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Plantronics Online Indicator

Plantronics Online Indicator

Features at a glance

  • Lets others know you are on the phone
  • Bright light makes it easy to spot on your desk
  • Long 6-foot cord
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Plantronics On-line indicator light flashes whenever you are on a call to notify others in the office that you are busy. Back to top

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Plantronics
Type Wireless
Wearing Style Not Applicable
Max Range / Cord Length 6 ft.
Connector Type (view connectors) 3.5mm
Weight 1.5 oz.
Lines: (telephone products only) Not Applicable
Microphone Not Applicable
Earpiece Not Applicable
Color Purple shell, Red Light
Special Technologies Not Applicable
Warranty 1 Year Replacement
Battery Life Not Applicable
Reversible Not Applicable
Handset Lifter Compatible Yes
Busy Light Not Applicable
Quick Disconnect Not Applicable
DC Adapter Compatible No
Digital Encryption Not Applicable
What's in the box? Plantronics Online Indicator
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Customer Reviews

Average Customer rating for this item: Plantronics Online Indicator was rated 09 out of 10 by Customers (53 Reviews)

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Customer Rating:
Very easy to install and set up. Excellent way to let others know I am on the phone using my headset but am listening and not talking at the present time.
Patrick Rossall
State Farm Insurance
Palmdale, CA
Customer Rating:
my indicator light is great! now people know when I am on the phone.
Linda Constable
University of Prince Edward Island
Charlottetown, PE
Easy Peezy. Quick and accurate
Customer Rating:
My order was easy to place and it arrived quickly and accurately! Along with some tasty tootsie rolls as an added surprise!
T. Cline
Seattle, WA
Online Indicator
Customer Rating:
the light was easy to install and I like the smaller flashing red lights inside the purple light.
Sharon McKey
ONEOK Gas Transportation
Shawnee, OK
Customer Rating:
Jeri Mills
Equity Residential
Fort Lewis, WA
Works great
Customer Rating:
My coworkers don't bother me in anymore when I'm on the phone!
Portland, OR
Customer of replacement CS50 headset and 4 "call alerts"
Customer Rating:
You were spot on with setup when I needed it. Always pleasant from ordering to final setup - thank you.
Jeanne Rudes
W. W. Grainger, Inc.
Lake Forest , IL
Works As Designed - Design Suggestion
Customer Rating:
Stupid easy to connect, works fine (odd that the lens is purple but the light is red; that's fine, though). I'm thinking I'd like it better if it was more like a domed beacon, to remind me that I've left my headset powered on.
Mark Hartwig
Church of the Brethren
Elgin, IL
Actually - Only lights when headset is on
Customer Rating:
The light only comes on if your in headset mode, but not actually on the phone. For example if you just hung up, the light is still on.
Charlestown, MA
Customer Rating:
I like this online indicator, it would be great if this was a wireless so if i'm walking around the office they know i'm on the phone
Silvia Velez
Dallas, TX
Customer Rating:
Works great. Just what the doctor ordered.
Craig Wollenberg
Williams Oil & Propane
Towanda, PA
Customer Rating:

Very Pleased with Purchase
Customer Rating:
Thank you for your very timely delivery and the tootsie rolls included. WE are very pleased with your service and will definetely keep your company in mind for our phone needs.
Elsie Page
Erie Water Works
Erie, PA
Love the Online Indicator
Customer Rating:
Everyone in my office loves the online indicator as much as I do as it saves us a lot of hand signals when they come into my work area. Thanks
Pat Oldenburg
Anchorage, AK
On line indicator
Customer Rating:
I love this product. Can't tell you how many times people will start chatting and I'm actually on the phone listening to the person on the other end. This saves me the headache of hand signals.
Carrie Taylor
Lauria Tokunaga Gates & Linn
Las Vegas, NV
Perfect Product
Customer Rating:
The Plantronics Online Indicator works perfectly with our Plantronics lifter. It lets anyone coming into the office that customer service personnel are on the phone. Makes for a professional sounding business. EASY installation, just plug it in the lifter.
Michael Lese
Quality Wine and Ale Supply
Elkhart, IN
Customer Rating:
We love this product!!
Ann Goddard
Dr. DeLacey
Warrenville, IL
Customer Rating:
First I want to say I find your costumer service representatives to be awesome. Any time I have inquired about a product they are very professional, polite, efficient, helpful and knowledgeable. As for my online indicator I don't know why I didn't get one sooner it is terrific. No one knew when I was on the phone before because my hair would cover the light on my Plantronics hands free head set. Now everyone knows when I am on the phone.
Anita Merecka
Dr.Gail Thornton
Saugerties, NY
On Line Indicator Comments
Customer Rating:
We have only had them one week. But so far they have been exactly what we needed. Thanks!
Stephanie Armstrong
Charleston Fire Department
light indicator
Customer Rating:
works the very best
Garry Stokes
G.O.S. Renovations Ltd
Moncton, NB
Good product
Customer Rating:
Like the online indicator. Wish it had a clip to attach it to monitor, rather than just a flat base. Cord is a good length, lights are attention-getting.
Suzie Dodds
Online Indicator
Customer Rating:
Lights should be on both sides of the unit. At best this unit only gives visability of 180 degs.
Boyd Derby
Houston, TX
Plantronics Online Indicator review
Customer Rating:
The light stays on after the phone line is transferred to another extension. My Bulb indicator light did not do that. So if I get distracted and don't hang the phone up after transferring, people think I am still on a call.
Stacey McGuire
phone indicator
Customer Rating:
we love the phone indicator lights they work great thank you
deanna beeson
dr steven m.rogers,dmd
bend, OR
Plantronics Online Indicator
Customer Rating:
I really like this product and it has improved people interrupting my calls not knowing I am on the phone. The only thing I dislike is the fact that it blinks. I find it a little distracting and would have preferred a steady light to the blinking or the option of switching back and forth.
Josie Gomez
Dallas Neurosurgical & Spine Assocs
Dallas, TX
Customer Rating:
Can't imagine life without it!
John Kramer
Online Indicator
Customer Rating:
Could not do without this little flasher! I needed to put a message above and below - When lights are flashing---I'm on the phone. Most people ask, "What is the light for?"
Georgia Hanchera
LAUSD - Portola Middle School
Tarzana, CA
Online Indicator
Customer Rating:
I love it!!! My co-workers never knew if I was on the phone. Now there is no doubt about it. They tend to be a little quieter when the light it on.
It is really pretty too!
Patty Chaloupek
Okeene Milling
Online Indicator a bit hit!
Customer Rating:
This online indicator for my headset is wonderful. I work in a very busy office and this let's my co-workers know when I am busy on the phone. We all just love it!
Deanna Throckmorton
Fairfield Union High School
Lancaster, OH
Customer Rating:
I am overwhelmed with the response from my office since receiving the online indicator. And is has saved my sanity GREAT GREAT PRODUCT...Makes ya wanna say hmmmmmmmmm, why didn't I think of THAT!
Cyn Last
Springfield, PA
Plantronics Online Indicator
Customer Rating:
This product is nice and bright so my co-workers can tell that I am on the phone. I really like it.
Angela Du Lac
Triumph Expo & Events
Tukwila, WA
Plantronics Online Indicator
Customer Rating:
What a great idea! Helps fellow co-workers and customers know when you are on the phone so they don't interrupt your phone call!
Dixie Crawshaw
Customer Rating:
I am very pleased with the indicator however I think I would be more pleased if it was larger. Those that I need to see it when they come in to the office are at least 15 feet from me so I have to continue to point to my headset or the light with a big sign on it telling them that I am on the phone in order to stop them from talking until I get off.
Dee Runion
Willow Dale Elementary
Warminster, PA
works pretty well
Customer Rating:
my associates like the product. However I wish it came with double-sided sticky foam for attachment.
First Last
Customer Rating:
I like the product so far. One comment that was made was that I travel back and forth between several different offices and short of posting something flashing on my forward, other persons still don't know I am on the phone. Is there any such device for persons that are very mobile throughout their day, but very on the phone as well?
Kim Grissom
Red Bluff, CA
Blinking Lights Only
Customer Rating:
We are a medical clinic and these are very helpful for our doctors while they are dictating over the phone. However, we cannot use them in our Neurology department because of the large number of patients with seizure disorders who might be affected by the blinking lights. Plantronics unfortunately does not offer a "steady" light option and our techs don't think they can do an after-market modification to this model
Maureen King
The Corvallis Clinic
Corvallis, OR
New flashing lights
Customer Rating:
This is a major improvement for our call center! People do not walk into my office and start conversations while I am on the phone. The moving lights help attract attention. The device has flexibility and can be used in many locations. A small strip of double-sided tape enclosed in the package, would be nice. We were fortunate to have some available. I have already recommended the device to our front office!
Dave Golder
City of Surprise
Surprise, AZ
Better Than Expected!
Customer Rating:
The display light works wonderful! My co-workers appreciate being able to "now" see when I'm on the phone as soon as they walk up. The light isn't ornate or too bright that it draws disruptive attention when the phone is in use. I LOVE IT! Plus....Headsets.com put tootsie rolls in the box with the shipment!!!! Great customer service, thank you :)
Sharon Hedges
City of Riverside - Pub. Works Traffic Eng. Div.
Riverside, CA
Indicator Light
Customer Rating:
We love them. We work in a small call center, and it is wonderful for people to be able to just look with a glance and see who is on the phone.
Yes I am on the phone...:-)
Customer Rating:
I love the indicator. For years, people walk in my office trying to figure out if I am on the phone or talking to myself... Now they know!! Its just the right size and very visible to other...a great product!!
Lana Jern
Uptown Mortgage
On Line Indicator
Customer Rating:
We love this product, but it should be part of the complete package for the headsets.
Demetra McKenney
Fuller Management Services
Denver, CO
Plantronics Online Indicator
Customer Rating:
Very helpful in a multiline, multioffice situation.
Mary Wallace
CU Dealer Direct LLC
Tumwater, WA
Online Indicator
Customer Rating:
They need to come with two way tape and screws for mounting them.
Sherri Lyness
Plantronics Online Indicator
Customer Rating:
Light only indicates you are on the phone if you are using your headset w/lifter; if you pick up the receiver manually the light indicator does not show you are on the line.
Pieper & Sons Insurance Agency, Inc.
Great idea - online indicator
Customer Rating:
Love it.
Diane Lawbaugh
Rogers Group Inc.
Nashville, TN
Plantronics Online Indicator
Customer Rating:
This is the 2nd one of these that I have purchased for my office. The first one was for my receptionist and it has helped her profusely by stopping people from just assuming that she isn't on the phone and talking to her. The other one I purchased for myself and it has been great. No more interruptions from unaware people. :)
Michael Zeigler
First American Title Insurance Company
Hartford, CT
Plantronics Online Indicator
Customer Rating:
As simple as this concept is, this is an awesome product. People can now tell that I am on my headset and either wait until the lights go off or come back later. Awesome product that I cannot recommend enough!
Michael Zeigler
First American Title Insurance Company
Hartford, CT
Genius Device!
Customer Rating:
The rating elements really do not apply to this item. I cannot, however, say enough about it. It is an ingenious accessory to a headset. The primary lament of people who come to our busy front office is that they never know when I'm on the phone. Problem solved! The device is mounted on my monitor in full view. First people are attracted to the pretty blinking lights. And then they are grateful for what it does. Would recommend as an essential item to partner with a headset.
D Sylvester
Layton, UT
Online Indicator
Customer Rating:
We used your headsets for years "without" this device and constantly heard "or your on the phone" Problem solved!
Roy Daniel
Pavlich, Inc.
Kansas City, KS
Plantronics Online Indicator
Customer Rating:
I like it but two things - I still had to put a sign up to say if the lights are flashing,I'm on the phone. Also, the phone didn't come with any way to put the indicator up - double sided tape, pins, etc.
Mary Rollin
Allen Elementary School
San Bruno, CA
Customer Rating:
This item works as described.The only suggestion would be to include instruction as to where it plugs in. I had to inquire through on-line chat to find out where to plug it in.
Ben Turner
Stuart C.Irby Co.
Selma, AL
Online Indicator
Customer Rating:
I like the indicator. It will help alert others in the office that I am on the phone. They can't tell since I wear the wireless headset. This will give them a way of knowing without interrupting me.
Sue Endsley
Trinity Presbyterian Church
Flower Mound, TX
Plantronics Online Indicator
Customer Rating:
I like the Plantronics Online Indicator, it keeps interruptions to a minimum while on the line, and when I sometimes forget it reminds me to disconnect the call from the headset.
Mary Lynn Spedding
Health Strategies Group
Lambertville, NJ

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Part: 65116-02

Catalog #: 1240

Customer Rating:
Plantronics Online Indicator was rated 4.5 out of 5 by Customers (53 Reviews)
Manufactured by: Sennheiser
4.5 based on 53 reviews
$29.95 $29.95
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What Customers Are Saying

Average Customer rating for this item: Plantronics Online Indicator was rated 09 out of 10 by Customers

Customer Rating:

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Customer Rating:

We love this product, but it should be part of the complete package for the headsets.
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Customer Rating:

Very easy to install and set up. Excellent way to let others know I am on the phone using my headset but am listening and not talking at the present time.
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