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All is right with the world
no problems with equipment, or the order process
customer image Rob Hribar
City of Rolla, Missouri
Rolla, MO
Best Customer Service - Anywhere!!!!
customer image Mershon Barbara
Foothills Small Engine Repair
We have used the CS50 for many years now and find it to be the best money we've spent ever. The freedon it gives our salespeople to roam with the customer and to locate parts for customers on the line, is priceless. Our customers love the talk time while they are waiting instead of being on hold.
Sooooooo glad we found you.
customer image Wooten Eddie
Footohills Small Engine Repairs
The replacement mic works wonderfully
as good as the one before. Reception is good and distance works for us. Shipment was quick.
customer image Eddyth Buckingham
Quai lCreek CC
Naples , FL
You folks are always off-the-scale helpful and friendly. I wish all companies could duplicate your efforts. Makes me want to buy something, even if I don't need it.
customer image Wayne Rieschel
Rieschel & Rieschel
Buffalo, MO
Seems to be working fine
Seems to be the same as the old headset.
customer image Sonia Laurens
Los Angeles, CA
Headset Replacement
Works great. Awesome customer service, nice attitude and very helpful. I will definitely come back :-)
customer image Shauna Cofield
Massco Inc.
Headset microphone works perfectly. Appreciate the quick delivery! Thanks for the prompt and courteous service. Also, enjoyed the additional surprise - the tootsie rolls!!! Thanks!
customer image Jonnie Sue Harry
Ash Grove Cement Company
Little Rock, AR
Great Service
I am so happy with headsets.com, this is the second time that I have needed help and you guys always come thru! I appreciate you listening to my needs and taking good care of me. Giving me what I need and not sell me something I don't want. I would recommend this company highly.
customer image Carla Galindo
Dr. Carol Summerhays
San Diego, CA
Love my new CS50 microphone. My previous one lasted about 8 yrs so I was glad I was able to reoder the same mic.
customer image Jeannie Swann
Anthony T Dean DDS PA
Senior Receptionist
customer image Bonnie Nuth
Crawford Advisors, LLC
Hunt Valley, MD
Our staff loves this headset. It's comfortable & the range is awesome!
customer image Judy Williams
Keller Williams Realty
Plano, TX
Always a great experience with Headsets.com
customer image Wanda Hinrichs
Burnett County
Siren, WI
customer image Carol Daniels
City of Rolla
Rolla, MO
customer image Shelley Kirkman
Fellowship Hall
Greensboro, NC
good produce
I have a four year old CS50. Today was the first trouble i had. I can hear the caller, but they cannot hear me. I dont know if the earpiec is gone or what. Any suggestions before I replace it.
customer image Louis Pope Jr.
Great customer service. I called twice, each time got Annie. She was very pleasent and helpful. Great job Annie.
Thank you. The headset works well.
customer image Peggy Casey
Walker & Armstrong LLP
Phoenix, AZ
I am wearing my headset right now.
I am very happy with the incredible service.
customer image Jean
Trident Communication Inc.
It works well on the old station. Thanks for your help
customer image Taylor Barbour
Wilmington, NC
Works Perfect
It was exactly what I needed. We are back in business now. Thank you.
customer image Cheryl Sgro
GMG Insurance Agency
Newtown, PA
Excellent product, even better customer service! The only thing I can think of that is bad is it may be a little bulky when wearing it with the earpiece, but that doesn't stop me from using it all day everyday.
customer image Ashley Gomez
Advanced Mobility
Ft. Worth, TX
Product works great and your service is some of the best I h
The onley thing I do not like about the product is how hard it is to take the battery top off.
customer image Perry Constantinides
Barter Systems, Inc.
Kensington, MD
Headset Replacement
I'm lost without my headset so when it broke, I immediately ordered a replacement.
customer image Trina Morton
Patterson, CA
The replacement Microphone is superior to the original in tone quality and operation.
customer image Lawrence Patterson J.D.
Attorney at Law
Plainfield, IL
Headsets.com Order
I love the customer service and the headsets.
customer image Barbara Legas
Seattle, WA
Headsets.com Order
I love my headset.
customer image Barbara Legas
Plantronics CS50 Replacement Microphone
This is a great headset. I was worried about the set up of this replacement, but the instructions were clear ad easy to follow. Fabulous product fast friendly service.
customer image Michael Hannah
Cabbage Cases Inc.
Columbus, OH
I really like the headset. I wish it would work for two lines while i am away from my desk but I think it is because of our network phone system. this is my second one
customer image Barbara Dunn
kermit isd
Hello, I bought years ago after we asked for a 30 days trial of CS50. My husband and I were very happy with this product so we decide to keep them. After that I started to work in another company as a customer service so I decided to take my headset to my office...everyone was impressed with my "little thing" is the way I called it...but now I just found out that I can buy the replacement microphone...so after read the reviews I will try that.. I hope everything goes well. Thanks!
customer image CAROLINA GARCIA
Dear headsets.com- the product works fine and the set up was easy. But I'd like to say that your customer service was outstanding. I was impressed that within a few minutes of placing my order online a very nice woman called to make sure I had ordered the right piece of equipment. I have never had that happen with any product I've ordered online. I don't usually fill out surveys or take the time to write reviews but I must say I was impressed.
customer image Stephen Silva
Hello: Service and assistance perfect ! Why do you not tell people the microphone has a life of four years - this was a surprise and why, when replacement is such a costly procedure, do you not want to find out what went wrong with it or repair it? We are teaching ourselves not to be a throw-away generation - comments please?
customer image Ruth Perkins
Sunny Hill
Burlington, ON
Works great.
I purchased my 1st CS50 system 4 years ago for my wife. I needed to replace the microphone section of the system as the plastic casing broke apart and my wife tapped it together and used it that way for about a year. I think that the battery life is about 4 years as the unit would not keep a charge on the battery for very long, as of recently. Because the casing broke apart, rather than just ordering a new rechargeable battery, I decided to just go ahead and order the complete microphone unit which would have a new battery in it...

My wife talks to our children long distance for hours every day so I purchased this system for her. She likes to keep working around the house while talking to our girls. She was walking around with a crinked neck and it started bothering her with back pain etc. Now she is a happy camper, in better mood, so I get luckier more often, haha. I am 60 years old and have learned a long time ago that "happy wife, means happy life". Thank you for the new microphone and reading my comments. My wife says thanks for the Tootsi rolls packed with the new mic unit. Hope you had a laugh reading this. You people are very customer oriented. You don't see that enough in big companies these days.


Mr. Joseph Kasaboski
a very satisfied customer.
customer image Joe Kasaboski
Atomic Energy of Canada AECL
Deep River,
recent shipment
The new mic has solved the problem of my previous mic not taking a charge any more. I appreciate your salesperson suggesting I try a new mic first, rather than having to buy a whole new unit as it is only 4 yrs old. Thanks
customer image Regina Wilson
Plantronics CS50 Replacement Microphone
To date I have been very pleased with your product. I am constantly looking for newly upgraded products that are compatible with what I currently have. Our Office Manager is looking for the same type of product but in the wireless tube format. Please let us know if/when this becomes available.
customer image Pearl Dewland
Unionville Heating & A/C Ltd.
Unionville, ON
Your customer service is amazing and your people are knowledgeable. My order arrived sooner than expected. I wish you sold other things besides headsets. You guys are awesome!
customer image Dallas Montemayor
Network Admin
Works great and support to set it up very easy.
customer image Darlene Ritchie
CS50 Replacement
Glad you still offer the 50 model for replacement offering.
customer image Ken Thengvall
Santa Rosa Auto Parts
Santa Rosa, CA
Need a pocket holster.
customer image Chuck Sorrels
USPHS, Phoenix Indian Medical Center
Phoenix, AZ
Great Replacement
My co-worker had his microphone duct taped resulting from being dropped too many times. I hadn't thought about replacing it because I figured we'd have to order a whole new system. When I had to order a new system for a new employee I took a chance and asked about just buying a replacement part and was told I could. Can't get any better service than that!!
customer image Valerie Smith
The Steel Yard, Inc.
Paragould, AR
New Headset fixed problem
Thank you for working through my issues with my headset. I am on the phone on average 7 hours a day and to have constant static or have the receiver just hang up on me was unacceptable. I replaced the battery, but it wouldn't hold a charge. Thank you for recommending I replace the headset rather than purchase a whole new unit, very cost effective and I appreciate that a lot.
customer image Carla Gardiner
Bullseye Auto Transport
Red Bluff, CA
Plantronics CS50 Wireless Convertible Headset
So far we love this product. We are an audiology clinic and most of the people we talk to on the phone have hearing loss. I was expecting to have people tell me that they could not hear me with the headset, but it hasn't been a problem at all. The only thing we were disappointed about was that in order to use a second microphone, we have to go through the re-synching process at shift changes (2 people job share and we didn't want to use the same microphone).
customer image Melody Martino
Central Oregon Audiology
Bend, OR

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