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Plantronics CS70N Wireless Office Headset Basic Bundle

Plantronics CS70N headset with included charging base
The Plantronics CS70N Wireless Office Headset Basic Bundle has been discontinued. Please see the Plantronics CS530 Wireless Office Headset Basic Bundle.

Features at a glance

  • Up to 300ft range
  • Six-hour continuous talk time, recharges 80% in 1.5 hours and 100% in 3 hours
  • Volume, mute, controls on headset
  • Noise-canceling microphone cuts 60-70% of background noise
  • Online Indicator flashes a bright and visible light when you are engaged on a call, signaling to your coworkers that you shouldn’t be interrupted
  • Clear, static-free calls using the latest DECT wireless standard
  • Answer and end calls when you're away from your desk with the recommended HL10 handset lifter
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The Plantronics CS70N wireless headset has sleek, stylish looks and comfort PLUS a noise-canceling microphone. The CS70N Wireless Office Headset System lets executives move where business takes them-up to 300 feet from their desk phone-with sophisticated style and superior all-day comfort.

Add the HL10 handset lifter to the mix and you have productivity combo that lets you answer and end your calls while away from the desk. In lieu of the HL10 we also offer special hook switch cables (available for certain phone systems) which offer direct-connect control. Back to top

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Plantronics
Type Wireless
Wearing Style On-the-Ear
Max Range / Cord Length 300 ft./90m
Connector Type (view connectors) RJ9
Weight 0.85 oz.
Lines: (telephone products only) Not Applicable
Compatibility Works with your existing single- or multi-line corded phone
Microphone Noise-canceling
Earpiece Gel
Color Silver & Black
Special Technologies 1.9 GHz, DECT 6.0 Frequency
Warranty 1 Year Replacement
Battery Life 6-hour talk time
Reversible Yes
Handset Lifter Compatible Yes
Busy Light Compatible
Quick Disconnect Not Applicable
DC Adapter Compatible Yes
Digital Encryption Yes
What's in the box? Plantronics Wireless Headset, Plantronics Amplifier/Charger, Plantronics AC/DC Adapter, Plantronics Connector Cord, Ear Tips
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Customer Reviews

Average Customer rating for this item: Plantronics CS70N Wireless Office Headset Basic Bundle was rated 08 out of 10 by Customers (49 Reviews)

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Typical Plantronics
Customer Rating:
I have used several Plantronics units CS50's and CS70s. Charging problems, mediocre range, difficult set up are typical. The CS70 is a pain to pop on the ear compared to any other headset (I have used Sennheisers, Jabra, and several other Plantronics styles). The great thing with Plantronics, and the reason we use them is that they work with the Allworx VOIP phones. Nothing else does. At least we were unsuccessfull at making anything else work.
Michael Pascoe
Granite City, IL
Customer Rating:
Great product, however, the earpiece microphone has a rechargeable battery in it and that battery may not be replaced by the comsumer. SO...you must order replacement earpiece microphones at $130 each, and these last about a year.
J D Morgan
Juneau, AK
The UPS Store
Customer Rating:
When the unit works it works great. The prblem is the battery. It is not user repalaceable. I am on my fourth headset, three have been factory replaced, all batteries dying and one at my cost since it was over a year. For the price this is absurd. Look for another headset. The cost of ownership is very very expensive.
Richard Ballard
The UPS Store
Greeley, CO
Recommend Plantronics
Customer Rating:
This headset is exactly what I needed, fits perfectly over my ear and conversations are always clear.
Susan Anderson
Anderson, Chavet & Anderson, Inc.
Goodyear, AZ
Customer Rating:
This is a great set. Very clear sound. The headset is so light and comfortable, I forget that I am wearing it!
Janelle Thurman
MHMR of Tarrant County
Fort Worth, TX
Customer Rating:
Product works very well.
Candace Jumbo
Essex Grain Products, Inc.
Frazer, PA
Great Range, and Comfortable
Customer Rating:
I am a receptionist, and I love this headset. I have a night job that does not have these and I find myself wishing for it all evening. It is so light and comfortable that I often leave the building with it still on. The range is wonderful also. I can hear on the other side of our offices. I have been using it for over a year now and have zero complaints!
Samantha Croteau
Turner Barker Insurance
Portland, ME
Battery replacement
Customer Rating:
We have 4 of these in our office. They are great except, i believe someone should have told me there was no replacement battery. You have to buy a whole new headset for $130.00 Not very cost effective when they only last a year at the most.
karen Murray
Logan Dental Care
Bellefontaine, OH
Customer Rating:
Too Bad...
Customer Rating:
As much as I love this headset (I had one before this one) it is unfortunate that I was not told that it doesn't work properly on all phone systems... i.e. Norstar. Other than that, it's great.
First Last
Head set
Customer Rating:
Works Great. Now the rest of the office will only hear half the conversation, and I won't have to talk so loud.

Theremal Engineering
Joplin, MO
Not recommended - returning equipment
Customer Rating:
CS70N model Awkward buttons on the earpiece.The location of the volume and mute buttons. My hair gets caught every time I adjust volume or mute button.. Muting also problematic. Holding the earpiece to mute doesn't work on first or third try. Muting also problematic. Too long to mute calls. Also, unable to "UN mute" calls. I held the ( - ) long for 3 sections ... No such luck. It's just not user friendly.
Also, earpiece is bulky than most wireless to wear on your ear for extended period of time.I prefer a slim version, please
Nan Furbeyre
Matt Construction
Correction to previous review
Customer Rating:
I must apologize for a previous review I submitted. I was WRONG WRONG WRONG. I discovered that our outside telephone repair guy wasn't/isn't very bright. Previously I had a "horrible" experience with what I was told was a faulty product by the PLANTRONICS tech and the "telephone guy" (TG) who did the initial setup. I decided to call myself before I returned the product (TG didn't get the return number) and realized TG did not call 1800 headsets, he called Plantronics. Hence "Horrible". 1800 headsets resolved all issues (wasn't faulty after all) and the experience was totally enjoyable. You guys are always so helpful and happy. Something just seemed off when I was told to return the headset. I was right! Way to go. I love this new headset! It took 3 tries (3 headsets) before I found the right one but this one now is perfect! I'm a petite person with petite ears. The unit it very light and comfortable. I will not go anywhere else in future!
Dianne Mattin
Imark Inc.
Edmonton, AB
Sent faulty equipment
Customer Rating:
can't comment on a product that doesn't work (as determined by an outside service person and a Plantronics customer rep.
Dianne Mattin
Imark Inc.
Edmonton, AB
Headsets.com Order Followup Re Order
Customer Rating:
I had to call re: the setup of the CS70N headset. My questions were answered very quickly & the directions that were given were easily understood. We have used several of your products in this office. Your office staff has always been helpful,friendly, and patient! Thank you.
Carole martin
Visalia, CA
Headset review
Customer Rating:
So far I have been thrilled with my new headset! Loved the fact that there were several different choices for earpiece use. Am having to remember to turn it back on after it has been on the charging cradle which is different from my old unit but not a deal breaker. Over all it's a big plus in my daily work day.
Vickie Hankammer
Parkway West High School
Ballwin, MO
No Good
Customer Rating:
The older model cs50 operated on a 900MHz frequency and allowed for longer range in office environments. I can barely go 50 feet from my desk before losing signal. The cs70n or any 1.9GHz headset should only be used in unobstructed areas with no walls.
Crew Services

Plantronics CS70N
Customer Rating:
I really enjoy this headset. This is my first wireless headset. Had used a Supra and Tristar before and had become quite fond of them.

The CS70N blows them both out of the water. It is light as a feather and has abundant adjustment in both the listening volume and the speaking volume. You will definitely be heard with this headset.

Positives = Extremely light weight, great stand by battery life. Can easily be worn non-stop on a 12 hour shift.

Negatives = no wind protection on the mic. Not a big deal in the office, but when you step outside for a breath of fresh air... I guess the positive side of this problem is that you have REALLY long range on the wireless.

Also, the ear pieces either fit nice or they don't. There are two soft foam and 3 gel tips, very likely that something will match up.

Even with all that, this is still very much worth the price. An extraordinary headset in a world of ordinary products.
Rick Rasmussen
Apex Systems
Eau Claire, WI
Satisfaction on CS70N
Customer Rating:
We upgraded from the CS55 to this product, and the difference is remarkable. The CS70N is much lighter, and the sizable earpiece makes it so much more comfortable to wear for long periods. I wear glasses, and the CS55 was difficult to put on with them. I would take the CS55 off after about an hour because my ear hurt, but I have forgotten the CS70 when I left the building. I have no idea what the negatives would be, haven't found any yet. I would highly recommend this product for anyone who wants to be able to move about and still answer the phone for 8 hours a day.
Paulette Nicholas
Grady County Emergency Management Agency
Chickasha, OK
Very Impressive!!
Customer Rating:
I am the first one to say I can't stand anything hanging on or in my ear. BUT after trying this earpiece I am HOOKED!! The comfort, sound quality and overall performance is outstanding! By the end of the day, I am actually wearing the earpiece on my way out because I forget I have it on due to it's comfort. I love it, and I would highly recommend this headset to any of my co-workers and friends!
Melissa Ravens
MVAP Medical Supplies, Inc
Newbury Park, CA
Headset Basic Bundle
Customer Rating:
Awesome product - comes with everything you need to set up the system and be comfortable with your choice. Office employees liked the style of the ear piece - style and comfort!
Deborah Fiorica
Brinks Inc.
Oakland, CA
Wireless headset
Customer Rating:
The headset is comfortable; seems to work appropriately but unfortunately we found out after ordering the unit for a 60 day trial that the battery is only good for 6 hours which is difficult when you work an 8-10 hour shift. An work flow adjustment has been made to see if this unit will work for the employee. Will let you know!
Kathy Schroeder
Milwaukee GI Specialists SC
Wauwatosa, WI
Customer Rating:
Excellent service. Extremely happy with every aspect of this company. I have looked in the stores for this product and they are sometimes cheaper but I would rather get this product from a company that has the Customer service and support that you offer!
Janell Erwin
R & J Financial Services Inc.
Arvada, CO
weight on my ear
Customer Rating:
It is very sore for my ear and it doesn't stay well. The sound is perfect and I love the system I wish you would have something a lot smaller.
Marie Gauthier
Overall good product
Customer Rating:
Pros: small, light, generally comfortable. Easy to setup and use.

Cons: finding the right earpiece takes some time. Product constantly beeps (as if the phone is ringing) when using speakerphone. There should be a way to mute or even disable the microphone that picks up those sounds.
Jordan R
MRI, Inc.
Plantronics Headset System
Customer Rating:
The freedom this provides is great and your service was excellent! Very friendly and helpful in getting the best price I could find.
Kathy Reynolds
Axtell Independent School District
Ear Tips
Customer Rating:
The headset is great and works fantastic. My problem is I have small ears and the smallest Ear Tip is still a little too big for my ear. I think you need to make another size smaller.
Maxine LaValey
UBS Financial Services Inc
Saginaw, MI
Essential Office Equipment
Customer Rating:
There are two things my office without which I refuse to do my job. One is my computer and the other is my headset. Allows me mobility and comfort so I can handle calls throughout the day without being chained to my desk. Improvements I'd like to see is the ability to put calls on hold and transfer them without having to return to the phone itself.
Tamara Hart
Independence, MO
CS70N review
Customer Rating:
I have small ears, and wear "cheater" glasses at work and the headset does not fit well with either. Callers tell me they can't hear me, and I work in a very noisy office and haven't seen the noise-canceling benefits. It would be totally awesome to be able to transfer calls.
Abby Sullivan
Oregon School District
Customer Rating:
Great product! Very light & easy to use
Lindsay Dewey
Champion Exposition Services
Orlando, FL
Customer Rating:
Fast Shipping. Great Price. Great Product
Adam Gansky
Marc Lazar Inc
New york, NY
Administrative Coordinator and Office Manager
Customer Rating:
Very light. Stays in place.
Kimberly Breeding
Customer Rating:
I used the CS50 model for 2 years and broke my earpiece...what a blessing. The new CS70N model is a dream come true. I wear it all day long and no longer go home with my ear hurting...thank you, thank you.
Teresa Minyard
Bentonville Public Schools
Bentonville, AR
Plantronics SC70N
Customer Rating:
Very comfortable design which places little weight on the ear. The in-ear speaker provides clear high-fidelity sound and the microphone is completely noise free. The only drawback I’ve found so far is that the range seems to be tricky to maintain between different floors.
Mark Baran
Ikhana Software Corp
Austin, TX
Sounds professional, good title.
Customer Rating:
I like the headset, it's a lot easier to use than having to pick up a hand-held phone and hold it the whole time you're on the phone. The only downside to the headset is that if I walk from my office into the back offices, its too far of a distance and will shut off and I'll have to reset it.
Miranda Chaput
Wickford Appliance & Lighting
Pawtucket, RI
Customer Rating:
I love this headset. We purchased other headsets last month, but I was not as happy with those as I am with the CS70N. It is extremely lightweight and comfortable, and I can hear so much better on this one than the other headset. I definitely recommend it to anyone!
Jessica Reyes
Invaluable tool
Customer Rating:
I don't know how I managed without this headset for the past 30 years! It is like being set free! We've ordered them for the entire staff.
Polly Pousson
Cox Cox Filo Camel & Wilson
Lake Charles, LA
Great Solution
Customer Rating:
I had originally purchased the CS55 which hurt my ear. I spoke with a representative online and explained the problem and they suggested the CS70N and arranged for return of the old product.
Jennifer Bechtel
SB Energy Partners
Denver, CO
Wireless Headset
Customer Rating:
In my experience with our attorneys, the ultimate compliment after the installation of a new piece of equipment is the lack of complaints! In this case, the attorney must be ecstatic because not one derogatory word has escaped his lips! He read the instructions, put them into practice and away he went. Any product that can accomplish that is exceptional!
Judi Coleman
Thompson McMullan, PC
Richmond, VA
Customer Rating:
Product range is disappointing. I can no longer roam my entire facility, which was possible with the CS50.
Alan Finkelstein
Customer Rating:
The headset is very comfortable. I love having both hands free while answering calls. I don't care for the feed back of my own voice, but I am getting use to it. Callers have commented on the background noise, so I don't know if I need to adjust something to minimize that? Overall this is a great product. And best of all is the 60 day free trial. I am pretty sure we will be keeping it beyond that time. It has also helped minimize my neck pain. WAHOO...
Julie Moody
L.D. Strobel Co., Inc.
Concord, CA
Charles Long
Customer Rating:
Very nice unit, with the exception that the range is much less than 300 feet, more like 100. The GN Netcom unit that this is likely to replace had a full 300 feet or more.
Charles Long
Amith, Anderson, Baker & Long
York, PA
Plantronics CS70
Customer Rating:
I like the freedom that comes with a wireless headset.
Paula Austin
State Farm Ins./P Austin Ins. Agency, Inc
Bridgeton, NJ
Plantronics CS70
Customer Rating:
I love the product and so does everyone in our small office. We are in need of 13 more sets if we can convince our Manager to purchase them so we really, really need a great price or this one may be coming back to you guys. Only bad thing is that they are too pricey for this small office.
Bernard Bell
Memphis , TN
Very useful
Customer Rating:
Overall, this headset has come in very useful so far. I really wish there was a way to have a headset that could perform other functions when you are away from your desk. Such as, transferring your calls to another extension. Or even answering multiple calls & being able to place them on hold.
Deb Steinspring
Guaranteed Phone Service
Council Bluffs, IA
Plantronics CS70N Executive Wireless
Customer Rating:
It's difficult to position on my ear when I wear glasses. I've worn the ear piece for a week and I've finally figured it out. Also, difficult to fit if your ears are smaller. Otherwise, I think it gives much more freedom and is lighter than the older model.
Deb Pries
Watertown Area Health Services
Watertown, WI
Plantronics CS70N
Customer Rating:
The wireless Plantronics CS70N is a great product and has very clear sound.
Kevin Camel
CS70N headset with Lifter
Customer Rating:
Enjoying the whole thing. It works! The wireless headset doesn't quite fit my lopsided head (it hangs away from the ear), but people can still hear me. Durability is unknown at this point.
Kurt Carlstedt
Coldwell Banker Incline Village Realty
Incline Village, NV
Plantronics CS70N Executive Wireless Office Headset System
Customer Rating:

Anyone who had used the CS70 executive headset could tell you that the one drawback to it was the outgoing sound quality.

Unfortunately the sleek, discreet look of the CS70 allowed for a lot of background noise to filter through the conversation, as well as ambient noise from fans, heaters, air conditioners, etc. etc.

Well the CS70N has finally come along and solved that issue once and for all!

Same great modern “Bluetooth” look, but with a bit longer microphone, this headset looks, feels, and sounds great.

Matt Harvey

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This product has been discontinued
Part: 70450-06

Catalog #: 1113

Customer Rating:
Plantronics CS70N Wireless Office Headset Basic Bundle was rated 4 out of 5 by Customers (49 Reviews)
Manufactured by: Sennheiser
4 based on 49 reviews
$329.95 $329.95

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The Plantronics CS70N Wireless Office Headset Basic Bundle is compatible with 98% of all office phones! If you'd like for us to check your specific phone, just click below:

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What Customers Are Saying

Average Customer rating for this item: Plantronics CS70N Wireless Office Headset Basic Bundle was rated 08 out of 10 by Customers

Customer Rating:

I love this headset. We purchased other headsets last month, but I was not as happy with those as I am with the CS70N. It is extremely lightweight and comfortable, and I can hear so much better on...
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Customer Rating:

I had originally purchased the CS55 which hurt my ear. I spoke with a representative online and explained the problem and they suggested the CS70N and arranged for return of the old product.
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Customer Rating:

Very light. Stays in place.
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