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Life saver!
I ordered the Plantronics CT14 and it was a life saver for me at work. I was able to make, take, transfer, and place calls on hold swiftly and conveniently from any location in the office. No more being glued to one desk phone! I now have the freedom to take care of business all around the office with out worrying about missing a call.
customer image Daniela Gavelli
Visiting Angels
Gaithersburg, MD
Its great. We may order more. Thank you.
customer image Mcguane Kerry
Philip J. Cabrera, D.D.S.
Worcester, MA
Great Job
I feel so supported by you guys. My head set works perfectly now. You are the best in customer service - right up there with Zappo.
customer image Renee Mollan-Masters
Reality Productions
The cords are too short (especially the cord going from the phone to the wall plug) therefore I cannot have this phone in the same location as I had the CT12
customer image Rhonda King
Rhonda King, RMT
Barrie, ON
head set
Could not do my job without them.
customer image P Clempson
Novato, CA
Just what I expected
customer image Mary
Birds of a Feather Publishing
Wonderful service as always.
customer image Barbara Isley
J Mann Inc
Novato, CA
Easy to use and extremely clear
Service, delivery, and most importantly the device itself works great.
customer image Ron Hodgdon
Pownal, ME
This is the second headset system I have purchased from Headsets and I'm very pleased with the product and the service.
customer image Jim Kurtz
Sun Orchard
Tempe, AZ
New Head set
I have been running my business from a wireless Bluetooth cell phone for years. I always had issues with clarity. I did not realize that a quality Head set for a land line was so much better. What a quality product.
customer image Jim Starr
Selkirk, NY
I wish the clip was better, not everyone wears belts
I like the CT14 we have old phones and I'm glad they are compatible
customer image Therrissa D.
Eastbay Oral Surgery
Lafayette, CA
Great phone
Crystal clear connection. The small phone can easily fit in a shirt pocket or can be clipped on to your belt.
customer image Bob Myers
Toronto, ON
Cordless Telephone and Headset
I received my CT14 Cordless Headset last week. I wish I would have been paying more attention to what I ordered. The main thing I wanted was a cordless headset. But this is a cordless phone with headset attached. Im not fond of having to clip the small phone on myself somewhere; and if I dont Ill drag the small phone right off my desk due to the short cord. Booo. The postitives are that I can hear better on the headset and has more volume control than my last Plantronics. My last Plantronic phone only last one year...I hope this one does better. With all that being said...Customer service is A+
customer image Carmen Holley
Jonesboro, GA
One week of service
has been super! It is lightweight, portable, and basically exactly what I need. People comment (without being asked) about how clear I am ... which I think is very nice. I just feel far more professional than holding a phone since I talk on it so much ...
I do wish the numbers on the dialpad were a little larger as I do have to squint a bit to see them while dialing .. but I can certainly live with this one for a good long while ... phone work is a much lighter load now
customer image Bobby Johnson
Diamond View Unlimited
Las Vegas, NV
customer image carmen torres
westfield, MA
customer image carmen torres
westfield, MA
I love this headset system! However, I've purchased 3 of these over the past 8 years and they've all failed in about 3 years. At a price of well over $100 for a phone I feel that the durability doesn't match the price. When I tried to get my phone fixed I was told it would be $75! Wow! So now after buying my third one (which broke, the button didn't hang up the phone)I've given up on these phones which is a shame because they fulfilled my needs so well when they worked. My aforementioned third phone caused me to pay for a call from the phone company because I thought my phone line was broken. The clever repairman (bless him) figured out it was the plantronics hang up button. Obviously he didn't have to go this extra step since it wasn't part of my phone line. As soon as I disconnected my phone, my phone line was fine. Also, since the phone never hung up, the battery was quickly drained, since it was always "on". Grrr
customer image Anna Kirk
San Francisco , CA
wonderful phone saves my neck
I've had the CT 12 and now the CT 14 for years and they make my life easier. I just wear them all the time when I'm home. Not heavy to wear. Choice of over the head or just on the ear earphone. Can store 50 phone numbers, plus recent caller ID numbers.
customer image Marsha Epstein
Los Angeles, CA
Cordless Phone
Lightweight and easy to connect. Great if you move around a lot or can't sit still. Major drawback is it does not accept or allow caller-ID. Separate hand-held keypad is necessary and can often be in a different place than the headset. (Seek and Find).
customer image Scott Carroll
Paoli, PA
larger dial pads
customer image Jill Knox
West Chester, PA
I am delighted with the Plantronics CT14 telephone and headset system. I believe this is my third one. I use it all the time at home. It's very useful when one is multi-tasking. Customer Service has always been excellent. I hope Plantronics continues to make ths product since I really depend on this item.
customer image Elizabeth Baker
Buckeye, AZ
Great for Call Groups
We use this set-up with our Inside Sales Team. After trying other wireless headset options that worked specifically with our Partner Phone System, we found this to be a much better solution. It works great through the auxiliary jack.
customer image Sheila Simmons
Great American Publishers
Lena, MS
Great service as always
customer image Andy Gianino
Whately, MA
I Love It
My only regret is that I didn't order it sooner.
customer image Bill Gelderman
The Steering Group, Inc.
Lawrenceville, GA
Great telephone
Works great as specs state. Good sound quality, easy to operate and great range.
customer image K Huffmaster
Monticello, FL
This headset is wonderful and so was the service.
We have been using the older version of this headset in our office for about 6-7 years now and we couldn't live without them. We finally had to replace one and the slight changes on it are welcome and dare I say, pretty neat. We need the dial pad on our headsets and a bit of range and this new set works as wonderful as the old. The service we received is also the tops. :)
customer image Seana Sheil
S & C Claims Services, Inc.
Las Vegas, NV
Problems with buzzing sound on all calls. I did not have this problem with the CT12 version. Is this just a problem with the one I received or is this a common complaint?
customer image Joselyn Coogler
PICO National Network
Oakland, CA
Not happy
Sorry. The new version of headsets is not helpful. We REALLY NEED that flashing red light to know NOT to interrupt an employee who is talking to an agent the phone. I am highly disappointed. A poor choice of cheapening a product, in our opinion. Would like them replaced with the ones that we had before, but apparently Plantronics saw fit to save some money the less helpful way for the consumer. No one told me they were going to be different. I would have tried to find another choice if I had known there was no light on them.
customer image Mary Rose
Western Asset Protection
Phoenix, AZ
Great product
Love this phone. Had a model CT12 before and it survived being dropped several times. They're tough. A great convenience for me as I can answer the phone anywhere in the building and even outside. Good quality product.
customer image Sandy Erickson
MN Military Museum
Needs One Critical Feature
I got this phone to use on my Vonage line. One critical feature MISSING is 3-way calling. I still have a chance to return the phone, and probably will.
customer image John Woods
Great for home office
I love my new Plantronics CT14. It is exactly what I needed for my home office. Using a speaker phone was noisy and holding the phone with my shoulder was tiresome. I am able to wear the headset and clip the keypad onto my pants comfortably. I am completely mobile and my hands are free to type.
customer image Laney Godfrey
Exactly what I needed
I've used my headset all week and it's very comfortable, the sound quality is very good, and I can move around with the lightweight phone. I'm more than pleased with this product.
customer image Janet
Just as advertised!!
Works great right now and was what I expected. I like it and would recommend it.
customer image Santana Last
Awesome Product!!
I have purchased the phone over a year ago for my mother and have recently purchased my second one. I absolutely love the product and would not be without a cordless headset now! Awesome product and awesome Customer service from the Headsets staff
customer image Kim Butler
Portugal Cove, NL
I don't like the long delay in picking up a call that is parked on hold. It is very annoying. Although I like the expanded phone book I don't like to have to go thru so many to make a quick phone call. It also does not have a light when I'm on a call. I has the ct12 and find it a much better product. The delay in answering a call is the worst of it, all other things I could just learn to get use to.
customer image Raelene Lane
Atlas Welding Supply
Berkeley, CA
Plantronics CT14 Cordless Telephone and Headset System

I’m the CT14’s #1 fan! I use the CT14 as my home phone, and being hands-free while chatting on the phone is great.

I had been using a cordless phone at home, and I was continuously pressing buttons with my chin while I tried to balance the phone between my ear and my shoulder.

Now with the CT14, I can clip it’s remote on my shirt and fold laundry worry-free while I talk on the phone. The microphone is noise-canceling, and people are always surprised to find out I’m washing dishes or cooking while I talk – all they hear is my voice coming through clearly.

The CT14 has way more features than my old cordless phone – it has a programmable button for voicemail, Caller ID, a memory for saving phone numbers, and an awesome “wake up” ring tone which ensures I never miss a call.

Plus it includes a convertible headset, which means it can be worn over-the-head or on-the-ear. I don’t like the earloop myself, as I like to adjust my fit a bit more than the earloop allows.

Instead I wear the over-the-head band, and this is comfortable for me. I consider the Plantronics CT14 the geek-chic fashion statement of 2010!

customer image Kali Lux
So far, so good
The product works even better than the CT-12, which I've loved for years.
customer image Jeff Kaplan
Plantronics CT14 Cordless Telephone and Headset System
I love this product. I wish I had gotten it 10 years earlier. I find I answer more phone calls, and I have more patience while talking because I have the freedom to move around and get things done.
customer image Louise Green
Mulit-Matter Services
Edmonton, AB
customer image RHONDA MAZARIEGO
I am going to call today, there seems to be a buzzing on the line that if I use the headset on the main phone is not there so it is not the line or the headset. Keypad numbers are a bit small and the volume only lowers to 2 bars still a bit louder than I would like, but the over the head headset is great.
customer image Marie Bartlet
Schaghticoke, NY
Plantronics CT14 Cordless Telephone and Headset System
So far I like the phone a lot
customer image Andy Gianino
The Home Store
Whately, MA
I was given one for my birthday over a year ago, because I work from home. I love it. Sometimes the cord gets caught on something and then the phone goes flying. But that is due to me not being careful. I intend to buy another one.
customer image Frank Loo
Pickering, ON
Love It
This product works GREAT! I bought it for personal use. My family lives out of state, so I spend a lot of time on the phone. With this headset I'm able to talk while doing housework and other things around the house. I LOVE IT! Thank you!
customer image Lisa DeDreu
Lake Mary, FL
It is one week now - so far I am happy. It will take some time to get used to the ear irritation.
Also to get used to the dial pad - very small for clumsy fingers.
customer image Johann Breyten
EMC Publications
Testing this
I think it's great!
customer image Pouria Hojn
Excellent service!
The product is easy to use. Great range. Sometimes the cord will get caught in something when I walk around. There is a slight buzz when at full volume.
customer image David McIntee
McINtee Fusaro & Associates
Hillsborough, NC
Nice unit but disappointed the headset does not have a red indicator light to show you are on the phone like the CT12 did.
customer image Mark Amoroso
Plantronics CT14
This unit replaced a CT10. Overall, I like the unit very much. The ability to enhance the call volume is a great feature. I think the keypad is to stiff, but it may loosen up over time.
customer image Jack Sobish

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