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  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • FREE Lifetime Product Support
  • Guaranteed Compatibility
  • Binaural wearing style covers both ears for increased stability and focus
  • Best-in-class range of up to 400 feet - walk and talk up to 400 feet from your phone
  • Intelligent Fast Charge means you'll get up to 12 hours of talk time in a one hour charge!
  • You're covered with an industry leading 2-year warranty
  • Protect your hearing with ActiveGard technology
  • Adjustable noise-canceling microphone filters out most unwanted background noise making your calls clearer and more professional
  • 64-bit digital encryption ensures your calls are kept safe and private
  • Ultra-Comfortable - with a wearing style that covers both ears with soft leatherette ear cushions, the fit is more like a comfy pair of headphones than a headset
  • DW Pro2 Basic Bundle Professional Bundle
    Up to 400 feet of Range Feature Included Feature Included
    Up to 12 hours of talk time Feature Included Feature Included
    Digital Encryption Feature Included Feature Included
    Answer and end calls away from your desk Feature Included
The DW Pro2 wireless office headset brings many of the bestselling features of the OfficeRunner to a binaural headset.
Because the DW Pro2 covers both ears, you're able to concentrate on your caller rather than whatever is going on around you. In addition, the wearing style offers an incredibly secure and comfortable fit with two soft, cushy leatherette ear cushions.

Remote answering? Yep! You'll need one of two accessories we offer - the ORL12 handset lifter or a discreet direct-connect cable (available for specific phone models, click here to check compatibility with one of our Headset Specialists). Ring Notification is included, which alerts you to new incoming phone calls if you've stepped away from your desk.

If you're someone that needs to stay focused on every call, whether on the phone or computer, the Sennheiser DW Pro2 is the headset for you. It also works with popular VoIP services like Skype and Google Voice, and you can even listen to music between calls! Features, form, and function, this headset has it all. With the available accessories you're sure to find the perfect fit.
Manufacturer Sennheiser
Catalog Number 1988
Type Wireless
Wearing Style Binaural, Over-the-Head
Max Range / Cord Length 180 - 590 ft (depending on office setup)
Connector Type (view connectors) RJ9
Weight 2.7 oz.
Lines: (telephone products only) Not Applicable
Compatibility Works with your existing single- or multi-line corded phone
Microphone Noise-canceling
Earpiece Leatherette
Color Silver & Black
Special Technologies ActiveGard
Warranty 2 Year Replacement
Battery Life 12-hour talk time
Reversible Yes
Handset Lifter Compatible Yes
Busy Light Compatible
Quick Disconnect Not Applicable
DC Adapter Compatible Yes
Digital Encryption Yes
What's in the box? Headset, Deskphone Adapter/Charger, AC Charger, RJ9 Connector Cord, USB Cord, Quick Start Guide, Digital Manual CD, Owner's Manual

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Expect Greatness
Setup was simple, and the controls are easy to use. The headset is lightweight, and does not feel heavy on my head. As for the sound quality, it is exactly what I have come to expect from Sennheiser.
customer image Jude McCoy
Fluid Helix
Orange Beach, AL
It was super easy to set up the unit. Once charged, this baby goes for long time and is comfortable on my ears. Plus, having both ears covered, I can really concentrate on the conversation and not get distracted with outside noise. I highly recommend this unit.
customer image Michael R
Culver City, CA
The best products and service!
customer image Ryan McClintock
Kanopy Insurance
Upland, CA
Love my new headset!
Quiet, easy to set up..now if it would only allow me to answer it away from my desk (I don't have a hard phone so the low-tech "handset lifter" won't work for me) it would be perfect. very comfortable, high quality sound. Thanks!
customer image Courtney Raymond
Wimberley, TX
you could hang up the phone calls, but you cant pick up the phone calls , the range is average.
very comfortable , cant hear the ring tone to well,
product over rated for this amount of money,
customer image sowa michael
merchant capital
DW Pro2 Wireless Binaural Headset
Thanks for the recommendation to go with the wireless headset. It is working great.
customer image Kenneth Larsen
Squire & Company, PC
Orem, UT
DW Pro2 Wireless Headset
They work great and particularly like the 2 yr warrantee.
customer image Brenda Smith
LifePoint, Inc.
Charleston, SC
DW Pro2 Wireless Headset System from Sennheiser - Basic Bund
customer image Mark Lawson
Salient Federal Solutions
Birmingham, AL
DW Pro2
I have the DW Pro2. I've been wearing headsets since about when touch tone was invented, and this is the best one ever – first of all, you don't even know you're wearing it, it's so light and unnoticeable. Secondly, and it should be first – I don't know why anybody who is anybody, would talk to anybody who is anybody, with their hands tied behind their back - if you don't have a headset you cannot come up with the power poses necessary during a phone call – you may as well stick your little finger in your left nostril as to have a phone in your hand. Third and last, I don't know about you, but when I am on a phone call, I don't want to be hearing coworkers talking about mustard or mayonnaise on their sandwiches, both my ears are covered and surrounded in sounds that so far removed others and my callee doesn't hear a word of extraneous stuff because I have the best noise canceling microphone in the world – take a look sometime at Sennheiser's history to see their mastery of the crafting of microphones.
customer image gregory halabis
The H Group
San Francisco, CA
Original ordered the Plantronics CS500 series headset. They upgraded me to these and to my surprise they are even better!
customer image Christian Vera
QCI Healthcare
Grand Rapids, MI
Very comfortable, great range
Our users have no problem wearing these headsets for hours. What really impressed them though was the range, the can be on the other side of the building and maintain both the connection and quality of the call
customer image Jim McMurchie
Bellevue, WA
The first headset base combo had a problem with limited volume. Others could barely hear me. I phoned you and they gave me several things to try. I was then advised to send the unit back. The replacement unit worked fine.
customer image Greg Koenig
Medford, OR
Great Service
Absolutely no problems, Great Customer Service!
customer image Charles Burzynski
Charles M. Burzynski, D.D.S.
Williamsport, PA
customer image Julien Olivier
Austin, TX
Best thing ever!!!
So glad I took the advice of Josh when I called to learn more about headsets and ordered this DW Pro2. Has helped to resolve my pain and works flawlessly. I never worked in a high volume cubicle
type situation before and after a short while my neck was destroyed. Now I am the envy of fellow office workers.
customer image Cecilia Fitzgerald
State government
great service
customer image nelson rego
trenset corp
santa fe springs, CA
Great support
customer image Dan DOwning
Spokane, WA
Love our headset
WE have several headsets in the office and we love them.....
customer image Donna Hutchens
Elkin Pediatric & Adult Med
Elkin, NC
I guess your headsets are the best as we order more for new staff. The extra push to get the her on time was totally appreciated and the Tootsie Rolls were the clincher, what a fabulous idea. We will definitely be ordering more headsets from you.
customer image Muriel Rynierse
Alberta Human Services
Edmonton, AB
Everything was great,especially the customer service. Everyone I talked to knew what they were talking about. The only dif. I would like is if the headphones ear covers were bigger to cancel out more of the background noice in the office.
customer image John Vevea
VE-VE Inc.
Anoka, MN
Excellent Product!
I love my new headset. It's great to be able to move about my office as needed when helping a customer. Thank you to Ryan Guillen for his guidance in getting the correct unit!
customer image Melody Richards
University of NV Cooperative Extension
Microphone has intermitted connection
I was initially impressed. It has good sound quality through the earphones, nice range, and binaural audio. In recent weeks, I started having issues on both phone and PC calls where no one could hear me while talking. I no longer use it on calls due to reliability.
customer image Chuck Kocsis
Harris Broadcast
Englewood, CO
order# 2513043
I have been using the headset for a couple days and I love them. I drowns out surrounding noise and is very clear for me. However, I have had a couple customer that have advised that I my voice cuts in and out. But other than that great product.
customer image Cindy Bomicino
Parts Town
Addison, IL
very good
very good in a crowded sales floor
customer image rob fineman
boulder, CO
Your staff is superb as is your product! I love, love, love you all! Thank you for the fantastic service.
customer image Laura Smith
Clark Planetarium
Salt Lake City, UT
Good product. I wish the mute button was more accessible
The product is great. We are only using it for PC connection. The distance works well. The only downfall that I've found so far is that the mute button integrated into the volume toggle is less than ideal. Also, it would be great if there was a light on the boom mic or other indicator that you are on mute when not looking at your PC/Phone.
customer image Andy Hafer
Dynamic Communities, Inc
Tampa, FL
Great Headset
I have only been using this headset for a week. The setup was easy and the quality is superb. My only problem is that the boom is limited in adjustments.
customer image Aimee Hess
Aimee Hess P.C.
Streetman, TX
Returning Product - End of 60 Day Trial
Description on Headset states that it holds a charge for 12 hours of talk time, our girls can barely make it to half of an 8 hour day on one charge. We are returning the headsets at this time. Thank you
customer image Patty Goforth
Seven Hills Women
Cincinnati, OH
Dw pro2
Everything I get from Headsets.com is outstanding. The packaging, the instructions, the shipping, etc.... all is first rate. Pulled the system from the box and had it up in running in less than 5 min. graphics on the headset are awesome, double ear headset took a little time to get used to but I find it's great helping concentrate on the call. We have a 6500 sq/ft building and there is nowhere in the building I don't get strong reception. I'm going to buy one for the house.
customer image Brad Kuhns
Remax Elite
Melbourne, FL
Greatest Phone Headset
I love love love my new phone headset.
customer image Earline Cmakal
BYK Additives Inc.
Gonzales, TX
Review from Reece on DWPro2 headset
LIKES:very comfortable. easy setup. great sound.

DISLIKES: mike volume control on back of base-(should be on front) Button for pairing the headset to base is too small, can't fine it-needs to be bigger
customer image REECE LITTLETON
Anaheim, CA
I absolutely love my new sennheiser headset! It comes in clear and crisp and really does help silence outside noise. Battery is great as well. Battery lasts from 8am till 8pm which is great for a 12-13 hr sales workday. Overall great product and I highly recommend it.
customer image Lauren McCain
Dallas, TX
I didn
I love it, the clarity, comfort,battery, ease of use, everything is great, including your customer service. I will call you guys tommorow, I do have a few questions, thanks for the email.
customer image Scott Kastleman
Los Angeles , CA
LOVE the product and especially LOVE the great customer service
customer image Mona Deutsch
Houston, TX
Great service with a great product
The headset arrived so quickly and I was really satisfied with it.
customer image tech customer
San Francisco, CA
great company
this company has a real dedication to customer service. the simple fact is that you just do not have to use them much because thier products are so easy to set up and use. thanks for everything. i am a customer for life.
customer image tony goodin
marin community clinics
san rafael, CA
I was having trouble charging my unit, and the Headsets tech tried her best to resolve the problem over several days, and when she couldn't, had a brand new unit sent to me. It is working perfectly, thank her very much
customer image Robert McGuffey
Northwestern Mutual Life
Lombard, IL
This is a GREAT headset
I love the clarity of the sound on this headset.
I am now using this for: a
All my telecalls. The people who are on live for the trainings are reporting excellent sound, and the recordings are coming out SO much clearer than they were with my previous headset.
2. My meetings with clients, both via the phone and Skype. Its quality has expanded my ability to make calls through my computer, which makes everything way easier and cheaper for me.
3. My recorded products. I am now using this to create my new recorded products, which I create via audio acrobat.
So - functionally, this headset has replaced both my landline AND my Zoom recorder. It will pay for itself in about a month, dollars and cents wise, and was worth its cost IMMEDIATELY just in terms of the improved quality of what I am delivering.

Thank you.

My one regret is that I did not order the model with one earpiece, so I can use it for recording a live training, and still feel connected to the audience. I will be using it in that way this weekend, but would prefer the other model. The problem is: I cannot live without this long enough to send it back.
THAT's a pretty great problem to have, isn't it? LOL.
customer image Scout Wilkins
Dream Weaver Results Technologies
Hamilton, MT
DW Pro2 Wirelss Heaset System
I recently purchased this system, I paid $369.95. The only thing I would do differently, would be to upgrade to the more expensive headset because I did not realize until after it arrived and was set up, that I cannot answer or hang up calls with the headset however, with the upgraded version you can...

Otherwise, the hearing is fantastic! I can turn up or turn down the volume easily or, mute it completely. For the first time EVER, people can hear me clearly, as if I am talking on a regular phone and I can hear those that talk softly easily as well. I highly recommend this phone.
customer image Gerald Groot
Grand Rapids, MI

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