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Not compatible, had to pay for the return
I searched for "use with cellular phone" and "corded" - this is the result that came up. It's not compatible with my iPhone. The customer service rep told me to find an adapted for it, but I wasn't able to find one locally (and wasted time trying to do so). It seems pretty ridiculous that I'd have to find an adapter for the first result under "cellular" and "corded." I'm also irritated that I have to pay for the return of an item marked "guaranteed compatibility."
customer image Rachelle Norman
Kansas City, MO
Great service...
customer image bill abraham
philly, PA
Very pleased with headset, came in record time
customer image Cryan Marie
Glen Gardner, NJ
Lawrence is absolutely awesome!!
It is amazing how you have long service employees that act like they own the company as in Lawrence who's so smart, so technicallly brilliant, so customer centric--he wanted to diagnose my headset problem to make sure if I needed a part or a new one. Do you have any idea how that comes across to a customer? Somebody in a call center cares about me!!! I preach the message that headsets.com will shock you with their impeccable service level.
customer image Julie Ward
Right Management
Bend, OR
Great sound and is very light. Only thing I am trying to work with is that the headset is so light it moves around on my head when I move and I have to re-adjust. Overall, a good choice so far!
customer image Ingrid Herale
Oakville, ON
Very nice, just right for my needs
This head set is of nice quality and is a bargain in my opinion. I was shocked by the speed of delivery. The packaging was also very good (not just the candy!). :) It's obvious your company gives customer service a high priority. It shows.
customer image Ron Bower
Bower Consulting Services
Lake Quivira, KS
Initial Review
I'm using this on a cordless phone (not a cell phone). The sound quality is great for me and people I'm talking to.
The cord is a bit thicker, stiffer, and heavier than my previous headsets -- I'm getting used to it.
The metal headband stays put. My last one had a plastic headband and wouldn't stay in place.
Padded, swiveling earpiece is very comfortable.
Since it's on a cordless phone, I don't use the Quick Disconnect in the cord. That connector and the coiled cord portion below it add quite a bit of weight. If there was an option to buy one of these with a simple lightweight, one-piece cord, that would work better in my case.
customer image Steve Alwine
Computer Pro LLC
Mishawaka, IN
The my voice to the people I call is reported as muffled and distant. Not a great purchase on my part.
customer image r kurtz
ny, NY
Very comfortable with great sound quality. Seems to be well made. I've only had it for a few days, but already wouldn't give it up.
customer image Jerry Calnin
De Pere, WI
The Good and the Bad
The earpiece seems good, I can hear and people can hear me. But the headband slides around and is always slipping out of place and then the other party can't hear me because the microphone moves away from my mouth. That part is really bad and I wish I had a different headband.
customer image Jo Ann Reel
Oakton, VA
Had to get a 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm adapter (when I was told that it would fit my phone). That was annoying, but now that I have the adapter, I really like the headset.
customer image
I am unable to use the unit. The 2.5 adapter is not for cellular use as the product description suggests. Your customer service rep suggested that I pick up an adapter at any local electronic type store as you do not carry the adapter needed to convert to cellular use. This adapter is rare at best, after going to staples, office depot, Best buy and radio shack I have given up. It is possible that this unit and your company are both good, however my experience is not a good one. Because I am in a rural location, I know have 4 hours wasted trying to find this adapter. What should have been a simple online purchase has turned out to be a huge waste of time and money, as well as very frustrating. Please put a red warning on your site in the description that alerts your customer that the "cellular headset" does not work on smart cellular phones. It would have been nice to know what you all already knew.
customer image Randy `Campbell
Perpetual Food Company
Elora, TN
My favorite corded headset and my favorite headset company!
I've been ordering this headset for a long time now. I like it. It's comfortable on my head and gets the job done. I have a different headset that is wireless, but truly this is my headset of choice. But the real reason I wanted to write this review was to say that I am amazed, impressed and awed at how excellent Headsets.com customer service is. I've had to replace my precious headset a few times already. First of all, when you call their 800 number, you actual get a LIVE person and not a set of prompts where you have to spend time trying to figure out how to get a representative. The reps are always so pleasant and courteous. I've received several replacements, and it has to be the EASIEST way to return something that is broken. The label is sent to return your broken headset, and before you know it, I've received my new headset...together with tootsie rolls and a label that says how long I've been a customer. As a business owner, there are a handful, and I mean....handful...of companies who have this type of excellent customer service. It does not seem to matter who I speak with, the experience is always the same: pleasant, prompt and easy. Headsets.com should be a model company in Harvard Business Review because it's obvious to me that they care about my business and care about me as a long-term customer. I would never go anywhere else for my headset needs and have recommended them to friends, colleagues and clients.
customer image Glad Perez
Insight Financial Services
Basking Ridge, NJ
reliable and reasonable
Very good sound quality. They do wear out but I use it for hours a day...so certainly cost effective:)
customer image cynthia lester
Cynthia Lester Consulting
Tucson, AZ
excellent headset
Headsets.com shipped immediately...
Great headset, comfortable and sounds very clear.
customer image David Whitteberry
Suwanee, GA
Great headset, friendly customer service and excellent overall experience.
customer image Usman Murtaza
Chicago, IL
Light headband, heavy cord
This headset doesn't work for me. The headband is very light but the cord is a bit heavy. I can hear people ok but people complain they can't hear me, prob b/c the headset keeps shifting during the call.

But Headsets.com is still the best! They are wonderful in returning this headset and helping me pick another one! They pick up the phone quickly, and answer all my questions. I wish all the vendors treat customers like this!
customer image Berylle Reynolds
North Wales, PA
Great Buy at a Great Price
i have looked at a lot of headsets for my cell phone. i have had this headset for a few weeks. i am a real estate agent, and im on the phone most of the time. i went with the wired headset for, the best connection and, the coil keeps the headset from jerking off my head. in the car, not only do i hear well.. so does the person on the other end..most people can't tell im in the car..the noise canceling is awesome. i can also hear the traffic around me, having one ear free..i ware the headset most of the time and, so far, so good...this headset is, really a great buy and, surprisingly good quality
customer image kate oleary
century 21
vineland, NJ
I received this as a gift, but the product was broken when I opened the box. The boom was snapped off so it was un-usable. Hopefully the return process is better.
customer image Eric Hemme
Eden Prairie, MN
This product is adequate for the price point. Sound quality is good. It could be a bit sturdier but works fine otherwise.
customer image Jan Hoistad
Big Picture Advantage
Minneapolis, MN
headset review
This headset is so much nicer than the less expensive one. The wires on the other one kept breaking and the headset was useless to me. This one, though, is much heavier and tends to slide off my head. I would like a more secure head piece to hold the weight.
customer image Lois Radcliffe
Lois J. Radcliffe, CPA
Parkville, MD
As some of the other reviewers said, the cord is heavy.
The sound quality is great though.
customer image
customer image Chris Babcock
Norman, OK
great sound
The sound quality great. I have to turn down the volumee n the handset. The wire is heavy duty compared to the slightly cheaper model. It is quite comfortable....but no volume or mute controls which may be ok. The wiring is heavy.
customer image cynthia lester
Cynthia Lester Consulitng
Tucson, AZ
this headset is great for cancelling background noise while driving in the car. This is the 2nd or 3rd one purchased. customer service is great. Shipping times are very quick. will order from this company again.Sweet package to arrive
customer image P. Orlando
New Providence, NJ
Great headset Poor connector solutions
Great headset quality BUT the connector adapter was discontinued because it was so poorly made and they were losing money replacing them. Why not switch to carrying good ones? Margins not good enough? So you'll have to go to Radio Shack or somewhere else to buy a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter. Disappointing that a quick adapter is not made for this especially with Blackberry's and iPhones with 3.5mm. Also, I bought a short quick connect adapter so I did have the long cord dangling all the time walking around my home office and I had to shave down the plastic to fit. It obviously was made specifically for this headset. Should ALL the quick connects be universal? So, good headset quality but poor accessory solutions. Not a priority product for Headset.com. A would-have-been 5 is now a 3 in my book.
customer image Dave
Brisbane, CA
Good Headset
This is a good quality headset. It is light, comfortable, and adjustable. It comes with a 2.5mm connector that works well with my Panasonic home phone system. The cord has a connector halfway down the length, presumably to replace the connection if needed or extend it. I could not find a 3.5mm cord to connect to the headset for my iPhone. There is no volume or mute option on this headset which typically reduces a headset's quality.
customer image Robert
Palos Verdes, CA
i like the sound quality - i just wish the headset was not so heavy
customer image Sue L
Pinehurst, NC
Customer Sevice was Amazing.
I ordered the headset with 2.5 mm jack. Unfortunately I have a Blackberry Bold that takes a 3.5 mm. I called Headsets and the person answering solved the problem by sending me a 3.5 mm cord. Thanks, I will tell my co-workers as we have a hands free policy and bluetooth through the radio has frustrated customers.
customer image Phil Majerus
Detroit Lakes, MN
No more Blue Tooth
Blue Tooth head just would not work for me. This headset does and cost less than 1/2 of my last Blue Tooth.
customer image ROBERT CONWAY
Tucson, AZ
Best Customer Service Ever!
The headset sounds clear and works great! What I was really impressed with was the customer service and follow up of the sales rep I dealt with. Literally the best customer experience I have had anywhere in a number of years. I hope my business grows enough for me to make a substantial order in the future just because I was so pleased with the service.
customer image Jason Zimmerman
Independent Consultant
Minnapolis, MN
This headset is so awesome, miles beyond any other headset I've ever tried. and believe me, I've tried many!
The sound quality is excellent and the people I'm speaking to can't even tell that I'm on a headset.
Thanks headsets.com!!!
customer image Rochel Kotler
Lakewood, NJ
Overture Cellular Headset a Winner!
Pros: Great sounding, excellent cord length. Improvements: Could use (1) an inline volume slider; (2) an inline connect call/disconnect call switch; (3) a clip to attach cord to clothing so headset doesn't pull so much on head (I removed one I had from a different headset - works great!). If not for the suggested improvements, I'd definitely give this headset a 5. I'd also be very interested in a dual earpiece headset, if it had the suggested improvements as standard items.
customer image Mr Cecil Rhoads
Wyoming, MI
I received my new headset as promised. It works great except the plug does not want to stay in my phone, currently I have it taped in place, But I have to say the sound quality is great and I will definately order from you again.
customer image Frank Rutherford
Link Transport, Inc
Hamilton, MT
This is great. So clear and comfortable. Those I talk to while wearing the headset, say the sound is great. I am so glad I chose this one.
customer image Billie Edwards
Windsor virginia, VA
Executive Pro Series: Overture Cellular Headset (with noise-
This is a great headset. I bought it primarily for use in my truck as the road noise was overwhelming the bluetooth headset I was using. The noise cancelling really works. Disappointingly however is that there was not a 3.5 mm plug available with the quick disconnect. I had to pay another $16 to get an adapter cable (2.5 mm to 3.5mm) that is poorly designed and the 2.5 mm plug keeps falling out.
customer image Bob Albert
Sprint Nextel, Inc.
Phoenix, AZ
It works much better than prior head set clearer and lighter. However, it is hard to adjust fit
customer image Steven Terk
Highland Beach, FL
Very comfortable, lightweight, great sound quality in both speaking and listening. This is very comfortable that I forget I am wearing it. It has a long cord, so I can keep my portable telephone in its cradle and have plenty of free space to use. I would definitely purchase this again, if I needed a second head set.
customer image CANDY BURTON
It really works!!
I recently converted to a VOIP system with two wireless phones. I like to wander when talking and so I initially purchased a "inexpensive" Plantronics headset ($25.00)but the echo was so bad that clients couldn't hear me. After talking to a salesperson at headsets.com I bought the Executive pro Series headset with the 2.5 mm adapter plug cord. The headset works great!! The only thing I'd change is the add on cord. While it functions well, it is a fairly heavy coiled cord that would be better if it was a shorter non-coiled cord. Other than that, I'm buying another for the other phone. Great value and quality for the price!!
customer image Richard Wogssland
Richard Wogsland & Associates, PLLC
Everett, WA
product arrived 4 days early. found headset to be very cofortable. sound quality is excelant.would highly reccomend to anyone looking for corded headset. 3 foot cord is really to long called customer service this was handled very professionaly and with the utmost courtesy. thank you for a good product and good service
customer image Harry Carbo
Ellijay, GA
Overture Cellular Headset and 2.5 to 3.5 adapter
My experience with Headsets.com was one of the most positive I have ever experienced. I was having a difficult time finding a headset that would work with my particular cell phone. Your live-chat representative (Didi) was pleasant and knowledgeable, and I am very pleased with the products.
customer image Anna Marie Felton
Golden Valley, AZ
Like it!!
I have been a user of the Boom series of headsets for a while and have just switched to the Overture line and really like the functionality and the fit and feel of the headset. Very high quality, great product.
customer image Al Hatfield
Apple Valley, MN
Great Product and Service
Customer Service exceeded expectations, the representative was extremely helpful and had a overall interest in my questions, very rare these days. Thanks for a quality product and service.
customer image William Looney
Charlotte, NC
Superior Customer Service
I called in last week because one of our wired headsets connector's was loose. I was interested in doing an exchange of some sort, but the rep sent us out two free replacement headphones overnight! I was absolutely thrilled at the level of service the rep gave us. You've definitely earned my business! Thanks!
customer image Nick Deming
Axzo Press
Fairport, NY
The headset is very comfortable to wear and teh sound quality is superb.
customer image Ralph M Wells
Fort Payne, AL
Great service and product
Thanks for your excellent service. The headset works great. My wife is happy the voice quality is better than just using my phone.
customer image Micah Taintor
Ankeny, IA
A bit old fashioned but it works well
I use this headset in my office. The noise cancelling feature works great as well as good quality sound. The foam cover on the microphone cuts down on the sound from air passing by. I wear this one for 8+ hours and even take it on long driving trips. It is much more confortable than a blue tooth. I have had mine for years and I am looking to get another one.
customer image Bob Jone
AnyCity , KS
The headset is a little too big for my head but it works. What I love about it is that NO ONE complains about not being able to hear me as with my old set that you also sell. Maybe it is the type of phone that each one is more compatible. But whatever it is, my new headset works great with my AT&T wireless phone system.
customer image Glenna Copeland
Copley, OH
Pss Poor Headsets
I brought these headsets and cant hear a lick from them and now they want me to buy an amlifier. for the price of theses headsets along it should put out enough sound for you to hear the person you are calling.. What a waste of money. I am sure there are others companies with better headsets than this one
customer image Larry Brown
North Bergen, NJ
Big head band
Good sound quality but wears loose on the head. I've got a larger than normal head (I tell my wife it's to carry around my larger than normal brain but she doesn't buy it) and the band can't adjust small enough for a comfortable fit. I have to like put the band at an angle for it to even stay on. This also means the ear piece doesn't fit tightly on the ear and there for the volume isn't as loud as it could be. Beyond that I like the microphone and people tell me there is no backround noise. The coil cord is heavy and you have to clip the cord to your shirt otherwise the weight of it pulls the headset off. But it's really well made and I'm sure it'll last for many years. incoming sound quality is as good as the device you've got it connected to. good ratings there. Bottom line it's worth the price.
customer image Bruce Jenkins
rockville, VA
Executive Pro Series
I needed a headset that would by pass my blue tooth in my car, all ofthe others headsets I tried from other companies were cutting in and out and making me miserable. This was perfect solution, clear as a bell.
customer image Donna Casey
East Norwich, NY
It was amazing how fast I got the headset. I was thinking it would yake about a week but it was here uin 3 days. It is for my wife that has had a major stroke and cannot hold a telephone. Now she can use the phone with ease. Thank You
customer image Dean Merrihew
South Bend, IN
Cable heavy, headset feels flimsy, sound quality seems great
- Sound quality. The quality seems good.
- Headset seems flimsy.
- The cable comes in two pieces--the part that attaches to the phone and the headset. The weight of these two cables and the seemingly excessive joint between them leads to a fairly heavy assembly that easily outweighs my RAZR and tends to pull it off my desk if I'm not careful.

Overall, I'm not sure it's worth the cost after having a Plantronics headset that seemed more solid and had a single cable, but at half the cost. The sound quality on that was OK, and it did last me a number of years.
customer image Allen Briggs
Great Heaset
This is the third headset I've bought to use with my Panasonic cordless phone and it is the FIRST one that the listener says I sound like I'm not using a headset at all. My voice is clear, distint and at normal volumn. On my other headsets (now in the garbage) they always complained how soft my was and had a hard time hearing me. The business I work for lives on headsets and I'm glad I can sound as good at home as I do at work. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.
customer image Jack
Great headset, even better customer service
I really like this headset, but after using it for 3 months, the in-line quick disconnect started giving me problems. The caller's voice would just start fading away unless I squeezed the connector halves together. One call to Headsets.com resolved the problem: a replacement headset was sent out immediately, no questions asked.
customer image Chip Keen
Excellent headset, just what I hoped to find
I'd given up on using headsets because of the poor audio quality. Recently too much time on the phone convinced me to try again, in hopes that newer models had improved. This model is fantastic, solid, audio quality is great both on my end, my callers report that they can't tell I'm using a headset. Volume control on the cordless works perfectly, so I don't miss vol. control on this headset. The completely flexible. moldable mic arm allows endless adjustments for your face and usage. It is a bit heavier than previous headsets I've used, but I don't find that to be a problem at all. I'd buy this again, and recommend it to others. Delivery was super-fast as well.
customer image Daphne G.
Great Headset
Everyone was complaining about my blue tooth in the car, so I decided to get a wired headset for less interference. This works perfectly!
customer image Donna Casey
East norwich , NY
Overture Cellular Headset
Well, I was tired of everyone telling me they couldn't hear me on my bluetooth headset, constant cutting out with background noise, so I decided to purchase the Overture Cellular Headset with noise canceling microphone. It is comfortable and the sound is perfect. So far I have bought 2, once my friends tryt hem, they seem to disappear.
customer image Donna Casey
East Norwich, NY
Works flawlessly, and versatile
I've used this every day for one work week now. It lives up to its positive reviews. I use it primarily with a Panasonic cordless handset, but it also works my cell phone.
customer image Chip
Good audio and comfort, poorly constructed.
The headset worked well was comfortable and with clear audio. Only problem was the pad at the opposite side to the headphone kept falling off and had to be glued in place. Would have sent it back but apart from that it worked really well.
customer image Laurence Gray
Des Moines, IA
Incredible Headset
I was in a loud coffee shop yesterday -music, coffee grinding, lots of people - and everyone I spoke with said they couldn't hear a thing. I tried it again in the car by turning up the radio, almost to the point where I couldn't hear the caller, and they said that they could barely make out that there was music in the background. I'm blown away - this is beyond what I expected, and it's going to allow me to make more imporant calls with no concern about call quality.
customer image Ed DeLise
Career Foresight
Cumming, GA
Headset for cell phone car use
I use my cell phone for business calls while driving so a high quality headset was essential. Earbuds and ear clips just don't work for me and in many cases you can't use these with sunglasses. An over the head set was the only way to go, and having the mic right in front of my mouth delivers clearer sound to the listener I believe. This headset has worked very well, the sound quality is excellent. Cheaper headsets, I've used them, are often heard to hear, I found myself pushing on the hear piece to drown out background road noise. Not with this headset, it works very well, the sound is clear and loud enough with the available cell phone volume.
customer image Steve D
Executive Pro Series: Overture Cellular Headset
Comfortable and highly adjustable. Loud and clear, listeners report great sound on their end as well. Could use an inline volume control, as even with my handset turned all the way down it's still a little loud!
customer image John Matthew
John Matthew Voiceover
No more kinked neck
The headset is overall great. Sounds just like I am holding the receiver. The only issue that I have is that the cord is incredibly heavy. I have two holders pinning it to my shirt- and it is still heavy.
customer image Jackie Dahn
I love the product other than I agree with many other customers that the cord is heavy. The clarity is great. I use it for conference calls approx 5 hours a day and everyone states that they don't even know I am on a headset.
customer image Pepper Miller
72952 Solanus Dr
Romeo, MI
Overture headset review
I did not like the fit. This headset doesn't stay in place well at all. Also, neither the vinyl or foam ear speaker covers changed the angle of the earpiece on the ear.

It remains canted away from the ear at the top, virtually canceling the noise cancellation of the mike. Lots of noise gets in. Also adjusting the position of the headset while using it for hands-free communication is an exercise in futility.

I ended up buying a Jabra Bluetooth device from you to replace it and that unit, an A-210, works extremely well.
customer image Bill Schley
Reno, NV
Good Value, Problematic Wire Connection
I've been using this headset for a over a year, it's excellent in all respects with the exception of the connection for the jack failing twice so far. Prompt replacement was offered on both occasions, which mitigates the difficulty considerably. Support has been excellent.
customer image David Blazer
First Allied Securities
Vancouver, WA
Just Okay
The over-the-head piece feels a bit flimsy. The cord is much too heavy and bulky (compared with Plantronics) and really weighs the whole thing down. Sound is fine.
customer image Verna Avarell
Above It All
Cedar Glen, CA
From wireless to wired
I switched from an entry level wireless to wired and I have yet to ask the speaker to repeat. I also have yet to repeat myself. I'm convinced this is due to being wired.
customer image Michael Dunn
Monterey, CA
Great headphones, after changing cord
Bought about four months ago, holding up fine. Very light, comfortable, sound is great, both hear and talk. Initial shipment had coiled cord (too long, too heavy), but excellent customer service exchanged this for adapter at no cost.
customer image JA G
Outstanding sound and comfort
I purchased the Overture Cellular Headset to replace a Plantronics unit I recently bought. The sound quality of the Overture headset is truly outstanding for both the speaker and mike. The headset if as good or better than using the handset of my cordless phone. The headset also works great with my Blackberry.

The Overture's audio volume is much better than the Plantronics. I am also impressed by the overall quality of the unit. The headset is very comfortable to wear. And, all of the components are heavy duty. I'm expecting this headset to last a long time.
customer image Dave S.
Bellevue, WA
Product performs as advertised
The product works well with the Philips DECT phones resulting in a clear conversation. The headset is comfortable for extended use - i.e. conference calls in excess of 2 hours
customer image Desmond Rothenberg
Headset Review
The Executive Pro Series headset arrived quickly and in use has proven to be a very good value. The problem that I have had with every headset purchased through Verizon was transmission sound quality - horrible. This headset with the noise-canceling microphone produces superb sound quality in the transmission. The headset is comfortable and audio quality is excellent as well. It has been a complete pleasure using this headset. Thank you very much.
customer image William Badgley
Windermere Real Estate
Kirkland, WA
Very professional, high quality
I'm enjoying this a lot. Very flexible, good sound quality and very comfortable. The cord is a bit bulky, but that's okay in my office.
customer image craig martin
Finally! A headset that sounds as good as a land line.
I am very happy with this headset. Yes the cord is heavy. But with the clip set, I don't feel the weight. The sound and clarity is exactly what I have been looking for. It is comfortable enough that I forget I am wearing it. I recommend it without reservation.
customer image Carroll
Good sound quality, but returning b/c of design
The sound quality of the headphones is very good. However I'm returning them because of the weight of the cord. Specifically, the coil of the cable adds too much weigh to the overall headphone. I wanted it to walk around with a cell phone or wireless home phone, but it's just too heavy and awkward.
customer image Mark Henry
I have been through several wireless headsets, spending hundreds of dollars. None of them have worked for me, because my ears are too small for them to stay on/in. This works perfect. Sound is completely clear and my friends say they don't even know I'm hands free. Highly recommend!
customer image Jennifer Constantino
WONDERFUL headset - the BEST!
I have used a headset for my cell phone, mostly while driving, for 4 years. The last one that I was using, I had to have the volume turned all the way up to 5. With my new Overture headset, I had to turn the volume down to ONE!!!! Crystal clear, very comfortable. Going to get 2 more - one for husband, one for mom!
customer image Kimmy
Cell Headset
I sent it back because I got a buzzing sound when I connected it to my blackberry phone.
customer image Madie Gustafson
Incredible sound!
I have been told from people on the other end of the line that the Overture Cellular headset sounds just like a land line. This headset is very comfortable on the head. I have already recommended this product to others.
customer image Gina Foxx
Danville, CA
I think the product works wonderfully for the purpose I bought it for....and that is, people can hear me much more clearly than any other headphone type that I have used so far. I would give it a 10 out of 10....also the service that you guys provide is exceptional.
customer image Bill Abraham
Great headset, heavy cable
Love the headset. Clients say they can hear me clearly over road noise. However the cord from the headset to the cellphone is entirely too long. With the hands free law change July 1, 2008 it would be great if you would improve this design.
customer image Ron Gray
Grays Business Services
Rocklin, CA
Executive Pro Series: Overture Cellular Headset (with noise-canceling microphone)
I've tried several other headsets and this one really works. The sound quality is great, both on my end and the caller's. Works great with both my cordless phone and my cell.
customer image Mary Ellen Last
Executive Pro Series: Overture Cellular Headset (with noise-canceling microphone)
Initial I purchased the ear piece that swiveled which was uncomfortable and difficult for me to use. Headsets.com replaced it with another headset which hopefully will work better. So, I'm very happy with the service of Headsets.com, but not sure about the product. Give me a few weeks, then I'll let you know.
customer image Dick Lansing
The Lansing Group, LTD
Chicago, IL
Executive Pro Series: Overture Cellular Headset (with noise-canceling microphone)
I would like a longer cord as I use at both home and work. I'll probably buy another one just for home.
customer image Dan Moody
Executive Pro Series: Overture Cellular Headset (with noise-canceling microphone)
I use this headset for hands-free cell phone conversations while I am driving. My Customers think I am in my office on a land line. There is absolutely no background noise.
customer image Robert Regennitter
Regennitter Farms Inc
Atalissa, IA
Executive Pro Series: Overture Cellular Headset (with noise-canceling microphone)
Excellent sound quality. Built to last.
customer image Arthur King
Executive Pro Series: Overture Cellular Headset (with noise-canceling microphone)
Actually, I thought these were Plantronics when we ordered them. Regardless, they seem to work well.
customer image DAVID WILLARD

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