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  • For headset-ready cordless phones
  • Special microphone boost technology adds extra volume to your voice
  • Under-ear wearing style fits comfortably with prescription or sunglasses
  • Pivoting voice tube ensures perfect positioning for crisp, clear communication
  • Features a one-touch listening and speaking volume control
  • Inline mute
The award-winning MX500-C Mobile Headset from Plantronics gives you high-performance sound for clearer calls. The MX500-C features a pivoting WindSmart voice tube that reduces wind noise and allows you to position it for optimal sound clarity.

Inline mute and volume controls offer the ability to get every call just right.

The MX500-C's Flex Grip design provides you with a secure and comfortable fit for extended wear. For headset-ready cordless phones; compatible with many headset-ready mobile phones including Nokia, Audiovox, Kyocera, LG, Motorola, and most Samsung models
Manufacturer Plantronics
Catalog Number 1837
Type Cellular
Wearing Style In-the-Ear, On-the-Ear
Max Range / Cord Length 3.5 ft.
Connector Type (view connectors) 2.5mm 2 band
Weight 3.1 oz.
Lines: (telephone products only) Not Applicable
Compatibility Works with your existing cell phone
Microphone Noise-canceling
Earpiece Not Applicable
Color Black
Special Technologies WindSmart
Warranty 1 Year Replacement
Battery Life Not Applicable
Reversible Yes
Handset Lifter Compatible Not Applicable
Busy Light Not Applicable
Quick Disconnect Not Applicable
DC Adapter Compatible Not Applicable
Digital Encryption Not Applicable
What's in the box? Plantronics Headset

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Love this headset! Love 1-800-Headsets!
I've owned several of these headsets and really love them! I once again ordered them from 1-800-Headsets.ca, my order arrived accurately and fast! It's so refreshing to deal with a company that really works on Customer Service. Thank you!!

customer image Jackie Godard
Cochrane , AB
Dont buy this headset
After the first few months, the headset just stopped working...probably a wire broke, and the company replaced it for me. Now, a few months later, the new headset also doesn't work. As before, people just can't hear me.
customer image Sharon Carney
Portland, OR
False Advertising
This headset is advertised for use with cordless and mobile phones, it wasn't until after I received this item, which I bought online, that I saw the packaging where it states it works with "most mobile phones." I would consider buying the adapter, but for $16+ dollars? And those reviews are terrible, apparently they stop working after 3 months. Sounds like a money scam to me...
customer image Angel
Does not stay in place
This headset was very disappointing. It does not fit OVER the ear, it slides in from the bottom side of the ear. I have long hair and when I move my head, it pulls the entire headset out. It stays in when I pull my hair up but I find that it is uncomfortable to wear for longer than about 45 minutes. The ear piece is hard plastic, not comfortable. I am going to return it.
customer image Anne
Plantronics MX500-C Black Mobile Headset
good sound, but would like more volume. would very much like to have a smaller in-ear piece as this one is slightly too large. Otherwise, all works well, good mic volume, people hear me clearly.
customer image Sheri Carney
TSRI Solutions
Portland, OR
Plantronics MX500-C Black Mobile Headset
This is the only headset style I have and will ever be able to use. Over the head styles mess up my hair, the in ear buds never stay put(my ears seem to be normal shaped). Behind the ear works for me, and I like the cord to limit radiation that could be possible with the wireless type. Thanks Headsets.com for the wonderful quick and easy personal service its the best I've received as of yet. Milan Dallas, TX
customer image Milan Bender
Rain Fresh Water
Good Product
Clarity is excellent. The ear piece is basically comfortable, but I have problems with the piece that turns to fit inside the ear being kind of loose, so it doesn't stay like I think it should. Just makes it sound like the volume is turned down sometimes. Overall a good product, though.
customer image Mary Lou Lanning
Plantronics MX500-C Black Mobile Headset
I really love this headset - it's comfortable and I can hear well, people hear me well - overall really enjoying this product! Also, the service was very friendly and fast! Thank you! It's so nice to see a company work this way!
customer image Jackie Godard
Cochrane, AB
Sound quality for earpiece and mic are both very good. Easy to use, etc.
BUT: the over-the-ear piece is garbage! And by that I mean CR*P -- it broke off within a 6 months of purchase. Needs to be more durable.
customer image RM Dufour
Works Consulting
Headsets.com Order Followup Re Order #2216772
917 MSG
My whole life has changed
This is the first headset i have purchased. First off, as far as headsets.com is concerned, excellent service. As far as the Plantronics is concerned, the best.. light.. not huge and cumbersome.. people can't even tell it's on you.. and you get MORE done in less time.. and the neck is alleviated and the hands are freed up to do more work
customer image Uni Aguilar
Beauty no Brawn
This headset came and had to be almost immediately returned (3 weeks). The rotating bezel housing the ear bud could not stand up to the constant stresses of removing and replacing the headset on the ear. Needs more durability.
customer image John Bradley
Carolina Property Company
Simpsonville, SC
Great Corded Headset
Love this model. Like all Plantronics, It is comfortable, easy on and off, and sound in and out is great. I got the wrong one first and your superior Customer Service and Tech teams worked it out painlessly and quickly. Thanks!
customer image Tim Lavrouhin
Mountain Ridge Homes
Big Bear Lake, CA
Love the product... Use phone approx. 500 minutes per day. I really have NO use for Bluetooth. Th wire headsets are still better. I would really like a ANS/Hang up switch in line SO I do not have to open the phone to receive a call. YES I already know wire headsets are becoming obsolete.
customer image Craig Frolich
CM First
Huntington Beach, CA
Plantronics MX500-C Black Mobile Headset
Really great. Only problem if you take it on and off frequently as I do, it is a little difficult to put on. Great Sound, very comfortable, highly recommend.
customer image John Svirsky
John D. Svirsky Inc.
Garrison, NY
Plantronics MX500-C
Service was great and very fast. Bought this one to replace my old one that was the same type. It is the only type of head set I have found that will stay put when I'm moving around. (I work with a lot of animals and need to talk to the Vet at the same time). So the poor thing really gets a work out. Love it. May get a spare just is case. Thanks for the Tootsie Rolls. They were fun and made my day a little sweeter. Goats liked them too.
customer image Penelope Clingerman
Ava, MO
2nd time buyer of this product
Love this product - I've bought many headsets and this one is comfortable and high quality. My coworkers say "I thought you were in your office" when I'm on conference calls from my car!
customer image Roni Ramirez
Woodland Hills, CA
I really love the headset. It is easy to use, you can adjust the volume, and
everyone I call hears me very well.
customer image Beverly Howell
Plantronics MX500-C Mobile Headset is great
This headset does an excellent job at reducing/eliminating road noise, so the sound quality is great for both parties. It is one of the best headsets I've ever had (of dozens!). I highly recommend it! Thanks Headsets.com!
customer image Laura DeFazio
Pittsburgh, PA
Plantronics MX500-C Black Mobile Headset
This product is perfect for my needs. It doesn't require putting on a headset. But the over the ear piece is a bit tight out of the box.
customer image Terry Porter-Fahey
I was in a real crunch when I found your company after I googled it. There were so many company's, but none of them was good for me. The headset fits well ( after I fuss a bit to put it on.) It's awkward. But I do like them.
customer image Olivia Edgil
El Cajon, CA
I've had bluetooths (including the infamous Jawbone) and a Verizon corded headset. They all failed! This Plantronics headset is perfect. Crystal clear reception. Wind resistant. Little background noise. For the price, you can't beat it. If you want a headset that you don't have to charge, won't easily lose and fits well around the ear -- then this is your best bet. Very satisfied with this purchase and the price!
customer image Stephen Montagne
JetBlue Airways
Ozone Park, NY, NY
Product Review
I ordered a Planatronics MX500C from your company and it has been very easy to work with. The Customer service representative was amazing. She really walked me through all of my options and set me up with the perfect headset for my needs. I will definitely be making further purchases with your company.
customer image Donald Quick
Capital Region Ambulatory Surgery Center
Albany, NY
Plantronics MX500-C Mobile Headset is great
As a headset user who uses a headset for 100% of my phone calls, over 2 hours daily average, I've gone through a LOT of headsets, and found none other that give me and the person on the other end of the line such excellent sound quality. The "wind tunnel" wand to your mouth has no wires and can be popped out, eliminating a common damage area, and it climates road noise, wind, or other interference better than any other model I've used.

The part that goes into your ear isn't as comfortable as other models, after long use, but the ear contraption really stays on your ear, and overall is comfortable and stable. I love this headset and will purchase it again when I need to. It also has adjustable volume control and a mute switch. It is a real relief to have excellent sound quality in a headset. I highly recommend it!
customer image Laura DeFazio
This product is great - very clear, volume control is wonderful, and it's light on the ear. The resting piece for just inside the ear could be a little smaller or just turned 90 degrees, but overall the best one yet. Too bad you can't use it with quick disconnect systems or the rest of my office would have one too!
customer image Michelle


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