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Plantronics, why discontinue Calisto?
This is a wonderful product, the Microphone is light and easy to wear and charge.
customer image Lina Jane Cygan
J & H Billing Services
Oakland, CA
Fast shipping, great service.
customer image Frank Thomalla III, D.D.S.
Louisiana, MO
calista was the greatest product ever invented for home use. There has not been anything to take its place. What a shame to lose that phone!
customer image Bryna Gollin
Holmdel, NJ
We love working with the customer service reps at Headsets.com. Good attitudes & willing to help
customer image Darla Duncan
Debra Wixson Agency
Springfield, MO
Mainly a good review
This is my second headset from Headset. My first Plantronics Calisto Pro. So far I haven't had any complaints about back ground noise. The other day I did have trouble hearing a caller, but I was traveling in the car and the wind here has been bad.
customer image Debbie Hall
The Nail Salon inside Hair Flair
Nacogdoches, TX
My favourite headset
I recently tested 10 different headsets, both corded (wired) and bluetooth. For mobile phone telephony, the Calisto Pro came up clearly ahead of the others in terms of voice clarity and noise cancellation (yes, much better than the Jawbone Prime in both departments!). The drawbacks I found were (a) susceptibility to wind noise (which improves dramatically if a foam windshield is used), (b) a flimsy/loose headpiece (which I eventually secured with superglue and has remained in place!), (c) somewhat pronounced treble at both ends which is sometimes annoying but often quite good in achieving clarity in noisy environments or bad telephone lines. I've also used it for VOIP and with MacSpeech Dictate (Mac) and found it very accurate, even though the sound was noticeably bluetoothish and not hi-fi like its corded cousins. You can hear recorded samples on a small web site I put up (wind tests to follow): http://web.me.com/dwarde/Headset_Tests/Home.html
customer image Edward Theologis
Evaluated for use c Dragon Medical
Accuracy about 50%. Totally unsuitable for this purpose.
customer image Jonathan Brodie
NYU School of Medicine
Great product. Good analysis of my problem - by Eric
customer image Di Valentine
Gardnerville, NV
front office receptionist
the only thing we do not like about the calisto is that we are having to replace the ear piece often.
customer image Judy Garica
Advanced Urology Medical Offices
Los Angeles,, CA
Plantronic Calisto Pro Replacement Ear Piece
The new replacement ear piece to the Calisto Pro phone works great and was easy to sync to the phone, however, this is not the first time the ear piece or phone has broken. I love this product but it doesn't seem to be very durable. Pretty expensive for not holding up. At least I could purchase a replacement part.
customer image Kim Wells
Mesa, AZ
I like the packaging of the product, but I have had a number of problems that continue to concern me, the ear piece is to hard and hurts my ear no matter what side I try to wear it on. I have had now two of the headset brake, the little button you press splits apart and I don't really use it that much 15 calls a day. You guys have been the best. Every time I have a problem its taken care right then and there,I just worry what will happen afterward or if you have any warrant contracts.
customer image ALFRED RUCKER
I like the headset, but hope it was just a fluke that the button broke. I also had to remove and repair several times with the old one.
customer image Lori Gerstenberger
Cut Bank, MT
Headset for Mobile phone use
I purchased the Plantronics Calisto Headset (without base) for dedicated use with my mobile phone. I use my mobile phone as my office phone since I have the T-mobile HotSpot@home WiFi service. The WiFi sound quality is excellent and I wanted a office based headset that allowed my clients to hear me as if on a land line phone. I believe the Calisto provides this. The only negative is that it tends to have a bit too much high frequency sound (via the mic, so what other will hear). Overall it's the best sounding that I've tested, which includes numerous Plantronics, Motorola, Jawbone, and Sony headsets. I mostly test what others will hear, for me it's the most important factor. The Calisto has the advantage of a mic near your mouth, which gives much better real voice sound than other smaller BT headsets. The Jawbone was very good but definitely more digital sounding, less live.
Advice for Headsets.com: Sell the Calisto as a stand alone headset since it works that way. Maybe bundle the charger as a special price.
customer image Mark Gurkowski

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