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Executive Pro Chattaway Single Line Telephone Headset System

The Chattaway is a perfect all-in-one telephone and headset solution

Features at a glance

  • Monaural design with an Over-the-Head style headband
  • Noise-canceling Flexible boom microphone stays
    where you put it
  • Ultra-lightweight design (less than 2 oz.)
  • Replaces your existing phone and eliminates desktop clutter
  • A locking mute button allows you to hold private conversations even during conference calls
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The Chattaway is a great low cost introduction to the benefits of working hands-free. It replaces your existing single line phone and comes complete with our Over-the-Head noise-canceling headset. Back to top

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Headsets.com
Type Corded
Wearing Style Over-the-Head
Max Range / Cord Length 6 ft.
Connector Type (view connectors) RJ11
Weight 16 oz.
Lines: (telephone products only) Single
Compatibility Replaces your existing analog phone
Microphone Noise-canceling
Earpiece Foam
Color Black
Special Technologies Not Applicable
Warranty 2 Year Replacement
Battery Life Not Applicable
Reversible Yes
Handset Lifter Compatible Not Applicable
Busy Light Integrated
Quick Disconnect No
DC Adapter Compatible Not Applicable
Digital Encryption Not Applicable
What's in the box? Amplifier, Headset, Hook, Connector Cord, Instructions
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Customer Reviews

Average Customer rating for this item: Executive Pro Chattaway Single Line Telephone Headset System was rated 08 out of 10 by Customers (28 Reviews)

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Customer Rating:
Excellent product. Clear and simple.
Guillermo del Valle
San Juan,
Excellent Brand, Superb Product
Customer Rating:
The headsets combined phone was exactly what I needed for my small home-based business. I provide technical support and I needed the flexibility this phone system offers.
Sherry Steele-Nwabueze
Texarkana, AR
Customer Rating:
Great compact, home office unit. Comfortable fit. Brand new, and it will be getting heavy use (40+ hours/week), so we'll have to wait for the review on longevity, but so far, so good! Wish you would add a hold button and a quick disconnect (hint-hint), but as is a great unit for the price!
Kristy Carlton
Nashville, TN
Customer Rating:
works really well
Gita Laoretti
Palm City, FL
so far so good....
Customer Rating:
I was looking for a corded head-set phone... this is the only one I could find that actually has a ringer on/off switch (actually there's actually a low ringer setting as well). I've only had it a few days, but so far I'm happy with it.

The only criticism so far is that when you have the headset on, it's pretty loud to push the buttons to dial.

I'm waiting for one exactly like this to come out for a two-line phone. Thank you!
S. L.
Customer Rating:
I have used this headset for 2 months and had to replace it once already. No one can ever hear me. I am hoarse from having to screen at my customers all the time. I have several co-workers with the same complaint. It is comfortable and easy to setup but the problem with the mic makes it hard to use.
Terance Clark
[Headsets.com Executive Pro Chattaway Base Unit with Keypad only] I love this product!!!
Customer Rating:
This is a good quality product that adds to my professionalism and ability to maintain as a "work at home" agent.
Katherine Surcey
Jacksonville, FL
Executive Pro Chattaway
Customer Rating:
I had been using a similar phone since I became a home-based employee, and for the most part, it was a great unit. Once out of warranty, it died an unexpected death (went off-hook by itself and stayed that way), so I needed to get a replacement quickly. I decided to give the Chattaway a try and I like this phone a lot.

The phone base is smaller but the number keys are larger, so it's easy to dial while taking up less space. It also has a full off switch for the ringer, so when necessary, I can simply turn it off without having to disconnect the phone line. I really like this headset better, too. The mic stays put no matter how you angle it, and it reaches further in front of my mouth - I don't like mics that are to the side of me. The sound quality is excellent, clear, and I don't need much on the volume setting to hear the other party. I definitely appreciate the coiled headset cord and the "stick it where you want it" headset hook.

Right now, I have no complaints, and if this unit goes down after its warranty is up, I hope I can just get another Chattaway.
KC Jackson
Customer Rating:
This small headset is really good! Sound quality excellent, and very easy to set up and use. Basically, just plug and use! Great price for the quality. Hope you don't discontinue it!
Sharon Peterson
Greensboro, , NC
Wonderful Headsets
Customer Rating:
The Headsets are very clear sounding, and the phone has a great light weight size to carry around. It also is very functional, being that I am able to easily turn up and down the volume on the side of the phone.
Clareta Roberson
Evaluation of product
Customer Rating:
This is the third unit which you have replaced for me, wasting much of my time. This one died within one and a half hours of use, SITTING at my desk. The concept is fabulous - especially as it allows me to walk around and pick up books and files as I speak. However, the quality of these units is shocking. The volume controls on my second unit started to malfunction at six months and died a month later. After much research, I had originally bought this product because it most closely resembled the design of a phone I had had for many years of heavy use and no problems. Tech Support today informed me (versus last year) that these phones were not designed for walking around. Please alter the design to make this unit more robust - it is an intensely practical concept. (You are sending me an alternative design as a replacement!) Otherwise, your service is stellar. Thank you.
Dr. Dragana Breberin
Customer Rating:
This headset works but...
It seems cheaply made. The headset part is flimsy. There is considerable hum while the base unit is not muted. The DTMF tones do not work with the phone system that I dial into for work.
This unit is a replacement for the first one I bought... The first one's volume knob did not work.
Andrew Last
Customer Rating:
I'm pleased with this model. all the reviews from your website were accurate in describing how it performs. I'm also very impressed with your followup customer service to make sure I'm pleased with the product. this impresses me very much. i no doubt will be making another purchase from your company again in the near future.
thomas la beau
Customer Rating:
The headset is something to be fixed. It constantly gives you static and after a while you get zapped by it. I've had to replace that on every set I have. Overall the unit is great-would absolutely buy again and recommend.
Cindy Reynolds
Westfield, MA
EP/Chattaway Base & Headset
Customer Rating:
I find the volume difficult to adjust and the static when using the product high. If the volume is turned down the static reduces. Recommend improved headset with no head band still using wired connection to base
Gil Rodrigues
Reading, MA
Great Headset!
Customer Rating:
This is definitely the best headset! It is extremely quiet. Very easy to operate. Excellent quality!
Wonderful Product
Customer Rating:
This is a great product and is very clear on both ends. I am very pleased with this thanks for all your help at headsets.com
Rosemary King
Great Great Great!
Customer Rating:
The unit works wonderfully!! Well worth the cost. The customer support were terrific handling a problem I had with the first unit. They sent a replacement and had it in 2 days!
Jerry Hennerberg
Executive Pro Chattaway Headset
Customer Rating:
This product was a gift to a relative. They are quite satisfied with your product and have begun using it without any problem.
Annie Elbert
Executive Pro Chattaway Single Line Telephone Headset System
Customer Rating:
The Executive Pro Chattaway Single Line Telephone Headset System seems to be a very good product. The older model of this phone did give me problems with some keys needing to be pressed several times to get them to work. So far the Executive Pro Chattaway Single Line Telephone Headset System has worked fine.
William Walker
Zebulon , NC
I love this little phone!
Customer Rating:
This phone is so cute & tiny making ideal dialing comfort for us ladies with small hand. It's also very comfortable on my head/ear. The sound quality is incredible, it sounds like my Customers are in the same room with me. This is definitely an A+ product.
Crystal Prayer
Omaha, NE
Executive Pro Chattaway Single Line Telephone Headset System
Customer Rating:
I purchased the Executive Pro Chattaway Single Line Telephone Headset System for a new job. I am a telephone data collector. I love it! It is very comfortable to wear and the sound is great. I have no complaints about my purchase and would recommend it to anyone.
Angela Thomas
Indianapolis, IN
Executive Pro Chattaway Single Line Telephone Headset System
Customer Rating:
I have only tested them and haven't put them to daily use yet, but they tested great and felt great. The ordering was easy and I received them in 2 days. Great service and follow-up. I would definitely recommend your site and products to friends.
Renae Keller
I love this headset
Customer Rating:
This headset is great. My main goal in purchasing a headset was to reduce background noise, and this headset does that. I turn my music speakers all the way up snd the caller on the other end could not hear it!
Jodi Kula
Best so far...
Customer Rating:
I use my Executive Pro Chattaway everyday for 8 hours straight and it's the best headset I've used so far. The sound quality is great (crystal clear) and the volume control knob makes it even better. The headset is very comfortable on my ear. Other headsets in the past have given me headaches because they are too tight on my head or are way too heavy. The number pads on the base are comfortably spaced and soft to the touch, making dialing so easy....I make hundreds of calls a day. There's even a red bar across the dial pad that lights up when the phone is in use - great way for others to know you are on the line.

The Executive Pro Chattaway is a great deal for less money. It has lasted a long time and all buttons are intact even after thousands of hours of use. I have upgraded to a more expensive headset, but hope to continue using my Pro Chattaway as a backup headset. I love it!
Beatriz Lopez
Datastat, Inc.
Donna, TX
Quality Product @ A Great Price
Customer Rating:
I work at home and was looking for something with decent sound quality at an affordable price. Not only is this headset phone system lightweight but the headset is actually more comfortable than the regular stereo earphones I use to listen to music. Sound quality is great and crystal clear. I can actually hear my callers-even the "low talkers"-and they can hear me. Never expected this type of quality and price...and for a COMPLETE system.
Delphine Phelps
(Self Employed-Call center work@home)
Baltimore, MD
A real deal
Customer Rating:
I bought the Executive Pro Chattaway Single Line Telephone Headset System, I received it yesterday and was absolutely thrilled with the sound quality. It was more than I had expected! I was able to connect everything in just seconds!This system is worth way more than what I paid for it!
Valarie Bourgeois
Crowley, LA
A lot for a little...
Customer Rating:
I got my new Chattaway today and was able to set it up in minutes. The folks at Headsets.com even helped me fine tune my adjustments. The quality is excellent and the price was great.
Jim Oppenheimer
Company name
San Leandro, CA

Product Purchase Options

Part: KJ-T750/KJ-153N with Hook and inserts

Catalog #: 1820

Customer Rating:
Executive Pro Chattaway Single Line Telephone Headset System was rated 4 out of 5 by Customers (28 Reviews)
Manufactured by: Sennheiser
4 based on 28 reviews
$89.95 $89.95
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What Customers Are Saying

Average Customer rating for this item: Executive Pro Chattaway Single Line Telephone Headset System was rated 08 out of 10 by Customers

Customer Rating:

works really well
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Customer Rating:

I purchased the Executive Pro Chattaway Single Line Telephone Headset System for a new job. I am a telephone data collector. I love it! It is very comfortable to wear and the sound is great. I have...
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Customer Rating:

Excellent product. Clear and simple.
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