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The filter has helped to eliminate the static. Thank you for your help. Loving the headset now!!
customer image Debbie Oyakawa
George A. Wessberg DDS, Inc
Honolulu, HI
Working fine with Line 1 on our phone. However Line 2 still VERY POOR quality - very hard to hear patients and they can't hear us either.
customer image June Brand
A Step Ahead Foot Clinic
Lindsay, ON
RF Filter
I have not had the opportunity to use this as of yet. With it plugged into the phone receiver (handset), it sticks out onto the desk a little further than I like, but not the end of the world. The other reason is it prevents the mouth piece of the handset to be craddled in the pocket of the desk phone. Therefore, when the lifter lifts the handset it may not set back into the phone base upon phone call termination. With the coil cord held tight against and under the phone base, without the RF Filter, it acts like a good pivot point (hinge effect)for the handset to stay in location upon call termination. I attempted to connect the RF Filter to the headset base unit at the coil cord plug, but then it prevents installing the triangle shaped cover. I am not sure if it is to work correctly at that location, but I may give it a try at a later date and leave the triangle cover off. I am rating the filter as if it were connected and possibly helping, to be determined later....
customer image Robert (Bob) Newell
Terex (home office)
Carlton, WA
Return Msde

Based on what I’ve been told by Polycom and Plantronics, they suggested getting one of these filters (it’s only $10).
Plantronics RF Filter 70584-01 $10

Let me know how it goes. Thanks.

Best regards,
Cheryl Corser
customer image Rebecca Delgado
Trio Consulting, LLC
Lake Ridge , VA


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