Microphone Not Applicable
Earpiece Not Applicable
Color Black with Red bulb
Special Technologies Voice-Activated
Warranty 1 year warranty
Battery Life Not Applicable
Reversible Not Applicable
Handset Lifter Compatible Not Applicable
Busy Light Not Applicable
Quick Disconnect Not Applicable
DC Adapter Compatible Yes
Digital Encryption Not Applicable
What's in the box? DC Power Adapter, Busy Light, 2 Sided Adhesive for light, Executive 2 Splitter Box, 18" Black RJ9 Telephone Cord

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Keeps people away!
No longer do I have to point to my headset that I'm talking!
customer image Janet Primrose
New Orleans, LA
Marginal design. Voice activation is only OK in some instances. This device should be reworked to trigger full on anytime the line is active. Should not be that hard to do. I would even pay more for a model that worked in this manner. Too often both sides are silent while working on an item that the light is off even when your on a call. Please design updated model with better features. It would be worth the extra cost.
customer image Cameron Wilson
Vancouver Canada, WA
Headsets.com Busy Light with Amplifier Adapter
Works great, easy to install
customer image Michael Chestnut
Michael D. Chestnut, Attorney at Law, P.C.
Washington, IN
Not as expected
Marginal design. Voice activation is only OK in some instances. This device should be reworked to trigger full on anytime the line is active. Should not be that hard to do. I would even pay more for a model that worked in this manner. Too often both sides are silent while working on an item that the light is off even when your on a call. Please design updated model with better features. It would be worth the extra cost.
customer image John Curry
Document Masters, LLC
Aledo, TX
Thank you so much!! it works great and i super helpful!!
customer image Miri Pessin
Fidelity Payment
Great headset with an awesome range
Great headset and I can't believe the range I'm getting with it.
customer image Brian Miles
City of Woodburn
Woodburn, OR
Busy Light
Love it! Makes such a difference when people know I am on the phone. No more carrying on two conversations t once. Thanks for the great invention!
customer image Mary Gregory
Not great.
We use the busy lights to let people coming in the office know we are on a phone call. Unfortunately it seems to be voice activated. If I am actively speaking they already know I am on a call. It's when I have a call and am listening to the caller that I need it lit. Didn't work for us.
customer image Melissa Stay
City of Brooklyn Park
Brooklyn Park, MN
Love the light. I thought it was harder to hook up than the Office Runner itself.
customer image Birchfield Denise
Boiling Springs Elementary School
Boiling Springs, SC
Red Busy Light
Love the busy lignt, just wish it was a bit taller
customer image Shannon Dravland
University of North Dakota
Grand Forks, ND
It would be great if these lights were activated when the receiver is lifted, not just by voice.
customer image Lena Weber
Boise Cascade
Woodinville, WA
really like it.
customer image jacob kraybill
Martin Machinery
Latham, MO
We like the busy lite. It has already saved hearing incoming conversations. Betty
customer image Betty Dylla
Nicollet Avenue Dental
Minneapolis, MN
customer image MIKE WILSON
Busy Light
Had a little difficulty getting everything plugged in just right.
customer image Robert Whitley
Jackson, MS
customer image MICHELLE FERRARA
Works great.
The light works great for letting people know I'm on the phone. It does make my headset a little sound sensitive. When attached to the light, if I'm talking loudly my headset will chime to indicate a phone call when there isn't a phone call.
customer image Nancy Durtschi
Carey School
Carey, ID
Works good
Great product, works great!
customer image
Busy light shows you
This busy light was an inexpensive option to the multi-colored light and still manages to get the point across that you are actively engaged in conversation on a phone line while officers are standing in the room trying to talk to you. We have had good feedback from Patrol and Dispatch with the installation of these and would encourage other departments to utilize them!
customer image LaToya Marz
City of DeKalb Police Dept
DeKalb, IL
Busy light
It would be better if the light stayed on the duration of the call.
customer image Julie Sloan
Kemptville Medical Center
Kemptville, ON
Great product, but does it last?
I work from home and use this light to let others in my home know when I am on a call. It is difficult to tell when I use my OfficeRunner headset. Some days, I am on the phone all day. Recently the lamp went out and the only way to fix it was to obtain a whole new unit. Luckily, this was at no cost to me, but how long will it last? There is no way to replace just the bulb!
customer image Richard LaDow
Round Rock, TX
The only thing I would say as a suggestion for change would be to make the light stay on all the time when the phone is in use; it sometimes confuses people since it only lights up when there is 'noise.'
customer image Holly
Anderson Dental
Yep! That
When I ordered the light i wanted to make sure the one I got would "go" with my Sennheiser headset. The Very helpful lady on the phone assured me she had one that would work. I asked what it looked like and she said "It looks just like Rudolph'd nose!
Well, when it arrived we installed it, (easy) and sure enough, that's what it looks like. Now everyone in the office knows when I'm on the phone!
customer image Mary Wilkins
Tulsa Blossom Shoppe
Tulsa, OK
Busy Light
My girls love the light. When they are making appointments or talking to patients everybody know they are on the phone and dont bother them..
customer image Gee Gee Vick
Cottonwood Medical Center, Ltd
Casa Grande, AZ
It's great that it's bright enough for everyone to see, even in our very sunny/bright office. My only wish would be that it wasn't voice/sound activated; I already had one of my employees start talking to me while on the phone because the person on the other end was looking something up, so neither of us were talking and therefore the light was off, so my employee assumed I must not be on the line.
customer image Debbie Sutor
Northeast Oregon Surgical Clinic
Pendleton, OR
Busy Light
Works Great
customer image Tina Coffman
Stafford-Smith, Inc.
Lansing, MI
Busy light doesn't work. Please forward info to process a return. Do you have other busy lights? (615) 851-7846
customer image Barbara Daniels
Goodlettsville Pediatrics
Madison, TN
customer image Bush Linda
Lower Elwha Health Clinic
Port Angeles, WA
No more effective than asking "are you on the phone"?
Completely useless. The light only goes on while the person is talking so if they are listening you STILL have no way to tell if they are on the phone. The cord is too short to place the indicator on top of a shelf so it is clearly visible over the cube so you STILL have to be standing basically in the directors office. It was a total waste of money.
customer image IT Support
New Democratic Party of Canada
Ottawa, ON
this little unit is very helpful...and comes in handy while I wait for the headset with fiber optic in the mic, so folks can tell when one is on the phone!
customer image Chris McAleer
Roger Hanawalt
La Verne, CA
Busy Light
Love it. Thanks a lot for the Tootsie Rolls. My coworkers keep asking for them.
customer image jacob kraybill
Martin Machinery
Latham, MO
customer image LESLIE WELNETZ
The setup was difficult, however the Headsets.com staff was very helpful as usual and assisted me with setting it up from start to finish. My only problem is that the signal only lights up when someone is speaking. (I was notified prior to purchasing but proceeded with the order because I still needed a product like this.) When I am on hold with a caller, it still appears that I am on the phone and am disrupted. Other than that, it's a nice product :)
customer image Janay Wise
Dream Design Builders
San Diego, CA
Awesome product
We have a 10,000 sq ft office. We are rarely at our desks all day, so the office runner is a lifesaver. I can answer the phone from the other side of the warehouse.
customer image Elena Miller
Reedy International Corp
Charlotte, NC
Kevin Pena
Very pleasant and helpful.
customer image Connie Helfenstein
Bemidji, MN
Busy light is great!! It's solved our ongoing problem of staff and consumers interrupting at the front desk because they couldn't tell if I was on a phone or not. LOVE IT!
customer image Erin Rice
Independent Living Resources, Inc.
La Crosse, WI
Great improvement to our system
These little Busy Lights are nice and compact, but if placed high in the cubicle you know the user is on the phone before you even get there.
customer image Ron Bolander
AUL Corporation
Napa, CA
Great improvement to our system
These little Busy Lights are nice and compact, but if placed high in the cubicle you know the user is on the phone before you even get there.
customer image Ron Bolander
Love it!
I work in a very busy office this has wonderful light has literally stopped my coworkers from walking up to my desk talking to me while I'm on the phone. It's good for all of us, as I'm not disturbed and my coworkers don't feel bad for interrupting me while I'm on the phone!
customer image Cynde
Wahlco, Inc.
Works Great
Wish the light would stay on steady when phone line is in use. Other than that, it works as expected.
customer image Jo Knight
Financial West Group
Grand Junction, CO
Headsets.com busy light adapter
I like it! Nice & bright so people see I am on phone. It is gaudy looking but I think that kind of helps people locate it. I have had other lights that are more sleek / Fancy looking & people seemed to never see it.

However, seems to only flash when talking or it picks up a voice on it. Be nice if always flashed when phone call is going. Some times if the person on the other end of a call is looking for a file or I am waiting for them to find something & there is no voices speaking the flashing doesn't go? Which in turn people in my office see no light so come up & talk to me but I am still really on a call. As soon as I speak it flashes again. I may just have a setting off?
customer image Robert Karlgaard
Midland Door Solutions / Bi-Fold Door
West Fargo, ND
on-line indicator light
Works awesome! Super easy installation. Thank you!
customer image Christy Smith
Rural Resources/Family Support Center
Colville, WA
Great & Fun Buy
I bought the light because I work from home and so I wanted to signal the family when I was on the phone in my office since my back is turned away usually from the door without having to constantly look at who is entering my home office and putting my hand up to tell them to shush if I was on the office phone. Now, all they have to do is peek in and see if the red light is on, and I won't get disturbed if that light is on. Light works well with the phone and headset.
customer image
Not what I expected
Will be returning this, the light would come on if someone walked by with heavy steps or something was set on my desk - not very effective.
customer image Shelley Hannam
Wilson Fuel Co Ltd
Truro, NS
Pleased with service and prompt response
customer image Tracy Dowd
Belleair Dental
Largo, FL
Great service, order tracking, easy website. VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!!! Thank you
customer image KELLY SIMPKINS
customer image
Lamp Replacement
Excellant knowledge and follow-up. He was the AJ Adhesives hero of the week. Thanks.

PS - do not shar emy email address with other providers. That woudl be a deal breaker.
customer image Gene Konold
AJ Adhesives, Inc.
Saint Louis, MO
Very useful
My business partner has a habit of walking in to my office and speaking to me when I'm on the phone but not speaking. It was annoying and unprofessional, however, there was no way for him to know that I was on the phone!
This simple little light solves the problem. I have it sitting on the corner of the desk and now he walks in, sees the light, and walks away without interruption. Very nice!
customer image Kevin Nichols
Penumbra Solutions | LLC
Southlake, TX
Works great!
Having a busy light makes all the world of difference. This little device is a life saver!
customer image S Fontenot
Spirax Sarco
Deer Park , TX
Busy Light
The light in my Busy Light burnt out, I have several guys that work for me look around and pick me up the light, we couldnt find it anywhere, I contacted headsets to purchase one and DAMM they replaced the whole unit at no charge, GREAT CUSTOMER SUPPORT.
customer image Paul Keeping
Fishermans Market International
Halifax , NS
Not what it should be!
The light is voice activated and when either party does not talk, the light shuts off. So, if you are on hold or when there are small moments of silence on the phone, the light is off. Does not do what it should. My previous light was on all the time during a call.
customer image Bruce Haghighat
Princeton, NJ
Busy Light for the Sennheiser Office Runner
I really don't like this light compared to the Plantronics busy light. The office Runner light is based upon sound on the line and if I'm on hold or waiting for a customer to respond the light is not lit and people walking into my office don't know I'm on the phone. I really prefer the Plantronics version. I'm also not very happy with the Office Runner. I don't like how the ear piece attaches. I tried all of the different sizes and the unit still feels like it will fall off. I tried the unit in our warehouse and it cuts out sooner than the CS-50 unit I had. This is the second unit we have and we're just not very happy with these. I prefer to have the CS-50 units instead of the Office Runner.
customer image Dan Baldwin
Precision Solutions Inc.
Quakertown, PA
customer image Cathy Lafata
Just OK
I requested a busy light compatible with my cordless headset. I had one for my CS50, but it was not compatible with the new one. At a great surprise to me, when I kiddingly asked if it was free, your agent said she would send it at no charge to me.
I actually liked the Plantronics busy light better, due to the fact that as long as I didn't hang up, it was on. With the new one, it only stays on while sound is coming thru the headset. This means if I'm on hold, (with no music), it goes to off, and people don't think I'm on the phone.
customer image Rick Bogue
Bullocks Towing
Salt Lake City, , UT
Busy Light review
The busy light is too bulky to have on our desks. Wish the amplifier Adaptor had the light built into it.
We did not even put the lights on our desk, because w/ the amplifier next to our phones it was just too much clutter
customer image Linda Connor
JM Irrigation
Volo, IL
Headset light
The customer service I received was outstanding
customer image Tami Folkerts
Kampgrounds of America
Billings, MT
Busy Light
We would like to see the lite stay on whenever the phone is active not just when people are talking.
customer image Patrick Degenhardt
Nortrux Inc
Edmonton, AB
Great Product
love that it is a bright beacon saying DO NOT DISTURB!!! Wish it came in other colors!
customer image Julie Bock
Phoenix, AZ
I like the light but wish it would stay on as soon as I pick up the phone to call out, it only is bright when somone on the line is talking. But it is very bright and everyone loves it!
customer image Elizabeth Meek
B&B Propane
Houghton, IA
Mediocre at best
This light doesn't have much going for it. It's HUGE, it looks hideous, and it only lights up when there is sound/audio on the call. So to people walking by, it looks like a UFO that is running out of battery power. But it's all that works with the Office Runner...
customer image Mike Guthrie
Huron, SD
customer image RENEE Roehl
Reitz Dental
Edgerton, WI
Busy light interfers with the operation of the phone itself. I returned the first one for that problem and the second one is doing the same thing.
customer image Robin Rogovin
Richard E Rogovin, DC, PA
Brandon, FL
Am I On the Phone?
Product performs as it states, light flashes when I am on the phone. Now if it could just make people pay attention to that....
customer image McBride Rogers
Alpharetta, GA
Headsets and Indicator
Love the headsets - Daniel is working with you now to see about ordering quantity. Excellent customer service very pleased and so far very pleased with the unit. Anxious to try with our Customer Service and Inside Sales Group.
customer image Deborah Weilenman
Richmond, IN
Busy Light
Works perfectly, can attach anywhere. No more people walking into my office and asking "Are you on the phone?" and interrupting calls. Love it.
customer image Robert Devlin
Fred C. Gloeckner & Co., Inc.
Harrison, , NY
The design is a bit lame --- seems to me it could be something "cuter" or a some type of novelty design. Would be nice if it were available in different colors. I also agree with the other comments about it being a problem if you are on the phone, but no one is talking at the moment....then your busy light goes out. Should be activated any time receiver is up; not activated by sound. Overall, it has helped somewhat, but still not a complete solution.
customer image Diane Glass
Columbus, GA
Busy light, not so good.
I don't really like this paticular busy light. It is voice activated and ONLY turns on at that time. So if you are on hold and they do not have any hold music the light will not turn on. I like my old Plantronics one better. The light immediately comes on once you pick up your phone or you are on your headset. Others have no questions wheather you are on the phone or not.
customer image Jennifer Holguin
Wells Fargo Advisors
Bakersfield, CA
customer image Tim Williamson
Edmonton, AB
I was so excited to get this but I do not think it works very well. Sometimes when I am on the phone it does not light up and sometimes when it is lit up it fades in and out
customer image ANITA TULLIS
Busy Light for Office Runner
5 users have tried this busy light and have found that the manner in which it operates (light is on ONLY when there is conversation) leads to confusion and interruptions by other employees / customers that can't determine when a phone conversation is active. The device works as designed. We are not happy with the design and function.
customer image Vincent Robertson
Westeren Bus Sales Inc.
Boring, OR
Busy Light
The only downside to switching all our headsets over to the OfficeRunner is that we had to switch out the indicator lights as well. We got spoiled with the light that we were able to hook up to the Plantronic lifter. This light does not stay lit unless someone is actively talking. It is voice activated and so doesn't accurately indicate when a person is on the phone...the whole purpose of having the light. It desperately needs to be redesigned!
customer image Lena
Woodinville, WA
Busy Light
The Headsets.com busy light offers 360* visability, which is good in certain locations. Our office also uses Plantronics headsets which offer a more asthetically pleasing busy light. The "movement" of the lights catches a person's attention better than the "spaceship looking" steady red light from the Headsets.com busy light. Ideally, I would prefer a combination of the two.
customer image Dan Johnson
Custer Public Power District
Broken Bow, NE
Busy Light
This is the 4th headset busy light we have ordered from you. We LOVE your product as well as your "old fashion" (and this is not a bad thing) customer service. The tootsie rolls and heart sticker are GREAT touches!
customer image Sheri Willette
CIty of Lincoln City
Lincoln City, OR
Busy Light for Sennheiser
This light works great! I have no negatives! Thank You!
customer image Becky Weaver
Scott N. VanDusen, D.D.S.
Grand Junction, CO
Works Perfect!!
Everyone in our office appreciates the new busy light! They can never tell when I am on the phone and this simple light solves that! Glad I ordered it!
customer image Jennifer Beckman
great product, works well
excellent customer service as well
customer image Angela
Chicago, IL
You Almost Got it Right
Unfortunately this is "Close, but not quite Right." The light is really a good size, the base is the right size and the instructions are simple ... but the light only works when someone is talking and fades to off when no sound is heard.

Fix that and you've got it "Right"
customer image Mark Sills
Orange, CT
Busy Light
I like the idea, love the technology, not crazy about the design. It is the only model that works with my phone setup but it is just not very...cool looking. It works great though! pam
customer image Pam Ross
Cnritical Nurse Staffing
Grand Junction, CO
Master Tecnician University of Wyoming
Great product. Was wondering if you have 1 package that contains Headset, handset lifter and busy light instead of ordering it all seperatly
customer image John Van Heule
University Of Wyoming
Laramie, WY
What's not to like?
customer image Judy Henry
J H Financial & Insurance Services
Huntington Beach, CA
Busy Light is a Neat Accessory!
Here in the office, I wear a headset all day. I sit with my back to my partner. She didn't know when I was talking on the phone or when I was just listening to a little music while working on the computer. The busy light changed all that. It is easy to set up, works as advertised, and lets those around you know when you're on the phone. This improves the percieved professionalism, of the office, and helps facilitate communication between staff as well as between staff and customers. A great little addition to any office that is serious about their telephonic professionalism!
customer image JIM CRONIN, CFE
customer image Vickie Lowen
Havre, MT
Bright light
I have received good comments on how everyone in the office likes my new light becuase they can see it better. They keep saying they want me to wear some kind of hat that has alight on it though. LOL However I don't like the fact that the light is only on when there is sound on the phone line. Becuase sometimes when I am on hold there is no music or the sound is real low so then people don't know that I am on the phone.
customer image Dawn Bracken
Coleman Equipment, Inc
Bonner Springs, KS
The second one I received works. However, it is really ugly! I liked the other indicator light (for my old system) much better.
customer image Berniece Mitchell
University of Northern Colorado
Greeley, CO
Red Nose
I like the previous "spinning" busy light much better.
customer image Mike Crosby
Town of Cumberland Maine
Cumberland, ME
Prefer Wireless Busy Light
I worked at a helpdesk with wireless headsets and I really liked the indicator light. I now work at an organization with wired headsets and I decided to buy the indicator that goes with the wired headsets. I do not like it as much because the light goes out when people aren't talking and people get confused when trying to determine if I am on the phone. The wireless indicator stays on while the phone is off the hook.
customer image Rebecca Spahn
East Providence, RI
Not what we expected
We ordered these for our front desk, and at first were very excited. After the first few days, we noticed the light doesn't stay on - it is noise activated. This causes problems because it doesn't truly show when we're on a phone call if we aren't currently speaking. It's a great concept, but needs some improvements
customer image Diane McCawley
Headset Busy Light
I love it! I was tired of people coming to the counter and starting to talk when I was already on a phone call -- I put a note on the light that says if it is lit up -- I am on the phone!
customer image Jayne Todd
Trent University
Peterborough, ON
Not happy with item
I am returning this item as it did not perform 100% with every phone call. I found the red light to look cheap and unprofessional on my desk.
customer image Diane Dunham
Ok Item
The cord could have been longer. We had to spend almost as much to buy longer cords. I purchased two for a couple of our customer service stations. They seem to work fine and do their job. The light also only comes on when someone is talking on our end. It would be better if it stayed on continuously when just connected on a phone call. Overall I think for the price it is fine.
customer image Ken Henson
Albuquerque, NM
Busy Light is a Bust
It does what it says it does, barely. The bulb burned out after less than week's use.
customer image Ray Mercer
Executive Assistant
Employees like it. The only negative comment I've heard is that it looks like a siren.
customer image Lillian Carroll
Houston, TX
The only one that works for us
The Busy Light has proven to be a very reliable unit. We have several in our department and they are the only lights that work with both our standard digital sets and our VoIP sets (through the side jack). We'll be ordering more for some of the new guys soon.
customer image DJ McGonigal
Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Surrey, BC,
Do not like that this is "voice" activated. Every time you speak the light goes on and when you are on hold or the person on the other end of phone is not speaking the light is on. Does not truly indicate if you are on the phone unless you use mute. When I called and asked questions prior to ordering this should have mentioned. I will probably be returning both.
customer image lori turnbach
Hematology Oncology Associates
Allentown , PA
They do what they say
It's just a busy light! What can I say, it works. I do think it is a little more complicated than it needs to be, with all the wires and boxes. It's like modern technology hasn't come to visit this sad little busy light.
customer image Chase Last
Busy Light
The busy light was a most needed addition in our office. We have two receptionists at the front and people would start a conversation not knowing if either was on the phone. We purchased two busy lights and they are perfect. The only thing that I don't like is that if either line does not emit sound the light will not light up. Basically it’s a sound activated device
customer image Tonya Winston
ACE Glass Co., Inc
Little Rock, AR
We like the lights, but we don't like that they fade out if the conversation stops while someone is looking at something and waiting.I have given the light info to other divisions in Honda to purchase. It did take 3 replacements to make one work at my phone.
customer image Karen Moore
American Honda
Troy, OH
Busy light Amplifier
I do not like that the amplifier light comes on and off through out your call. A better feature would be to remain on once the call is initiated or received.
customer image Shannon Cherry
Grand Rapids, MI
Busy Light
Product seems cheaply made, It not only lights up when the person is on the phone, but also when it picks up any background noise in the office, whether they're on an actual call or not.
customer image Joe Budke
Seminole County Government
Sanford, FL

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