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Headset battery and a phone
I absolutely adore Jeff! He was incredibly helpful and the candy was cool too. I really like the phone. It is a well built tank, but it has way more features than I need and no answering machine. I really do like it though!...and the headset works best with it. The battery made a difference and I didn't know if it would or not, but it did!
Thank you for everything! Give Jeff a raise!
customer image Kelly Vee
Kelly Bands
Nicholasville, KY
Fast service... product works great. Would definitely
customer image Linda Hunter
Intersouth Partners
Durham, NC
Replacement Battery
works fine, easy to install, package even included the necessary screwdrivers
customer image Rory Galloway
Issaquah, WA
customer image Cathy Cobbs
Physicians to Children
Roanoke, VA
Battery makes the headset work but we are having a problem with volume. But I suspect that has nothing to do with the battery.
customer image Dorothy Brown
Money Concepts
Napanee, ON
Replacement Battery turnaround !
Wow, great service and delivery...less than 24hr turn around. I installed the new battery and my Headset is back up and running. good to have the tools and spare screws. Will certainly reccomend.
customer image G Lee
Toronto, ON
I can't say anything bad about the product. I have only put in two other batteries in three years, so it's always a struggle to remember to do it the right way.
customer image Doris Whitehouse
Health Media Concepts
Agoura Hills, CA
We would love it if we could order an entire new headset and not have to put a headset together w/ pieces. We were told the only way to get a headset was to order the charger and spend over $350. If you wanted to change that policy we would appreciate it.
customer image Heather McCreight
Special Anesthesia Services
Derby, KS
I've ordered from a lot of companies and I have never received better customer service in my life!!!!
customer image Elizabeth Faulkner
Jones Lang LaSalle
Seabrook, NH
Replacement Parts
I was pleasantly suprised that I was able to get replacement parts for my headset. Your representative was on top of my needs, new the product line and my package arrived as promised.

The candy in the box was a great touch. Now I am thinking I need to do something similar for my customers!
customer image James Yarrington
Overland Park, KS
Replacement Battery worked great!
The product was easy to install, with directions and tools included. My headset is back to it's 10 hours of continuous call time!
customer image Karrie Sanderson
Fantastic Product and Service
9120 replacement battery pack has everything you need to replace the battery painlessly. The screw driver and extra screws was a great idea since most folks do not have tools this small. You can't beat Headsets.com service.
customer image Mark Poston
I ordered a new battery because the volume on my headset had gotten lower than it used to be. the new battery did not seem to effect the volume. at max volume it still is not very loud. i guess that means it is my hearing, getting old is a pain. guess my ears need a new battery instead. as for your company i wish there were more companies like yours. the customer service is exceptional no matter who answers the phone, i get quick service, nice people and all the products you sell you stand behind 1000% percent. you make me want to work for your company. in a way i do as i refer people to you when they have needs. thank you so much, jackie p.s. thanks for the tootsie rolls
customer image jackie
los gatos, CA
Replacement Battery order x 2
I received the wrong product the first order, my issue, not yours, and your team expertly managed my request and I gush about your company to anyone who will listen. You are a fine example of how to conduct business!
customer image Bill Houghton
Horizon Business Systems
The headset does not always reach full charge overnight even though I've confirmed it's properly seated on the charging base. The earpiece feels heavy on my ear after all day wear. The detachable earpiece does not hold the speaker snug to my head, so I use the overhead piece.
customer image Kimberly Mathews
Greensboro, NC

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