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Plantronics Basic Wireless CS50 Headset Bundle at Headsets.com

Plantronics Basic Wireless CS50 Headset Bundle at Headsets.com
Plantronics CS50 Wireless Headset System
Plantronics CS50 Basic
Up to 300 feet of Range Feature Included Feature Included Feature Included
Up to 8 hours of talk time Feature Included Feature Included Feature Included
Digital Encryption Feature Included Feature Included Feature Included
Answer and end calls away from your desk Feature Included Feature Included
Includes a behind-the-neck headband as well as a Online Indicator Light Feature Included

Features at a glance

  • In stock - ready to ship today!
  • Up to 300 ft. range
  • Eight hour continuous talk time, then recharge 80% in 1.5 hours, fully in 3 hours
  • Convertible headset can be worn on either ear and quickly converts between over-the-ear and over-the-head wearing. Behind-the-neck headband option available for extra stability during fast head movement.
  • Noise-canceling microphone cuts 60-70% of background noise
  • Privacy of calls ensured with digital encryption
  • Answer and end calls when you're away from your desk (with optional handset lifter)
  • 900MHz frequency for clear, static free calls
  • Easy installation! Click here to view the easy setup guide for your Plantronics CS Series headset.
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The Plantronics CS50 Wireless Office Headset brings mobility and crystal clear sound quality for hands-free conversations to your phone. Totally wireless, the CS50 gives you up to eight hours of talk time and the wireless convenience to roam up to 300 feet while having secure conversations.

With the addition of the HL10 handset lifter , you can answer and end your calls remotely with just the touch of a button. With built-in ring notification you'll never miss a call again. Certain phone models also have an available direct connect cable. Click here or call us at 1-800-HEADSETS (1-800-432-3738) to check compatibility with one of our Headset Specialists. Back to top

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Plantronics
Type Wireless
Wearing Style Convertible
Max Range / Cord Length 300 ft./90m
Connector Type (view connectors) RJ9
Weight 0.96 oz.
Lines: (telephone products only) Not Applicable
Compatibility Works with your existing single- or multi-line corded phone
Microphone Noise-canceling
Earpiece Leatherette
Color Silver & Black
Special Technologies 900 MHz
Warranty 1 Year Replacement
Battery Life 8-hour talk time
Reversible Yes
Handset Lifter Compatible Yes
Busy Light Compatible
Quick Disconnect No
DC Adapter Compatible Yes
Digital Encryption Yes
What's in the box? Plantronics CS50 Wireless Headset, Plantronics Amplifier/Charger, Plantronics AC/DC Adapter, Plantronics Connector Cord, Plantronics Earloops, Plantronics Headband
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Customer Reviews

Average Customer rating for this item: Plantronics Basic Wireless CS50 Headset Bundle at Headsets.com was rated 09 out of 10 by Customers (90 Reviews)

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Customer Rating:
Seems to be working fine. The customer service rep that helped be was also going to send a complementary piece that i could add to my Polycom phone to better assist the receiver on my auto hang up. It just does not quit land on the hang up button. Thanks
Kiefer George
Innovative Real Estate Group LLC
Northglenn, CO
Admin. Ass.
Customer Rating:
Customer service is always pleasant and helpful!!
Deborah Prymak
Commonwealth Oral and Facial Surgery
Richmond, VA
Returning Customer
Customer Rating:

Hercules Transport, Inc.
Ruston, LA
Customer Rating:
We have purchased several headsets throughout the years. Plantronic's personel in always so helpful and polite.
The product stand the test of time.
Angela Douget
Hercules Transport, Inc.
Choudrant, LA
Great headset; just as expected!
Customer Rating:
This is a replacement of the same one I had for maybe 10 years. I really like it!!
Lisa Reiten
City of Apple Valley
Apple Valley, MN
Customer Rating:
Ordering was easy and the product came in fast.
Tammy Brooner
Perry Johnson Law Firm
438 First St. #400, CA
Customer Rating:
Michele Marsiglia
Howard County Public School System
Ellicott City, MD
Customer Rating:
I am very happy with the product I ordered. It's a replacement of one I'd had for many many years! It's a very efficient product.
Nan Sullivan
Allstate Insurance
Gainesville, FL
Customer Rating:
This was an exact replacement of my 5 year old headset that I wore out. Much cheaper than the original, and super quality. It was plug and play. Great customer service! I couldn't be happier.
Mark Duncum
Double Creek Capital, Ltd.
Decatur, TX
These get the job done.
Customer Rating:
The CS50 is a good unit. Sets up easy and does everything that you need it to do. I bought 3 and they're working just fine.
Jeff Bird
Muralo Inc.
Bayonne, NJ
Customer Rating:
Love it! Should have gotten it years ago...
Jocelyn Lamont
Ottawa, ON
Plantronics CS50 - Great headset!
Customer Rating:
I have used these in several offices and have had up to 40 of them running at the same time. They are a solid cost effective solution and the batteries genneral last around 18months before needing replacement.
Seth Fullerton
Orlando, FL
Customer Rating:
The headset is perfect!!! Thank you for your great service!!
Diane Panos
Fremont, CA
Customer Service
Customer Rating:
The product was easy to locate and purchase.
Debra Banuche
R. F. Carlson Co.
Sarasota, FL
Order #2495351
Customer Rating:
Great product and thank you very much for the tootsie rolls!!!!
Sharyn Wilcox
Fidelity Investmetns
Merrimack, NH
Head set
Customer Rating:
Thanks it works great so far
kris doyle
sanat clarita, CA
Customer Rating:
excellent product just what I needed
Amy Richards
Nashwauk, MN
It fits!
Customer Rating:
I am so glad that you still had some of these old model headsets available, and I wish Plantronics still made them. Although the earpiece is a little heavier than the newer models, it slides over my ear much more easily, and I can hear very well. A little cushion for the part that goes over the ear would be nice, because it becomes uncomfortable after three or four hours.
Barbara Baker
City of Wilsonville
Wilsonville, OR
Customer Rating:
Great service from start to finish. Good prices and quality products.
Katie Molloy
AMN Healthcare
San Diego, CA
Customer Rating:
Well, out of the 3 , this is best..
I like behind the ear loop, but it doesnt have the soft round pad that the headset has.. So maybe that could be an attachment. So I will purchase this one
vicky mcgill
Adams Lincoln Woodward Travel
Birmingham, MI
Customer Rating:
Ear piece is a little tight but I usually do not have that problem.

Park Aerospace Technologies Corp
Office Leader
Customer Rating:
Was offered an upgrade but did not know that lifter was needed. Replaced with original order and returned upgrade. Found same item $60.00 cheaper but request to reduce my cost was refused even after the trouble of hooking/unhooking and returning item. Will not place another order.
Janice Vinson
Rising Sun Medical Center
Rising Sun, IN
Customer Rating:
My staff, some of whom were reluctant to use headsets, really like them. The ease of set up was appreciated and the filtering of noise has been mentioned several times by the staff. The headsets have certainly made an impact in our office.
Kathy Cardwell
Indianapolis, IN
Love this!
Customer Rating:
Headset is most comfortable.
P Allen
Customer Rating:
Great products great service!!
Joan Brown
Bomoseen, VT
Excellent Headset
Customer Rating:
Works well, clear and wireless and easy to set up. What more can you ask for?
S Chambers
Customer Rating:
Love the headset but the earpiece is very painful..can only wear it for about an hour at a time, switch ears then take a break... there has got to be a solution to the painful ear piece
Lea Niedbalski
Toledo, OH
There has to be a better way!
Customer Rating:
I use the Plantronics CS50 and I like it, but it is extremely uncomfortable to wear. It would be so much better if the behind the neck headset was smaller and lighter. I ordered one and it was so big and tight that I couldn't even put on my glasses. The one that goes over the head falls off all the time. I am now wearing the ear piece and it really hurts, but I am trying to get used to it. I have used wireless headsets before and I really like the freedom, but this one is torture.
Jeanette Wozniak
Great Lakes Risk Management
Rockford, MI
Forgot to mention the lifter
Customer Rating:
I'd say the headset lifter is indispensable for use with the CS50.

The lifter works great.

Important tip: Make sure you adjust the lift height with the little dial. If you just leave it so it lifts to the max height, it tends not to hang the phone up reliably, since the greater travel distance means more room for error.

Set the lift height to just above the minimum where it will reliably pick the phone up.

Another tip: If you don't want the foam pads to leave a residue on your phone base, don't use the foam pads at all -- instead, leave the foam pad "wax paper" covers on and just use a few generous wads of "blue tack" (that sticky putty that you can use to stick posters to the wall without ruining the paint.) Then you can adjust and/or remove as needed.
Timothy Hill
Broadband Satellite
Sagle, ID
Overall awesome
Customer Rating:
We've used this headset for about 5 years now and absolutely love it...ok, there are actually a few areas for improvement, but really great otherwise.

First MAJOR area for improvement: The connection of the headset to the charger! There are two brass-colored connections on the base, and you have to make sure you wiggle the headset just right when replacing it and THEN make sure the charging light is on. And if someone unfamiliar with the system uses it, or if someone bumps it or shakes the desk the unit is sitting on...well, the charge might be broken, and then next time you pick up a dead headset.

Next issue: I'd really like to see a way to switch between lines (say line 1 and line 2) with this headset, i.e., FROM or WITH the headset. As it stands, we have to go grab a handset that came with our phone and do the dialing, then go to the base to manually select the line and/or dial the outgoing number -- kind of a pain that counters the convenience of why you buy a cordless headset in the first place.

As I said, ours is about 5 years old, so I suspect I'm due for a new battery, which is exacerbating the charging connection problem. Also, the foam ear pad cover is getting pretty worn out.

I'm anticipating great service from headsets.com on Monday when I call about my problems. Let's see how that turns out...

Maybe I can fill you in.

p.s. The range really is quite good, if I get it just right, I'd say I can go a full 300 to 350 feet away when I'm outdoors with few trees in the way and the unit is in the office behind a few walls and doors.
Timothy Hill
Broadband Satellite
Sagle, ID
Customer Rating:
Great sound and quality - but I have yet to find a comfortable way to wear this.

The included ear pieces ALL hurt - they all pinched my ear. The over the head headband is annoying. I just got the behind the head headband and it is HUGE. When I wear it it won't let the ear piece sit correctly in my ear.

Not to mention the behind the head headband doesn't have instructions so I'm not sure I'm wearing it correctly.

Work out the wearing it tweaks and this would be a great wireless headset.

My other complaint is there is sometimes a several second delay until the handset lifter responds. But overall it works fine.
Mindie Gustafson
I love it!
Customer Rating:
I just bough a second wireless headset for my office. I love the first one so much that I no longer wanted to go without one for my second phone. Now I can general comfortable, hands-free phone calls that allow me to walk around from both phone in my office. I'm very pleased.
Janet Levatin
Natural Alternatives
Brookline, MA
Plantronics CS50
Customer Rating:
I use my headset every day and I love it. The only thing about it is the noise around me sometimes makes it hard to hear my caller.
Patty Chaloupek
Okeene Milling
Okeene , OK
Excellent Product
Customer Rating:
Im very happy with my headset. It is reliable and easy to use. I was also impressed with how quickly it arrived at my office.
Phillip Pearson
Northwestern Mutual
Walnut Creek, CA
CS50 Headset
Customer Rating:
We have 4 of the CS50 headsets in our office and have no complaints. They are perfect for us. Easy to install and use with good sound quality.
Deborah Brooks
Athens, GA
Purchase and installation of CS50
Customer Rating:
Thank you to the man who took my order and was very patient and helpful in trying to solve my problem with my old CS50. I decided that I needed a replacement. When my new unit arrived, I called for installation help and the man who helped me was also very patient and clear in his instructions. I appreciate your assistance. And the candy was a welcome treat!
Linda Pica
Customer Rating:
After suffering for years using a shoulder cradle and spending weeks in physical therapy correcting neck & shoulder problems, I was convinced to try your wireless headset. Now you couldn't take it away from me. No more neck or shoulder problems, I am free to move about the office and I get more work done. I would buy this unit again in a heart-beat. I was the first to get one in our office - now nearly everyone has one. Thanks Headsets.
Lew Lewandowski
Bremer Trust
Detroit Lakes, MN
Hands Free!
Customer Rating:
I love the headset! My job requires a lot of using the computer while I'm on the phone and writing down orders while I'm on the phone and sometimes going to another office while I'm on the phone. This headset is perfect for me!
Valerie Smith
The Steel Yard, Inc.
Paragould, AR
Surpasses expectations
Customer Rating:
This product far surpassed our expectations, so much so that I need to order another one for another employee after he tried the new one.
Tom Rydzeski
WCM Investment Management
Plantronics Wireless CS50 Plantronics Wireless CS50
Customer Rating:
This has been a blessing to me in my job as Office Manager. I can receive calls anywhere in our work areas.
Marge Wick
DFW Airport Interfaith Chaplaincy
DFW Airport, TX
Customer Rating:
The CS50 headsets were the perfect solution for our company! Dispatchers can work while on the phone and walk down the hall and still get their calls. Before the headsets, they would use speaker phone to talk and work at the same time and couldn't get down the hall without a page over the speakers for them. It's so quiet now in dispatch that I had to order the on-line indicator so we would know when they were on a phone call. We can't wait until they arrive and try them out.
Janis Layne
Four Star Transportation
Melvindale, MI
I can hear now!
Customer Rating:
This is much better than the previous headsets we were using. Very easy to install.
Angela Ackerman
Henrico DCSE
Richmond, VA
Amazing Product
Customer Rating:
This is an amazing headset, I have now purchased 4 of these headsets for all of my counter people and they all love it!
Mike Adams
Adams Auto Parts
Wilmington, DE
Plantronics CS50 Wireless Convertible Headset
Customer Rating:
This is an awesome product. I highly recommend it. I didn't think I would like it at first, because I wasn't a huge fan of headsets but now after using this product I refuse to answer a call without it.
Alexandria Williams
Nashville, TN
Plantronics CS50 Wireless Convertible Headset
Customer Rating:
The Plantronics CS50 Wireless Convertible Headset has some background noise, other than that works great and has great range.
Buffy Moen
Terrence Moen
Richland Center, WI
Plantronics CS50
Customer Rating:
When I first started using this product I wasn't extremely satisfied. I wear it for 8 hours a day, and using just the ear loop began to hurt my ear and the sound quality wasn't satisfactory. However, after changing from just the ear loop to the head band, I'm overly satisfied. It's comfortable, light, and the sound quality is impeccable.
Amanda Callahan
San Antonio, TX
Ringer volume
Customer Rating:
I love the flexibility these headsets give you. Light weight, comfortable, sound quality is great except for the ringer volume on the CS50. The ringer volume is great on the CS55, but it doesn't have the range that I need.
Rich Sacher
Plantronics CS50
Customer Rating:
Really like the unit and its headset. Everyone that I have given it to (with only one exception) has enjoyed the benefits. I have only one complaint and it is specific with the headset itself. When people use the "on-the-ear" loop it really seems to irritate the back of the ear and cause discomfort.
Russ Eckert
City of Wichita
Wichita, KS
Plantronics CS50
Customer Rating:
The wireless headset is great! It makes it easy to maneuver around the office and be hands free. The only thing that I dislike about the product are the small glitches that have occurred like not charging, or not connecting with the hub. But it has not happened in a while.
Liz Harder
Plantronics CS50 Wireless Convertible Headset
Customer Rating:

The CS50 is like the best friend I never knew I needed or wanted, but once I had I couldnt let go.

Before I had been introduced to the world of wireless headsets I had a misconception that theyd sound horrible, not be versatile, not get a lot of range, and die frequently. I was immediately proved wrong after my first meeting with the CS50.

After the quick setup that took me less than 10 minutes, I discovered that first of all, it was comfortable to wear.

Ear hooks that come in three different sizes instead of a one-size-fits-all type ear hook immediately sold me on the comfort factor.

Add to that the option that I can wear it over my head on those bad hair days (and blame it on the headset) and I saw my opinion of the headset start to change.

What about the technical side of it? How would I sound to my callers and how would they sound to me?

Imagine my surprise when I realized the sound quality was crystal clear and upon quizzing people I spoke with, they had no idea I was even on a headset.

The range was great and the talk time was perfect for my eight-hour day.

I let the headset charge over night and its ready to last with me the very next day throughout my whole shift.

I had grossly underestimated technology, and I was thoroughly impressed with the CS50.

The one drawback of it is that there may be interference, static, or buzzing when used close to other wireless products, but otherwise Id recommend this headset to anyone.

Casey Martinez
Plantronics CS50
Customer Rating:
I love the wireless headsets. Great to be able to talk hands free and move about while on the phone.
Karen Newcomb
Double Eagle Alloys
Tulsa, OK
Plantronics CS50 Wireless Convertible Headset
Customer Rating:
This is the third CS50 we're buying for our office. They keep gaining in popularity among the staff.
Jeff Schweikert
Home Care Assistance of St. Louis
St Louis, MO
Customer Rating:
I love this product. The only problem I see is the ear piece. I can't wear it all day on one side because I also wear glasses and it becomes painful after a period of time. The headset itself is very comfortable, however, it really does a number on my hairdo. So, that is the only dilemma I struggle with everyday.
Vicky Holstad
Custom Homes, Inc.
Westcliffe, CO
Plantronics CS50 Wireless Convertible Headset
Customer Rating:
So far we love this product. We are an audiology clinic and most of the people we talk to on the phone have hearing loss. I was expecting to have people tell me that they could not hear me with the headset, but it hasn't been a problem at all. The only thing we were disappointed about was that in order to use a second microphone, we have to go through the re-synching process at shift changes (2 people job share and we didn't want to use the same microphone).
Melody Martino
Central Oregon Audiology
Bend, OR
Plantronics CS55 Wireless Convertible Headset
Customer Rating:
This thing works great. Sound is great. It doesn't weigh much either.
I like
john jones
Plantronics CS55 Wireless Convertible Headset
Customer Rating:
The included accessories are well thought out. Four sizes of ear hooks, foam pads, and over the head adapter. The instructions are easy to follow.
Lee Gillow
Airways freight Corp
Fayetteville, AR
Office Manager Plantronics CS55 Wireless Convertible Headset
Customer Rating:
The headset is working well. Clients are hearing me very clearly however; I am hearing a buzzing/humming tone on my end.
Erica Schaffer
James F. Pedersen Co., Inc.
Hollywood, SC
Plantronics cs55 Office Manager Plantronics CS55 Wireless Convertible Headset
Customer Rating:
Since multiple people use the same headset, it would be better if the larger adjustments for hearing and listening would be easier to access readily.
Connie Seger
Internal Medicine of Northern Michigan
Petoskey, MI
Plantronics CS55 Completely Wireless Headset System with Con
Customer Rating:
While I like the hands free format, I do not like the over the ear piece that goes with the CS55. the small, hard plastic pieces have no instructions showing how they should be worn. The pieces (many sizes included, which is nice) are painful against the ear, even with the earmuff to cover the center portion of the piece. I have yet to receive my behind the head piece to ascertain how it will work.
Deba Bunker
UNC Charlotte - Housing and Res. Life
Charlotte, NC
CS55 Completely Wireless Headset System
Customer Rating:
I do like the product and the ease it provides me to multitask. It was easy to set up. The only negative thing is the pressure I feel on my ear. At the end of the day my ear is a little sore. It would be great to have some cushion to protect the ear.
Janet Pepper
Long Prairie Rehabilitation
Flower Mound, TX
cs 55 headset system
Customer Rating:
It works quite well, my only complaint is the ear pieces don't work well on my ear, none of them seem to be rounded enough, and they are a little too hard for my comfort
Lif Ane Mckibben
Crestview Cable Communications
Prineville, OR
Headset Plantronics CS55 Wireless Convertible Headset
Customer Rating:
We are very pleased with our new trial headsets. I'm looking forward to trying them with the lifter. We had the other type, but you're still tied down to your telephone. This is much better!
Vicki Harris
Central Christian Church
Enid, OK
Plantronics CS55 Wireless Convertible Headset
Customer Rating:
Unfortunately, I'm disappointed with the headset I've ordered because I don't like the way it sits on my ear. It doesn't stay in place the way I thought it would and I don't want to use the one that goes over your head. I will be attempting to return this product.
Dina Layfield
Etobicoke, ON
Plantronics CS50 Wireless Convertible Headset
Customer Rating:
I am using my new CS50 cordless headset. It is the second one I've had. I loved the first one I had one for about 15 months. that one inadvertently got caught in the long arm on one of my outside potted plants and came off my ear and I didn't know where I lost it. I found it a month later and it had been in the several heavy rains and didn't work anymore. The new one seems as good as the first. Tried a couple of different ones from another brand and they did not match up well.
Al Magee
Cruises by Al & Pat Magee
Houston, TX
CS55 Plantronics CS55 Wireless Convertible Headset
Customer Rating:
Plantronics Extra-Comfortable Earhook for use with CS50, CS55, and CS55 Micro
Customer Rating:
Appreciated receiving the most comfortable ear attachment. I'm pleased with the product; still learning about it's features to work best for me. Appreciate the assistance from your staff when I call.
Cheryl Lively
Sissiboo Investments Limited
Weymouth, NS
Plantronics DH10 Plantronics HL10 Automated Handset Lifter
Customer Rating:
The lifter works perfectly and in conjunction with the CS55 headset I now have the freedom to walk out in the warehouse and even outside the building and still not miss any phone calls. I recommend these two products to all those who don't sit right by their phone all day long.
Roger Solt
Laurens, IA
Plantronics CS55 Wireless Convertible Headset
Customer Rating:
I love this headset, I can walk around out in our warehouse and talk to someone at the same time. The voice quality and reception distance are fantastic. The folks at Headsets.com were very helpful in helping get this headset set up and adjusted so that voice quality and volume were perfect for me. I would recommend this headset and Headsets.com to anyone looking for this or a similar product.
Roger Solt
Laurens, IA
Plantronics Automated Handset Lifter (HL10)& ear piece
Customer Rating:
We bought this for our office manager and she hated it. She continually either was too loud or could not be heard. There was static and loud noises in her ear. The lifter did not work to put the phone back on the hook and the whole experience was a nightmare for her. She returned everything.
Amy Bliss
WI Housing Alliance
Madison, WI
Plantronics CS55 Wireless Convertible Headset
Customer Rating:
I like this head set because it is very easy to use and install.
What I do not like it is sound it is not too clear and very often I hear my voice as a background.
natalia budynek
IT / Facilities Mgr. Plantronics CS55 Wireless Convertible Headset
Customer Rating:
This product was purchased for a staff member that spends extensive time on the phone while taking notes. It was very easy to set-up and for the little bit I used it, the sound quality appeared good.
Matthew George
The Arc of Dauphin & Lebanon Counties
Harrisburg, PA
Manager Plantronics CS55 Wireless Convertible Headset
Customer Rating:
This headset is being used by one of our triage nurses. She has said that she hears an echo. Also, the first 2 days, the charge only lasted for 5 hours. Hopefully after charging for the entire weekend, this seems to be lasting longer.
Julie Kober
Pediatric Consultants of WI-CMG
Plantronics CS55 Wireless Convertible Headset
Customer Rating:
The quality if great, but the earpiece is too heavy and very uncomfortable when worn with just the wrap around piece. I do not like over the head headsets, but the microphone is just too heavy to wear with only the over the ear earpiece.
Jenny Mahoney
Cole + Russell Architects, Inc .
WLS/CS50Plantronics CS50 Wireless Convertible Headset
Customer Rating:
Thank you for the 60 day trial offer which afforded an employee to try a compatible wireless headset prior to purchase. This headset is used continuously throughout the day and is extremely comfortable - without a belt pack.

The customer service has been exceptional.
Cassandra Newsome
Social Security Adm
Great Product Plantronics CS50 Wireless Convertible Headset
Customer Rating:
The product has great voice quality and range. My office has bought around 20 of these since the purchase of our 1st one.
Tabytha Muehlfeld
CT Family Orthopedics
Agency Owner Plantronics HL10 Automated Handset Lifter
Customer Rating:
This is the third CS55 I have purchased--they are wonderful. Also the CSR I spoke with was a pleasure to work with.
Paula Hayden
Allstate/Paula Hayden Agency
Owensboro, KY
Plantronics CS55 Wireless Convertible Headset
Customer Rating:
We found it to be a bit heavy for the ear support but works fine with the over the head support. The range is great and the sound is perfect.
Plantronics CS55 Wireless Convertible Headset
Customer Rating:
I love the quality of the Plantronics Wireless headsets. However, upon checking the price locally with Office Depot I found you were a bit higher priced. And the convenience would have been the about the same in so much as I could have called the order in and had it delivered free.
Shirley Lanier
St. John Cathedral
Owner Plantronics CS50 Wireless Convertible Headset
Customer Rating:
My neck feels better already, no headaches!!!
Rodney Spring
Spring & Associates, Inc.
Easton, MD
Wireless headset Plantronics CS55 Wireless Convertible Headset
Customer Rating:
Very easy set up, not complicated at all. I wish I could put calls on hold and answer other calls, that's the only thing I miss. SO far (I've only had it a week) I really like the product. It's funny that the lifter is mechanical, you'd expect something more high tech, but it works.
Janet Joyce
Plantronics CS55 Wireless Convertible Headset
Customer Rating:
The most recent purchase of the CS50 series headsets is the 5th one for our office. They have become a standard order item whenever we have a new hire that will be spending a significant amount of time on the phone. It has so simplified my life I can't imagine doing my job without one.
Tamara Hart
Aero Transportation Products
Independence, MO
Plantronics CS50 & CS55 Earhooks (3 normal sizes + 1 extra-comfortable earhook)
Customer Rating:
Prefer the over the head style. The ear hooks put pressure on parts of my ear that are uncomfortable. I have a Blue tooth for my cell phone that is comfortable because it fits inside my ear and not on the outside.
Gerry Wyant
DOW Chemical Co
Hands Free Plantronics CS55 Wireless Convertible Headset
Customer Rating:
I have used the headset for two days and wonder why it took me so long to buy one.
Gerry Wyant
DOW Chemical Co
Seadrift, TX
Plantronics CS50 Completely Wireless Headset System with Con
Customer Rating:
I enjoyed using it and it allows much more freedom for me to complete other tasks while talking on the phone. There was some static at first because I am using a DSL line and have a wireless modem nearby but that was corrected when I called into the helpful customer service desk and they sent me an RF filter!
Morris Armstrong
Armstrong Financial Strategies
Headset CS50 and Lifter Plantronics CS50EX Wireless Headset System
Customer Rating:
The 300 foot range is a dream in a large office building with significant steel & cement.
William Ince
Plantronics CS55Plantronics CS55 Wireless Convertible Headset
Customer Rating:
The headset is perfect. The sound is superb, which was very important to me. It's comfortable, works like it's supposed to, and I'm very pleased.
Terri Nigro
Paragon Word Processing
CS50 WOW!!!
Customer Rating:
I have been using the CS50 Headset for 3 weeks now. I can answer the phone and walk all over our 2 story building without any problems. This headset is so clear. It is the best headset I've ever used. I am thrilled with it. It even works in the elevator. The only problem is that the earpiece does not fit flush on the ear. So I secured an old earpiece cushion from my old headset to it. Now it fits flush against the ear canal and I can turn the volume down. I was surprised how much better it is now. That would be the only thing I would change. WOW!
Lisa Poepsel
Baytown, TX
True productivity
Customer Rating:
Just wanted to say thanks and let you know the Plantronics Wireless Headset is really awesome. My productivity has gone up because:
1) I'm missing fewer calls and
2) I'm able to do more while on the phone. Can't thank you enough for your help.
Roy Bukstein
RNM Properties
San Francisco, CA
Nifty nifty CS-50
Customer Rating:
The CS-50 is ultra stylish and very lightweight. It does however take a significant adjustment period and tweaking to get the sound quality up to par- sounded like I was in a tin can during a windstorm. The amp is way powerful- had to crank our system down to use it ultimately. It was very sensitive to exposure to fluorescent lights or computers- 60hz hum very apparent. But you expect this to some degree with a 900MHz product. Overall, overpriced still, but will be the leader.
Brett Lawton
Lawton Orthodontics
Winter Park, FL
CS50 Wireless Headset - WOW!!
Customer Rating:
I have had the CS50 for just over a week! It is incredible. It offers me mobility and allows me to answer the phone when I am not at my desk (I also bought the handset lifter). I have moved up to 300 ft. with it and there is no fuzziness or break up in the conversation. The nice thing as well is the battery last 8 hrs. I am on the phone all day so I don't ave to worry about the phone dying on me. All I do when I leave is throw it on the charger and the next morning it is good to go. There is one little thing that can be improved upon. It is hard to hear the headset ring when you are away from the phone. If I don't hear the handset ring then I wouldn't know the phone is ringing. Other than that this headset gets 2 thumbs up. I really enjoy using it!!
Jerry Sayegh
Partslink Ltd.
Edmonton, CA

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Plantronics Basic Wireless CS50 Headset Bundle at Headsets.com was rated 4.5 out of 5 by Customers (90 Reviews)
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4.5 based on 90 reviews
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Average Customer rating for this item: Plantronics Basic Wireless CS50 Headset Bundle at Headsets.com was rated 09 out of 10 by Customers

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Well, out of the 3 , this is best.. I like behind the ear loop, but it doesnt have the soft round pad that the headset has.. So maybe that could be an attachment. So I will purchase this one
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Customer Rating:

The most recent purchase of the CS50 series headsets is the 5th one for our office. They have become a standard order item whenever we have a new hire that will be spending a significant amount of...
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Works well, clear and wireless and easy to set up. What more can you ask for?
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