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  • Designed for truck drivers but now available for everyone so you can benefit from all these great features:
  • Loudest Bluetooth headset we carry
  • Use all day without battery worries, the B250-XT has 16 hours of talk time - more than any other headset
  • Adjustable boom microphone for optimal sound-staging
  • Designed to be comfortable and secure with long-term use
  • Comes with car charger
  • Our best reviewed Bluetooth headset
The Roadwarrior is a professional grade Bluetooth headset designed for truck drivers so it is a top performer in even the noisiest environments. It's over the head design makes it comfortable and secure to wear.

The adjustable boom microphone is noise canceling so your callers will hear you and not all the noise around you. Even if you are not a trucker the Roadwarrior is the loudest and clearest Bluetooth headset made.

This Bluetooth headset also boasts 16 hours of talk-time, so you don't ever have to worry about it running down while you are on those long hauls.
Manufacturer VXI
Catalog Number 1458
Type Cellular
Wearing Style Over-the-Head
Max Range / Cord Length 66 ft.
Connector Type (view connectors) Bluetooth 3.0
Weight 5.1 oz.
Lines: (telephone products only) Not Applicable
Compatibility Works with your existing cell phone
Microphone Noise-canceling
Earpiece Leatherette
Color Grey
Special Technologies Not Applicable
Warranty 1 Year Replacement
Battery Life 16 hours talk-time
Reversible Yes
Handset Lifter Compatible Not Applicable
Busy Light Not Applicable
Quick Disconnect Not Applicable
DC Adapter Compatible Yes
Digital Encryption No
What's in the box? RoadWarrior B250-XT Headset, Car Charger, Wall Charger, Replacement Ear Cushion, Replacement Microphone Wind Screen, User Guide

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It would be most appreciated if you had the cup form of ear piece instead of the current flat ear piece. The pressure on the ear with the flat ear piece makes it uncomfortable in a short time which then requires constant adjusting and the sound is not as clear.
customer image Fred Patton
Caspida, Inc.
Palo Alto, CA
My husband is a trucker and has used his headset for years. After getting tired of me complaining about the problems I've had with other bluetooth devices (and there have been many) he bought me a BlueParrot. The sound quality is amazing. It is adjustable and fits perfectly. The only downside is that it is quite large but, I don't have to worry about losing it.
customer image Marsey
Philadelphia, PA
Sound Quality Is Lousy
Horrible connection. Static, fuzzy. Mentioned it to a trucker who was in and had the same unit around his neck....says his works great, after 3 replacements! I'm thinking the QC on this is poor.
customer image Scott Ingham
Expedition Imports Corporation
Vallejo, CA
If it was lighter it would be a dream
Love it....only headset that matches with my antiquated phone system. Clear, easy to use...lasts all day and sometimes 2. :o)
customer image venezia julianne
Pavelec Brothers
Nutley, NJ
drops the connection
The headset has a short range and will not reconnect automatically. Also drops the connection when on standby. Has to be turned off and reset to get it to reconnect to the phone. It's the least comfortable of all the headsets I have tried.
customer image Stephen Boyette
Greenbrier, AR
Always on the road
After going through several headsets lately I have finally found the one that is comfortable and sound is excellent on both ends
customer image Tony Hargreaves
North Aerican Equipment Sales Co., Inc.
Bucyrus, OH
Fabulous services - Great products
I like my new bluetooth headset so far..tried it for the first time today with a friend of mine who is hard of hearing. We have always had trouble communicating with our cell phones and we were able to hear each other great with this. After many, many trials to get a good headset to use with my cell phone in the car, I think I have finally found THE one! ;-)
customer image Deb Jelinek
Sealy, TX
Fantastic calls, lame charging and carrying
Call quality and noise canceling features are outstanding, but the charging experience is outdated. The product does not have a USB charger so your choices are an outlet or a car charger - ask if there's a newer version of the product that's more up to date. And there's no carrying case. Minor inconveniences, I know, but if it had a USB charger and a carrying case I'd rate it Great.
customer image Karin
Minneapolis, MN
Almost perfect
No matter how noisy the environment people can hear me clearly. And I can turn the volume up as loud as needed so I can hear the person I'm talking to above any background noise. The only downside is the quality of the sound in my ear. The sound is poor even at low volumes. I can hear what the person is saying, but it's not pleasant. I wish there was a headset that worked as well as this in noisy environments but also sounded crisp and clear when having a regular conversation. That would be s perfect headset.
customer image Ben Rosner
Ridgefield , NJ
Wow it has value.
Finally a product that does what is said about it. Worth the money spent to purchase and time to get one. Jabras are great. Mr. Blue Parrot are by far superior.
customer image Paul Jackson
Cargoways Logistics
Houston, TX
Great Product
Staff that drive trucks love this head set
customer image Cory Rushinko
Bayview Towing
Surrey, BC
Blue Parrot Noise Cancelling Headset
This is my my favorite Noise cancelling headset; It's durable and has outstanding Noise reduction Codec.
customer image CW Geisler
Reston, VA
LED light indicator
i pressed both bottoms to turn the LED off. it worked but not it will not pair.. i tried to repeat to get the led to come on again and it will not work. please help.
customer image Kasey Mathew
this time was not happy with blueparrot
someone broke in my truck and my old blueparrot and other stuff got stolen,, so I had to replace the great device that lastet for 3 years with absolutely no problem . of course I bought another blueparrot,, but this time I got dissapointet,, only have it one week,, speaker on ear is loud,, but lousy quality,, sounds like someone out of a barrel talking to you,, even adjusting volume don't make it much better,, also people complain they cant hear me well,, eventhough I adjust microphone to all possible angles before I almost chew on it,, it wont help,, people cant hear me as good as with the old blueparrot,, so tomorrow will give it back to the truck stop,,, will get another brand this time,,, on big disappointment ...
customer image steinbacher patrick
parrottsville, TN
Have not had a chance to try this out but it it is like your other products it should be great.
customer image Rae Ann Hansonl
Havre, MT
Awesome product
These will work for some 80 manufactures, but there is always that one that doesn't quite work, many of us have a verizon brand talk time works but the music part may work but very faint audio
customer image Bacon Burger Deluxe
Same day trucks firm
billings, MT
So far so good
I have only had the headset for a few days but so far I love them! I was only upset that I paid for the express shipping to get it in 2 days, but it took 3 days, that was irritating! But the headsets are great!
customer image Maggie Clemens
Keller Williams
La Mesa, CA
Awesome Sauce!!!
customer image Shari Griffin
Coastal Management Services, Inc.
Salinas, CA
B250-XT The Best Wireless Headset
I've had my B250-XT for over 3 years.....It is the best performing headset I've ever owned (including the ancient corded ones) and it is great product. The battery is loonnnngggg lasting between charges. The one thing you need to be aware of is that over time the boom mike can work its way around so that you are talking "sideways" to the mike which activates the background noise suppressor intermittently interfering with the ability of the receiver to clearly hear you. Notice the side of the boom mike with TALK stamped on it should be toward your mouth.
customer image Emar Sullivan
Sullivan Transportation
old Freightliner day cab
First note that I have had this thing for year! It's the best piece of equipment that a driver can own. I speak with customers without having to yell and most of the time people cannot even tell that I'm driving a loud semi truck with no insulation! After hours of taking it can get a little uncomfortable but that's really a complaint. Hours of taking without it, is not possible. I love it. I hang it from my phone clip and it goes everywhere with me. Even at home.
customer image Bryce Curry
Tonganoxie, KS
Tried in a helicopter
Great product, clear sound, people receive me clearly. I use it with my phone and my laptop with skype. Tried it once in flight in a turbine-helicopter with my phone, it was very very noisy, I could barely hear my own voice, there was that annoying high sound from the turbine and my ears was suffering but on the other side, all she heard was the noise of the blades while turning with the chopper.. but that was really not enough to disturb the conversation.
About the distance, I went 30 meters from the laptop with a wall between before it start to cut
The only thing I would have like is more volume on the headset. But still a great product
customer image Cynthia NS
Sept Iles, QC, Canada,
customer image Barbara Herod
Abbeville, MS
Excellent Audio, Big big big!!!
This was easy to pair with my cell phone and the audio quality and noise cancellation are both excellent, the best I've heard. However, it is large and ugly. And did I mention it is large?
customer image Robin Gould
Assurity Life Insurance Company
Lincoln, NE
Couldn't be happier .GREAT product!!! had an issue with getting it to hook up with my Iphone 4, But RESOLUTION from VXI came thru .And many thanks for Jon V,from N.Wales ,Pa for typing in the resolution !!!
customer image Thomas Bush
Lexington, IN
Worked ok with my Droid, but I agree it needed more volume. Now I have an iPhone 4, disconnects and reconnects all the time when making a call. VXI says it works great with iPhones... Sorry, I disagree totally with the exception that with the iPhone I could turn up the volume for the headset.
customer image Rob Liszi
Ida, MI
My name is Wayne Ridley.I brought my blue parrot at a Truck Stop,yes I'am a ex truck driver and I had to have this blue tooth,but now it is so low with the volume up high,so please tell me what I can do to make it work,I really like my blue tooth.Had it for almost 10 yrs(help)
customer image Wayne Ridley
1956 disable
Detroit, MI
Good an loud
A bit bulky but also about the only one that has the volume I need. My ride is loud
customer image Bruce L
Specialized Applications
Orange, CA
I love the headset it's clear and I can do things around the house and talk to my friends at the same time. I can move away from the phone just like you said and talk. I glad You had the headset I was tried of having the ear piece falling from my ear every time I talk to so one and doing things around the house . Thank you for having this headset I' m glad I brought it thank you again.
customer image Kenneth Smith
Detroit, MI
Good Headset but not for PTT
This will work with a Verizon PTT phone but you have to push the button on the phone to make it work thus for the PTT feature it's not hands free.
customer image John K
Rochester, NY
Roadwarrior Headset
Overall performance is great. I live on a golf course and when speaking with clients on my cell phone I often had to call them back when the lawn crew was doing maintenance. So for I have been able to carry a conversation and not only hear what the client is saying, but not having them hear the lawnmowers and weedeaters in the background is a hugh plus.
customer image Tom Rosellini
UBS Financial Servides
Lihue, HI
Works but dont work
I have to give it an A+ rating when using it with my iPhone 5, but it gets rated an F when trying to use it with my Blackberry Q10, it pairs and can even use the voice controls through it, but when trying to make and receive calls it wont connect.
customer image
Great Product
I bought this headset to replace one that did not meet my needs. I needed a headset that I could hear my phone calls on while driving and one that the person I was speaking to could hear me as well. This bluetooth headset works great on both counts. I now use it almost exclusively even when not driving. It is much more comfortable that holding my phone up to my ear. I had used the same model for over two years now and still going strong. Also the battery still lasts for several days of use.
customer image Allen Davis
Saint Augustine, FL
outstanding service
customer image Cory Rushinko
Bayview Towing
Surrey, BC
Called about defective headset approx. a week ago, received new headset and returned damaged one the very next day! I felt like I was given priority service because you even included on the box how long I have been a customer!
customer image Sharon Thompson
United Parcel Service
Memphis, TN
I have problem for conection dont work
customer image jorge de la cruz
fort worth texas, TX
Can't beat it for sound quality and noise cancelling good battery life had it for a couple years now only problem I have had with it is the power button will not work so product quality could be improved
customer image Mike
Love it!!
I have had this headset for about one year and I absolutely love it. I work from home and it is great for conference calls, and just being able to work efficiently and be still be able to talk. Its great for long distance car trips (10+ hours) because the batery life is phenomenal. I started having problems late last year once I got the iPhone 4s. But thanks to the resolution in the review by Jon V from North Wales, PA, my headset reception is clear again! To those who have charging issues, make sure you don't over charge. With daily use I only have to charge about once per week. I let the battery totally deplete before I charge it again.
customer image Lisa P
Atlanta, GA
I have had this blue tooth for several years . It has worked great when i first got it . But know that I have not used it in a while I have tried and charge it up and it won't come on now , no matter what i try .
customer image Richard Souza
Las Vegas, NV
customer image Robert Shanks
Late Nite Express
Napoleon, OH
Static on connection with Iphone 4S - RESOLUTION from VXI
The following is how to reset your Iphone 4s (don't know if this works on other models or not) direct from the manufacturer. For me, this worked fine.

Please follow the directions below to clear and re-pair your VXi Bluetooth headset with your iPhone:
1. Delete/Remove the headset from the iPhone and clear the memory and cache settings:

On iPhones this can be done by going to Settings > General > Bluetooth. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled (the word ‘On’ will be next to the word Bluetooth). At the bottom of the screen in the ‘Devices’ area find the listing for VXI-xxxx. Tap the > arrow to the right of the device listing. A dialogue box will pop up. Click on “Forget this Device”, return to the Bluetooth screen, and then turn the iPhone off.

2. Turn the Headset On:

Press and hold the volume up and volume down button at the same time until you hear 2 beeps (easiest to do if you use both thumbs). It should take between 2 and 12 seconds. If it takes longer than 12 seconds let the buttons go and try again. This step clears the device table in the headset. The double beep is no louder than any other tone the headset makes. Make sure you hear the double beep before proceeding.

3. After you get the double beep put the headset back on the charger (do not skip this step).

4. Turn your iPhone back on. Turn the Cellular Data and Wi-Fi connections off during the pairing process (Setting->General->Cellular).

5. Go back to the Bluetooth menu and enable Bluetooth.

6. Take the Headset off the charger and put the unit into pairing mode; press and HOLD the MFB (big button) until you hear 6 tones. On the B250-XT or B250-XT+, the lights will alternate between blue and red. On the Xpress or Xpressway, the blue light will strobe.

7. When the iPhone locates the device it will appear in the Devices area; tap on the name of the device to select it.

8. If the iPhone asks for a passcode it is four zero’s (0000).

9. Tap again to connect. When the headset is connected to the iPhone your headset will give an indicator tone (on some models it will state ‘Your headset is connected,” and the indicator light on the headset will flash a slow, steady BLUE. You may now turn your network settings back on.
customer image Jon V
North Wales , PA
Not a good experience
These do not hold a charge like claimed. Further they seem to cancel out my voice. Have tried using them for business calls as has by Business Development manager and the sound quality is awful. Have tried reversing the mouthpiece but either way does not work well. Purchased from Headset.com about a year ago and they are not in use
customer image Jake
Beverly, MA
worse product i every had bought
In two years we have bought six of these headsets. They don't last very long. They stop charging for some reason. Or they fall apart. I will never by another one of these headset again.
customer image michael lawson
m d l transfer llc
north fort myers, FL
Yes get it!
People cannot tell im in the car! I can hear clearly and they can hear me clearly. I have recommended this particial parrot headset to everyone I know.
customer image Lori Warden
Santa Ana, CA
House cleaners use them too
My fiancé is a truck driver. He talks while driving to next destination. I normally use my speaker on my cellphone. He got aggravated if he could hear the wind coming into my vehicle when he was talking to me and I needed windows down. Was too stuffy with them up. So he brought me a bluepparrot like he has. Now, hes happier and I have even been working and running sweepers/vacuums with No Complaints from other person. They didn't hear it. So I can do more than dust if I have an active call. Can't scrub tubs though. Head piece slides off my scrawny head. Wish I could figure out how Ro play my music thru if from android And iPod touch
customer image Julie Miller
I was told it was The BEST
Bought the blue parrot about 8 months ago. It was the best I have tried or used but, now it won't stay connected or it loses signal in middle of a conversition. Have to turn it off & re-boot it before it will work but, then it starts back to act up again. HOW DO YOU FIX IT???
customer image Matthew C. Burgin
Shelbyville, KY
Great Volume, Design Flaws
Great volume for noisy environments but many annoying design flaws: Not comfortable on my large head, hard to push buttons, have to watch for power light while pushing button, but the light is under the button which is under my thumb, takes at least 4 seconds to power on which is a long time to have my eyes off the road, takes longer to connect to my phone which means I have my eyes off the road longer to watch for the blinking blue light which is under my thumb, I can not use this headset while driving at night because of the constant bright blinking blue light (which is no longer under my thumb)reflecting in my windows and mirrors. Also, can not listen to music (or radio) on this model because it does not have A2DP. I have used this headset for 4 months and it works as well (and as bad) as the day I got it.
customer image Tom
Las Vegas, NV
I have had my bluetooth for several years but i have had one problem. The battery will not charge any more. Is there replacement batteries a person can get for them?
customer image Tom Shook
Tom Shook Trucking
when it works it is great. Just doesn
We were die hard fans of the Blue Parrot
We have bought 4 of them. They work for a several months then you find you can no longer connect it to or pair it to the phone you have been using. This has happened to all of them. We did send them to the factory for repair an got them back supposedly fixed. Only one worked for a short time. Just so sad. It is the best for noise cancelling when it works, just will not work long. Now that our last one is not functioning we are looking to buy another brand. How many more times can you keep having the same problem?
customer image Wayne Pierce
Waynesboro, VA
Not sure why people are paying this much for the headset
On Amazon.com bought for only 73.00+shipping, total about 78.00. I bought 8 headsets for the company and all are working fine. Mine even had a 2 month rest while I had surgery, works just great. Of course with fines of $2750.00 for the driver and $11000.00 for the company, it truly is well worth the $78.00. Operates fine, no problems with the battery, and works with all phone that the company has.
customer image Paul Sansom
Rifle, CO
Mine didn
Well, I bought one and didn't use it much and then when I started using it daily in my truck, the tone wouldn't come on unless I tried it about 6 times. It works when it wants to. It's very frustrating because I know a guy who had his old one for a year and then his battery went out and he bought the same one I bought and his still works fine. A lot of guys at work have this one too, but for me, I can only give it 2 stars because it started having problems after the first month and at 4 months, it barely works. I did order another one and it will be the last one if it doesn't work. I will go with that Plantronics 925 or something else.
customer image Sharon Missel
Davenport, IA
Expensive Piece of Junk
The headset receives as advertised with very good incoming audio, but if you want to reply to the person who called you, you will simply have to get a different headset as this one has very poor or no transmit audio. After much frustration trying to deal with VXI corporation, I decided to end the frustration, and threw it out the window at mile marker 568 on Interstate 10. If you want it, you can stop by there and pick it up. Now using my much smaller, and less expensive Motorola.
customer image Jamie C.
Mason, TX
I am on the receiving end of the headset, my son calls me all the time and what an incredible difference, not just for me but for him as well. It is well worth the money, hands down it is the best!!!!
customer image Sharee Anglin
Eustace, TX
Best Bluetooth?
I have hand two BlueParrots. I tried both with two smartphones and two flip style phones each. Both only worked with smartphones. For two separate flip style phones, the BlueParrot would only work for a few calls. I called BlueParrot, and they told me to reset the battery, but it again only worked for two calls, and then it did not work any longer. When paired it with my wife's Blackberry, it also only worked for a couple of calls. When paired with my wife's Android, it was excellent. But, that is the only phone wherein the pairing would work.
customer image t h
did not last
have had two in the last month they would not stay working
customer image jerald ashley
lamar, CO
I Am Hard Of Hearing
My son is a truck driver and he had me tried his Blueparrott B250-XT and I am hard of hearing wearing 2 hearing aids and I have 60% hearing loss and I am never able to find 1 that I can hear on but with my son's bluetooth I can hear perfectly and I was so excited I had tears and now I own a Blueparrott like his. I want to say a BIG THANK YOU!
customer image Chrystal Miller
Kansas City, KS
Outstanding Product
I have several high end B.T. ear sets kind of funky from a fit perspective and inconsistent voice transmission. Recently returned the best Bose headset (great hearing but lousy voice transmission). The B-250 -XT works great in the office paired to a Droid. I doubt the distance claim is as good as advertised. I have a big head and would like more head band extension. But, all in it is outstanding so far.

BTW, Headsets.com's sales, customer service, shipping department and follow through is outstanding as well!
customer image Ron Divin
Capital Resources Holdings, Inc.
Gulf Breeze, FL
VXI BlueParrott Roadwarrior B250-XT Bluetooth Headset
My son is a semi driver. I bought this for him and gave it to him early. It is a great product so far. He's only used it once but, he can answer the phone with it or, turn it off and he can easily hear people and I can easily hear him while he is driving his truck now, hands free, thanks to this excellent product.
customer image Gerald Groot
Grand Rapids, MI
B250-XT gets a 10.5
I am an OTR driver who believes that Bluetooths should be required by ALL drivers. Actually most folks should only have one - either a driver's license or a cell-phone license but not both, because they are not qualified to do both at the same time. The Roadwarrior is simply the best Bluetooth unit I have ever had and I have owned and tried at least 20 other models over the years. I can vouch for the validity of the reports you read about driving with the window open in a loud vehicle or the top down in a ragtop and the other party having no clue that you are mobile with this unit as I have done this hundreds of times. As I have gotten older, my hearing has gotten weaker, yet this unit and only this unit solves that issue.
Comfort is amazing. I cannot begin to figure out how to tell you how many times that I have laid down in the bed at night and placed my head on the pillow only to sit up and take my B250 off because I forgot that I had it on. I get up in the morning and after my morning shower I put in on and don't even think about it again until either I am using it or 18 hours later when I go to bed and plug it in. I have no idea how long the thing will last on a charge - it has never run down and there have been days that I could not charge it at night and used it for 3 days straight. Once I left my charger in a hotel room and contacted them the next day and they mailed it to me. I received the charger after being without it a total time of 3 days using it 14 to 18 hours a day and it only started giving me a low battery sound the last 4 hours!!
People talk about the "beauty" of this unit, but it works so great that I do not care!!
customer image Stephen Bates
Hurst, TX
Battery wers out after about a year
I have had to buy three of these headsets and think they are wonderful except for the fact that the company won't sell you a replacement battery and most people won't find a correct replacement.

This has left me in the position of just haviung buying another headset because no other company offers anything close to this product as far as sound quality, BUT THIS HAS GOTTEN VERY EXPENSIVE AT ABOUT A HUNDRED DOLLARS A POP AT THE LOCAL TRUCK STOPS.

I've opened one of my B250-XT headsets to find a battery that is made in China and the VXi Corporation says can not be found because it's "made just for them."

However, they are very quick to ask that you send your headset to them and pay $55.00, half the price of the headset in the first place, they will replace it for you.

When they told me that, it just made me angry and determined to find a suppler for these batteries. In fact, I laughed at their tech support rep, explained my educational background and told them they are nuts if they think the Chinese would make anything and not be willing to sell it freely to anyone with the money.

Would anyone be interested in having some spare or replacement batteries for these headsets if I can find a supplier?

I know there are going to be plenty of people that will think I'm a scam artist, but I'm just trying to find the solution to a problem that I know every owner of this product will face.

If you would like me you let you know when I have these batteries, just email me at ebhammonds@gmail.com and I'll let you know as soon as I have tested a sample and have a supply of them to offer.

I have found the manufacturer in China and am now waiting to hear back from a possible supplier over there.
customer image Elton Hammonds
Runaway Bay, TX
The very best in the world
I am a truck driver and went threw a dozen hands free items. This one rocks like no other.
customer image Don
Ontario, CA
Total cost far exceeds what you buy it for
Purchased and charged it up. Worked fine. left it on the shelf for about 7 months and now it will not charge. Tried to buy a battery but they won't sell you one. Instead they want to do a RMA and charge you $55. Not me... see you later BlueParrot
customer image B Williams
Dallas, TX
customer image STEVE REED
Service was great, ordered headset one day andnext day it was here!! Very impressive, thanks for the treats in the package!!
customer image Marion Blom
M&T Air Conditioning Ltd.
Surrey, BC
good headset but forced
This is a great headset I drive semi... the bad thing is they wont sell you a replacement battery so when it goes dead you have to buy a new one this sucks!! It is a monopoly to get you to be a return customer
customer image Bryant Jones
Burkeville, VA
I work in a very busy office and have had clients complain about the back ground noise. Yesterday, staff members had a party and I had to take a call in the middle of it. The client could hear me just fine....but not the NOISE! Yea!
customer image Erika Jorgenson
PHH Home lLoans
La Jolla, CA
Blue parrot
Worked great for about 8 months then started acting up looses connection won't connect battery drains to fast would never buy this product again only 1 yr warranty and 55.00 to repair w 90 day warranty beware
customer image Kendal Oakleaf
Seffner , FL
I would like to know what phones are compatible with the blueparrott. I bought one for my husband but the phone he has isn't compatible.
customer image VIOLET JONES
Not for use with iphone 4
One of those great ideas that works for certain situations.

With my iphone 4, this headset fades in and out and is about 1/2 as loud as my Plantronics 925 on the outgoing volume. The fading is very noticeable on for the listener and verified by apple iphone tech support. Her comment was that I sounded great on the phone and on the 925.

I had called tech support and he did say they having some issues with the iphone 4 so there was nothing he could do about it. He was a bit condescending and tried to tell me it was because of the type of bluetooth in the iphone. I checked it and sure looks to me to be the identical 2.1 version.

As it is now, I have people asking me if I am there (can't hear me), say my voice fluctuates in volume, is of poor quality.
The incoming volume is so loud I had to turn down to almost minimum. That is fine with me, however, the phones volume controls do nothing to adjust ether volume. The incoming has to be done on the headset and the outgoing sound is not adjustable in the headset or the phone.

The voice command works great as do the redial although none of the button functions are similar to my other headsets, it is just a learning curve thing and some dropped calls to get it down.

The battery seems excellent and I have not run it out yet. 15 hours may be possible! Seems to charge fast as well.

The fit is not that great for my 7-5/8 hat size. I cannot get the mike in front of my mouth and the over the head strap will not extend as far as I would like it to.
Remember that the mike is directional and if you take the foam off you can see one side has "talk" moulded into it and that is the side to have facing your mouth. It is a little louder with the foam off.

This is a large, heavy headset. Be forewarned. I am used to over the head style so it is not as much of an issue for me as it might be for someone coming from an "in you ear" style. Also, in the heat, my ear sweats under the cushion. I leave it off my head above 80F.

In short, I would call the manufacture and check for phone compatibility first, then make sure you buy through a company with a liberal return policy such as Amazon proper so you don't get stuck with a headset that not satisfy the basic needs of a bluetooth headset.

If you have an iphone 4, I would look elsewhere for a BT solution that actually works.
customer image jeff michel
oakland, CA
Finally have found a headset that works for me. Have tried a number of wired and bluetooth sets but this one outshines anything else I've tried by far.
customer image Lance Hamblin
Houston, BC
Excellent if you work with your hands
As a telephone network technician, I often work in noisy, equipment-filled rooms. I have to be able to hear while still having my hands free to work on computers or equipment. This is hands-down, the very best headset I have ever used! No, it is not sleek and attractive, but when the person I am talking to is actually surprised to hear I'm in the equipment room working, that speaks to its quality -- and THAT is what is important!
customer image L H
Tucson, AZ
VXI BlueParrott Roadwarrior B250-XT Bluetooth Headset
Finally, the bluetooth headset that I was hoping would come along has arrived. In the past, I had to put up with the Plantronics P510 which is one of those hang on your earlobe and insert the bud into the ear. After a couple of hours wearing that puppy, it got annoying. The Blue Parrot's features that I like is the over the head band and the thick cushioned ear piece that makes wearing it a pleasure. The controls are easily accessible and pairing the device with my Blackberry 9450 Bold went without incident. If you are in an environment where you need to be wearing a headset for any great length of time, this is the one to give serious consideration purchasing.
customer image Ed Blake
Edward Blake Associates
Milpitas, CA
Good headset
I like this headset but I did have issues with it disconnecting during standby time. The Blue Eagle II I think is a far superior headset and has longer standby time, excellent noise canceling. Both I have used while standing at the fuel pumps with my truck, reefer and another truck next to me also with a reefer unit going and I could talk to the person I was wanting to talk to and they didn't know I was in all that noise. No other headset does that. I have tried all of the ones from Motor Trends, Plantronics, Motorola and even the Infamous Jawbone that supposedly took military technology and made it a superior noise canceling device...fail compared to these two. I am not sure if the Blue Parrot that are out now have dealt with the disconnection issue, but still its a good device.
customer image Mark Merithew
Weaver, AL
Good unit. Although the 400'range could be a little bit over rated, however my razr V3 could have something to do with that. Listeners don't complain the least with this unit. I highly recommend it.

More importantly the customer service of this company with amaze you with their professional demeanor...
customer image R S
Seattle, WA
Truly a Roadwarrior Headset!!
This headset has the best clarity I've ever heard. It has the best usage/standby time. And if you're like me and don't like the feel of these new, smaller, cell phone headsets that always feel like they are going to fall off your ear, this is the answer to your cell phone headset needs. Simply the best!
customer image Edward Stevens
Pegasus Systems & Integration, LLC
Sicklerville, NJ
customer image BRENDA VEAUTHIER
Kilgore, TX
Very disappointed with the product. Attached to my Samsung cell phone my voice comes through mutedand when I stop speaking there is signficant white noise.
customer image Rick Wardell
Westport, CT
Perfect for me!
I bought two different "ear jewelry" blue tooth devices. I knew they weren't working when the other person kept saying "what, what." I would then switch to the phone without the device and the other person would say, "oh thank you, that is soooo much better." After that I switched to corded noise canceling headsets, which worked quite well but the cords routinely failed after just months of use. One day I called Headsets.com and talked with a sales rep. I asked if they had anything in the blue tooth line that would work as well as a corded model. She immediately mentioned the Blueparrot B250-XT. She said it was for OTR truckers and that she used one in her convertible with the top down. I had to try it. It sounds way better than just talking into the phone, both to me and to the other person! My favorite story is when I drove about 30 miles on the freeway, exited, stopped at a gas station, filled the car, got back in, then happened to mention how much I liked my Blueparrot. The finicky person I was talking to was aghast! You've been talking to me while you were driving? He has a policy to not talk to people while they are behind the wheel. He never had a clue and I heard him perfectly as well.

After several months it developed a problem where the controls stopped working right. I called Headsets and the rep said "that is really unusual but you will have a new one tomorrow. Just send in the one you have and there is not charge." And that's just what happened. I love this product and this company!!
customer image Dave Woodward
Redwood City, CA
my unit stoped working? need help ??????????????? I drive big truck don;t go without it
customer image W CARTER
Best Headset Ever
I drove over the road for several months and now drive local. Between engine noise, wind noise, and machinery noise, no one can ever tell that I'm not sitting in a quite office somewhere. This bluetooth is the best ever and believe me, I used (and spent money) on quite a few.
customer image Brian Kravitz
Advanced Disposal
Millbrook, AL
does not work well with my phone system
we purchased this headset and i plan on returning it.
we us panasonic kx-dt343 at our pharmacy. it is vital that my patients can hear and understand me as well as my being able to hear and understand them. they should not know that i am on bluetooth. up till now i am not satisfied.
customer image irving reitzenstein
valley drug and compounding
encino, CA
Warranty return
I love my BlueParrot bluetooth headset. I've tried a few others but the communication was always difficult. I called Headsets.com for a recommendation. "Get this one. It's for truckers with their windows open.? So I did. It's perfect in all conditions. But after a few months something happened and I couldn't turn it off. The MFB did nothing. I called, was asked to try one button combination that should have reset it, but it didn't. I got a brand new one the NEXT DAY! Incredible. Your reps know their stuff and your products are first rate. Thank you.
customer image Dave Woodward
Redwood City, CA
Great product, Great Service
Thanks Headsets.com for excellent help when I was trying to find the highest quality microphone on a bluetooth headset. It is a great product and has fulfilled all its promises.
customer image Mike Hibbard
Trenton, OH
BlueParrott B250-XT
I it the best headset that I have ever
owned. Easy to set up and use.
customer image Martha Robey
Baltimore, MD
very good
works great
customer image lavern forester
calgary, AB
when it works, it really works well. i can stand in front of the truck(while its running) or be vacuuming the inside and the person on the other end can hear only me clearly. i am having problems now,occasional with interference and static, my issue is why can i not get it replaced from where i purchased it instead of sending it in. with the laws of hands free this is going to be a very big inconvenience for me.
customer image karen duncan
millgrove, ON
Simply the best quality BT Headset, ever.
I've been using this product for about a year and a half -- after trying every headset imaginable. And I've got to tell you that this baby will give you flawless sound quality -incoming and outgoing. I sell for a living, and so it is vital that my clients have a great telephone experience with me. And I can also say with utter confidence that no one has a clue I'm using a wireless bluetooth headset. They also don't have any idea I'm driving down the highway in my car with the windows open. The noise canceling feature is just that good.

Now let's be clear, if you want to win fashion awards, you won't buy this headset. So if you primarily want ear jewelry and don't give a rats patootie about call quality, find something else. But if you want to hear your calls, if you want your callers to hear you like you were there with them, and if you want a rock solid product that lets you talk all day without a recharge, then click "Add to Cart" because it just doesn't get better than this, folks.
customer image Charles Welsh
San Jose, CA
ugly and range..i might take heat for this
i read all the reviews and i see these guys and girls all say how ugly the b-250 is..well i thought we are out there on the road to make money and satisfy out customers need not make a fashion statement i am sure the first thing people see when they look at you isn't your head set...i am trying to be nice but some of these drivers out on the road don't care how anything looks.ie.personal hygiene,clothes so i cant see a headset not looking pretty..the range is not that important when the phone is on the dash and you are in the seat but when i drop my trailer while on a call i don't drop the call unless i get inside the trailer i can open the doors crank the dollies put wheel chocks on both sides still on the same call.my tractor has a 300 inch wheel base and i have a 53 foot trailer so range is not a problem..now you have a professional head set some of us need to professionalize the rest of our operation..
customer image gail mckinney
kc interstate
spring hill, FL
I love it!
I purchased this headset for use in my vehicle. But I use my cell for work and often keep the headset on when at my desk or other places. I love that my hands are free and the sound with the headset is better than holding the phone in my hand. People I talk to say that they think I am using a corded regular telephone because the sound is so great.
customer image Trish White
Adaptations for Independence
I love the clearness of the sound both for me and those I am calling and that was not the case with past ear pieces and my cel. I like the heavier construction that allows it to stay in place and as with my headset at work I love that both hands are free.
customer image Debbie Marshall
United Bank
Georgetown, KY
Awesome Headset
The only headset that I have found to actually work in a noisy truck and I have tried many!
customer image Zelko Majetic
Winnipeg, MB
I think I will like this one....some patients report that the sound is not good, but most report that it's better by far. So, it seems fine, so far. Mahalo for the help in choosing this one.
customer image katherine skow
Stephanie Skow, MD Inc
Lihue, HI
i`m a truck driver and i`v had a B-150 for three years. only changed the battery once. still works fine. just decided to upgrade to the B250-XT. you just can`t beat quality and ease of use. every one i talk to when i`m in the truck says the same thing." i don`t here any back ground noise "I wouldn't own anything else!
customer image Lawrence Goodyear
South Hadley, MA
100% Satisfied
I am a trucker & have owned about 5 "noise canceling" headsets & NONE have came close, in comparison, with the noise capabilities of the Blue Parrott! I really LOVE the loudness of the headset speaker, which I have never found in any other headset. My only disagreement with them is that their product isn't 100% MADE IN AMERICA.
customer image J A Morgan
Tylertown, MS
The headset is comfortable and I hear just fine. But I'm not sure that it's working as well as the advertising said it would. I work in a noisy restaurant, and the background noise can be loud. So this set should be just right to deal with that noise.
customer image Joanne Doldon
A&W Food Services of Canada Inc.
no train!
Riding in my jeep--top down, air blowing, within 100' of a freight train. I could hear clearly, and my party had NO CLUE about the outside noise.
customer image Dennis Gros
Yup it is ugly but boy it works. smooth calling and a voice that 'sounds like you are next door'
customer image john murdoch
VXI BlueParrot B250 XT Bluetooth Headset]
I am very happy with the headset. I can now drive my car with the windows down on the freeway and people tell me that they can't hear the wind blowing and the sound quality is very good. Your customer service reps are the best. I have worked with Annie who helped me select the headset and Selina who helped be get it paired to my phone after a Verizon rep told me that it would not work with my phone. You are the best. I have already referred several people to you for this headset.
customer image Paul Lightfoot
Las Vegas , NV
I like it
Thanks for your email to tell me about the ugly BlueParrot. It's exactly what I need. Most people can't tell I'm using a cellphone.
customer image Dennis Gros
Gros Executive Recruiters
Great around machinery
I work around a lot of LOUD machinery, and I need to answer calls from customers while I work. I sometimes ask them if they can hear the loud noises in the background and they most say, "What noises?" Unless the headset is 12" or closer to the machine, they can't hear a thing!
Great Headset!!
customer image J Lit
This product is absolutely amazing!!We've had to order 2 more for our friends because they couldn't' believe how good my husband's sounded like. Now my husband bought a new one and I took his old one. I have a blue tooth in the car and it really doesn't sound good at all.

customer image Kathy Bell
Airdrie, AB
outstanding performance customer service is the best
I am a otr driver and love it had the 2.1 and would not work with my phone called customer service. they sent me the right one for my phone 2.3. they take care of there customers and make sure you are happy. the head set is great can hear and be heard no back ground noise. love it and have told all my coworkers about it.
customer image Marc
outstanding performance
I have used this product for almost 2 years, and have been very satisfied with it. I need to replace it, and have looked at many different models to compare it with, and so far I have yet to find one that even comes close to the battery life the BT VXI250XT offers. I worry that if I buy a competent product that I will not have the sound quality I have experienced with this product.
customer image Wayne Thomson
Blue Parrott Awesome
I use this head set while driving a big truck and it's the best thing out there right now. No one hears the background noise at all. You'd think I was sitting in a quiet room. Don't hate anything about it.
customer image Kathy Bell
Airdrie, AB
Heasets.com is the BEST
This parrott is the best thing to use on the road!! No kidding. The customer service ROCKS! If you have problems with any other hands free product, this one will solve all of your problems.
And you are only an email or phone call away from assistance if needed. I rate this company and product at 110%.
customer image Brenda
This is a fine Head-set except for the fit, if they made it so it had a soft ear piece on both sides so it would hold it in place it would be the greatest head-set in the world. When I am mowing it slides off my ear,so you haft to keep checking it. The sound is great!! If they fixed the ear peace I would rate it a 10!!!!
customer image Jerome Newlad
Geronimo Camp
Belle Center, OH
VXI BlueParrott Roadwarrior B250-XT
I am a Truck driver and I owned the BlueParrott . I still have it and it works perfectly. I recently purchased the VXI BlueParrott Roadwarrior B250-XT and feel in both cases it is the best money I ever spent on a Headset
customer image Ken S
Schuylerville, NY
This Rocks
I've spent up to $500 on Bluetooth headsets... finally this rocks!

As does Headsets.com!
customer image Stephen Watkins
the best
I am trucker have tried few top bluetooths
but nothing comes close to blue parrott.
My second one cause on first one I did screw up the battery by improper frequently charging.(never charge before alert for low battery).Anyway worked for 2 years.
customer image bud stan
VXI Blue Parrrot B250-XT
I recently purchased the VXI BlueParrot B250 XT Bluetooth headset and I really like it. I wasn't sure at first whether I would like the feel of this particular style. After wearing it for the past week, I'm very satisfied with my purchase and would recommend your products to others. thank you - Ellie
customer image Ildiko Best
Blue Parrott Blue Tooth Headset
May be a little bulky but the headset quality and clarity are outstanding
customer image Richard Flannery
Blue Parrot Review
I am please with this headset, although it gets uncomfortable after a few hours. I am in customer support as well and I take calls for 10 hours/day. I would like a headset with the same sound, yet one that is not so bulky on my head. My ear begins to hurt after a while.

The Headsets.com customer service however is beyond anything I have ever experienced. You guys rock!!!
customer image Cheryl Nedrow
not as advertised > distance not 25 feet
unable to go to other side of bedroom and keep connection even when unit in direct line with computer sitting on a desktop
customer image anthony constant
b250-XTBluetooth Headset
Call it non almost existing background noise.my wife & I both use them. we find the headset comfortable, easy to use.Loud diesel engines,compressed air blasts,water.pots & pans,yes even screaming grand children, are background noise that i.e. 90% blocked. We have about 8 different kinds devises and the "B250-XT is by far the best yet.
customer image Steven T
customer image RHONDA MAZARIEGO
customer image SHARON SHUSTER
Blue parrot Roadwarrior headset
Received, and charged for 14 hours, never got the headset to turn on. Never used it and it was broken.
customer image Morris penrod
miami dade transit
miami, FL
VXI BlueParrott Roadwarrior B250-XT Bluetooth Headset
customer image RON WILK
Good but could be better
I have had the headset two weeks. Great when talking but hearing with poor hearing or with hearing aids an over the ear would be 100% better. If you turn sound up too loud it gets a little to much bass and distorts badly. Other wise a good headset. If you come out with an over the ear it will be a big hit.
customer image Sid Styers
The good, the bad, and the ugly!!
I have been a fan of the corded noise- canceling headsets, but invariably the cords would give out after less than a YEAR, or tangling in them was always an issue. After going through about 6 headsets, I wished for this product, and it is a great performer at its' price point.

The good; the noise canceling is OUTSTANDING. I was driving down the freeway with the windows open talking to my girlfriend, and she thought I was sitting somewhere talking!! The unit is fairly comfortable - more so than any of the 'ear jewelry' headsets I have tried. You can't beat the boom microphone to get yourself heard - it will always outperform the 'ear jewelry' every time!! The sound quality on both ends is good, but I think it was better on my corded unit (at least on my end).

The bad; it can get a little sweaty wearing it for prolonged periods. Also the buttons are not very tactile. It took me a couple of weeks to get the feel for adjusting the volume during a call instead of hanging up on someone. Braille-like buttons, and a semi-protected (surrounded by a slight lip or crown that is also tactile) on/off button could solve that issue. I have notice some interference just moving the phone around, and the range from the phone is only about 20 feet at best. Once loosing pairing, the headset has to be prompted to reconnect, which is an inconvenience.

The ugly; I am not one to be trendy with everything, but it is a little on the 'un-streamlined' side when it comes to aesthetics. I first thought the blue parrot logo was a flaw in the finish. Overall though, I care much more about performance than appearance, and I am quite satisfied with the convenience and overall performance!!
customer image Bob Anderson
Sacramento, CA
Blueparrott Roadwarrior B250-XT Bluetooth Headset
We are not a new customer. We had the B150 before. My husband does not like having so many control buttons on the B250. He likes the fact that being hard of hearing, he can hear well with this product. He is a truck driver and depends on his phone.
customer image Judth Roberts
Works with Top Down
Like many others, I've tried every headset that claimed to cancel noise. Actually came here to get the Zivio, but the reviews on the BlueParrot were convincing. Bottom line: technology doesn't beat having the mic in front of the mouth! I can hear and be heard clearly with the top down on the highway. Now I just need a big enough place to store it in my Miata...
customer image Larry Corsa
Blueparrott Roadwarrior B250-XT Bluetooth Headset
I like both the mic and ear piece. Sound is clear on both ends. The head band could be a little longer. Maybe I just have a fat head but I have its fully extended and it's a little uncomfortable. A model that covers the entire ear might also be better for hearing.
customer image Glenn Vosberg
BlueParrot the only way to fly
I use my headset driving diesel vans and on construction sites. This headset is only valuable if you want to hear what the caller is saying or if want them to understand what you are saying. Otherwise it's useless.
customer image Orlo Ellison
Broomfield, CO
Just what i needed!
headset failed after 3 months of happy use. 15 minutes on phone with headsets.com tech support couldn't fix the problem. received a replacement unit 24 hours later; all good!
customer image rob hammerling
upper montclair, NJ
Blue Parrott
This is an excellent product. You already know that. You should try to get Blueparrott to make this in a wired version that will fit into the 3.5 mm hole that is in all of the Blackberry's. What a home-run that would be. Some people don't like worrying about charging headsets. So, a Blueparrott wired version would be great.
customer image E. Mart Davidoff
Excellent headset
I work on cell sites, both indoors and outdoors. It's a pretty noisy environment with all the fans going, etc. I've tried most of the Bluetooth headsets available, but this is the first one I've found that actually works while I'm on site.
customer image John Emler
This headset is a MUST for all truckers. I have tried everything out there in the "small in the ear" variety at all price points and none even come close to the Blue Parrots performance.
I have gone over 14 hours of talking and it was still not dead.
I have stood next to my tractor engine with the hood OPEN and talking to someone and when I asked if they could hear the engine, the response was "why are you shouting?". I couldn't hear myself talking but on their end it was like I was in a quiet room. I have yet been on ANY environment where the
other person could hear anything at all besides my voice.
Those are the strong points and what sells this headset. Those two features. (battery life and noise canceling)
The downside is that you look like you are ready to say "would you like to try our new value menu burger meal?" at any moment. However if you are in a truck stop you will blend right in. Let's just say it's the type of headset you typically leave in your vehicle.
Also, I noticed after about 3 hours of talking my ear started to sweat a little but nothing terrible. Minor issue at best.
The bottom line is this. If you want to hear the person you are talking to and you want them to hear you like a land line AND be able to use it ALL day long, this is your headset. Trust me, I'm particular and l'll never use a different headset driving my rig again.
customer image Steve Tischler
Excellent product
I purchased the Blueparrott for my husband. He is a truck driver and we have had a difficult time finding anything that did not have a lot of background noise. The Blueparrott has worked wonderfully. He has already had several of his friends purchase the same set from your website too and they are just as pleased.
customer image Leigh Pettner
After trying almost EVERY headset out there from Jawbone to Plantronics to Motorola, I was convinced that there was no such device that would provide excellent noise cancellation AS WELL AS excellent battery life. Well....
This headset not only gives 16 hours of talk time, but the noise cancellation is like nothing on earth. I stood next to my tractor trailer engine running with the hood OPEN and the person on the other end of the phone could not hear anything at all but my voice. This headset is truly amazing. I even tried driving 65 with both windows down and the stereo at a pretty high volume and still, the other person only heard my voice. Bottom line is this. If you are tired of people not hearing you or you not hearing them (this headset is so loud you will need to turn it down) or of your background noise interfering, or of it dying out, GET THIS HEADSET. PERIOD.
customer image Steve Tischler
Excellent product - ugly (looks like a telemarketer headset), but very functional. If your looking to set a fashion trend don't buy -- if you want an excellent Bluetooth that works in noisy or windy environments this is for you. I own and drive a semi and this is the best Bluetooth I've had after trying six different ones. Would definitely recommend the product to anyone in a noisy environment. After getting used to the fit, the product did more than what was expected. The earpiece speaker had to be turned down and everyone I've talked to has commented on the clarity of the transmission.
customer image Rod Voth
Poor incoming audio quality
While this unit gets good marks for its outgoing audio quality the incoming audio is very poor. Because I have hearing aids I needed and over the ear headset for driving. It does not have sufficient output audio and must be turned as high as possible and then the audio distorts badly. If I turn it down I can not hear it - especially on the freeway.
customer image Walt Dews
Appliance Service Station, Inc
Seattle, WA
Works great
As others have commented, not the most stylish headset, but it works great. Top-down in a Jeep Wrangler at 70 mph and can easily carry on a conversation.
customer image Todd Davis
The first headset would not hold a charge, but BlueTooth promptly answered our email and authorized us to return the headset. The new set arrived very fast and works superbly. It is very clear. I drive a truck and I can hear my wife very clearly above all the noise. I am very pleased with my choice and your service.
customer image Richard Foerster
I really like my headset. This is the second one I have used. This unit is quite an improvement over the unit I bought 3-4 years ago. I had a lot of trouble keeping that one charged. This new charging system is much better. Overall I love the unit as I travel a lot in working real estate in 5 states. Only drawback I have is I can not wear my hearing aid when I use it as the voices becomes distorted. So I am constantly removing my hearing aid. I view that at this time as a small problem that I can overcome with patience.
customer image John Potts
Eaglecreek Realty Services, Inc
Wichita, KS
This Blue Parrott Really Talks
I drive a pick up truck with lots of road noise and I have big ears so other Bluetooth headsets are either uncomfortable or don't fit. This thing is fantastic. Clients can't hear the background noise, but they can hear me and I can hear them. Looks a little silly, but I can handle that.
customer image Paul Chase
Keller Williams
Lancaster, PA
Great headset
Only complaints are headband is a little small, especially if you want to wear it over a ball cap, and it does not allow use of the phone volume control. But... IT WORKS! Bluetooth distance is the best I've tried (don't know about 66 feet but you can walk around a room). Noise canceling is amazing: only time I had breakthrough was with the vehicle radio up to a painful volume.

Also, it connects with my Blackberry Curve very reliably. No hit and miss like with the Jawbone and others.

Sound quality is excellent as well.

customer image Sam Pammy
Keeps their promise
We've tried most of the other brands; cheap and expensive, but this one beats them all hands down. It's comfortable, ugly, bulky, and works like a dream. There's no background noise at all (even at 70mph with windows down). Easy to pair with phone. Just wish I'd found it sooner!!! Would recommend it to anyone on the go especially those working around trucks and lots of noise.
customer image Gordon Fowler
Excellent voice quality!
I've tried other headsets, most notably an expensive BlueAnt. Invariably, the sound quality was poor on both ends. The sound quality of this headset in unbelievable! The caller's voice is crisp and clear and I've not had one complaint about the sound quality of my voice, either. Granted, the headset is not small, compact, or easily hidden like other In-the-Ear headsets and you probably wouldn't want to be seen walking around with it (you'd look like a walking telemarketer!), but if you're looking for great quality over being 'fashion-forward,' this is the headset for you! And shipping was fast. I had the headset within a few days of ordering it, and that was using standard shipping! A great product from a very reliable company!
customer image Kim Butler
The B250-xt is great
I got mine last week, charged it for 12 hours and it just ran out after 5 days. I never turned it off just to see how long it would go. The sound is crystal clear on both ends. I love it.
customer image Joe Last
Love my blueparrott
I'm an over the road truck driver and I have no problem hearing the person I'm talking to with the Blueparrott headset..no worries when shifting gears driving as the headset frees up both hands! My buddy also purchased one and loves his hands free abilities also.
customer image Mike Swan
The best headset I
I wanted to own this handset for several weeks before writing a review on it.

This is, hands down, the ugliest headset you will ever own. You will look like a throwback from the '80s. However, you will sound like a million dollars. Everyone I've called has asked me if I ditched my cell phone for a land line, it's that clear. I work with a lot of computers, and our data center is loud. People hear me without any problems, and I can hear them as well.

I have owned the Jawbone I and II, the Blue Ant Z9, various Motorola headsets and just about every Plantronics headset. This one, simply, blows them away with sound quality (incoming and outgoing).

The other day, I had to use my Jawbone (Version 1) (the B250 was charging) and everyone complained about how lousy I sounded compared to before.

The bottom line is this: if you want a headset that gives you as close to land line sound quality (or wired headset sound quality), then this is your headset.
customer image Scott Schappell
Bluetooth you can actually hear
I drive a convertible, often with the top down. While I might be able to hear OK using an "in-ear" device, the person on the other end of the line can't understand what I'm saying. The BlueParrott B250-XT works exceptionally well for both parties.
customer image Steve Lupton
Works good ina a loud UPS Package car
I have used as a package car driver at UPS. some of our older trucks are really loud, people I am talking to say they hear me better then ever. The head set seemed odd at first since I have a medium size head, but it is comfortable and it stays in place while working hard. When climbing steps briskly the ear piece gets scratchy, but that may be because I am leaving the phone in the truck, as I make deliveries. Best quality sound after trying many phones.
customer image Bill Car
Finally a headset that works!
I have tried them all, from Bang and Olufsen, Jabra, and 20 others. My cell phone is a Treo 755p, notorious for picking up EVERY single back ground noise with or without a headset, this is the FIRST headset ever that I can talk and make back ground noise without complaints. Now here is the amazing part, I can now drive my corvette with the top down, doing 80mph and still talk on the phone. I have asked everyone that I have spoken to while using this headset and none even knew I was outside let alone doing 80! AMAZING! OK, so what if I look funny, I can at least talk on my phone.
customer image Harry Singer
Ultra International
Lees Summit, MO
Just what I needed!
In or around ear pieces never worked for me. This is exactly what I needed and it is perfect for driving. Wouldn't walk around town with it on but law and prudence require it when driving.
customer image Rob Hammerling
upper montclair, NJ
Just buy it, you won
After trying various Bluetooth units by other makers I finally have one that works. I drive truck and not one person can tell I am driving down the road even with the windows down. They all thought I was sitting still. I ordered it next day air on a Sunday night and it was waiting for me when I got home from work on Tuesday. Thanks Headsets.com for carrying this product.
customer image Scott Buck
Very satisfied with product. searched other sites before purchase and found best price with Headsets.com. Delivery time was very good.
customer image James Smith Jr.
Easy to Use and Good Sound Quality
Had a corded headset prior to the B250-XT. Don't miss the cord. This BT headset is easy to put on and easy to use. Fairly comfortable although heavier than a corded headset. Good sound quality. No problem using voice commands. Negatives: Band is a bit small for large heads. Blinking blue LED takes getting used to.
customer image martin meyerhardt
Works great!
The thing that made me choose the Blueparrott was when talking to my truck driver friend, it would sound like he was sitting in his living room when actually he was going 60 on the interstate. The noise canceling is wonderful. The headset is a little small for me, but I can find a way to make it comfortable. So far I have no realistic complaints!
customer image Ben Hardy
great headset
the BlueParrott is by far the best Bluetooth i've used or listed to.it's comfortable and the sound is clear with no background noise and the battery last all night
customer image kevin collins
The best Bluetooth headset I ever ever had!
I am a salesman and use my cell phone (an iphone3g) really mostly for work purposes. I am on the phone a million times a day so getting the BEST Bluetooth headset "where I can hear..and be heard" is MOST important to me. What is not important to me is, STYLE..I don't care if my Bluetooth is small and cute, or like in this case..looks like I should be flying an airplane as the Blueparrot is rather large. That being said I actually find this Blueparrot an attractive device..but people WILL notice you are wearing it, especially if you are just walking around. Long story short I have owned, or do own..the original jawbone..the Blue ant Z9 the one that talks,Plantronics Voyager,...a Joby zivio...an older Jabra. To cut to the chase without a doubt THIS Blueparrot is by far the best sounding bluetooth on both the listening end and transmission end by FAR. I guess you just can't beat a boom mic being where your mouth is...not something up by your ear...and expecting it to sound great to the party you are talking to. I find this Blueparrot to be well made..and so far it is the only Bluetooth I have ever used that NEVER loses a connection. Honestly, I am old fashioned and would actually prefer an old wired headset like a Sure Quietspot..but it's impossible to find adapters these days as every cell phone has it's own plug..not just universal 2.55mm anymore. So Unless you NEED a small bluetooth I can't see anyone not LOVING this Blueparrot headset..btw the battery seems to last forever..very satisfied!
customer image Randy G
Finally something that works
the b250-xt rocks . if your tired of spending your hard earned money on the ones that don't work. Buy this one!! this thing is loud and clear on both ends. sounds like your on a line. And with Headset.com you can try it with no risk. just send it back and try something else. BUT ya wont be sending this one back . Thanks Headsets.com for the fast service !!! and great price
customer image Dan Krohn
Great Buy
Really like the quality. Everyone tells me that background noise is gone. Can't beat the price.
customer image Lee Vincent
Roadwarrior Bluetooth Headset
Best automotive headset I've tried
customer image Bob Herman
Awesome product, weak instructions
I have received numerous compliments on how clear my voice is broadcasting when using this headset, and when does that ever happen. I love this product. However, the little instruction booklet falls short in helping me understand the blinks and buttons. It could have been written much better. I am still unclear on some of the functions.
customer image Don Carmickle
A headset worth every penny!
This is the best headset I have ever spent my hard earned money on. I have a hearing problem so the earbuds don't work for me so well. I had to actually turn the volume down on this headset because I could actually hear what was being said. Great product!

The only thing that I would suggest is that Bluetooth live chat rep know their product better when contacted about problem solving. Helpful hint: By the way, if the connection from the bluetooth disconnects from the hand held. All you have to do is plug the headset back into the charger, place your phone next to the headset, wait 45 seconds and it will reconnect. It resets itself and works great after this little glitch is rectified.

Thanks for carrying a great product at a great price.
customer image Amy Jacobs
Awesome Unit
As a truck driver I have tried at least 9 different types of bluetooth units. The Blueparrott 250-XT is the only unit I can clearly hear out of and no back ground noise at all. I even have to turn the volume down itd do clear and a excellent battery life. Truckers this is the unit you need.
customer image Mike Bradford
Blueparrott Roadwarrior B250-XT Bluetooth Headset
I drive truck and with the noise that is generated by the truck I could never hear any of the other headsets I have had. I love the range of the unit you can leave the phone in the truck charging and still talk on the phone while opening the doors on your trailer. It is by far the best unit I have found for the money.
customer image Tom Shirtz
I drive a truck and this headset is the best of the three I have previously tried. It sounds great and cuts out all noise.
customer image Greg Newberry
Chad Larson Blueparrot Opinion
I work for a agricultural supply company, and I was chosen, since I am the salesperson who puts on 2,400 miles per month. We have tried the smaller "Bluetooths", and "jawbones", and although compact in size, we ran into issues with noise. Customers would even say take that earpiece off and talk through the phone. Although less compact, the value seen in the "parrot" has been obvious, to me, and the customers on the other end. Good audio, and no one complains about not hearing me with background noise. I like how it automatically hooks in to the blackberry when I take it off the charger. And despite its larger size, it is comfortable to wear. Based on my input, they have gotten all the sales force your parrot. Thanks. Chad
customer image Chad Larson
Blueparrott review
I purchased this headset for a friend of mine who is a truck driver. He is very pleased with it, and it is a perfect headset for noise reduction. Highly recommend and very affordable.
customer image Myra Brooks
blue parrot makes the best in the industry
The best head set by far for truckers none better
customer image michael neugebauer
Greatest Headset ever
I'm a truck driver from Texas. In the past getting a phone call while driving was a nightmare on any street. Now with my B250 i don't have to ask my customers to repeat anymore because I can hear them loud and clear without anything poking into my ear. In other words if you are a Truck driver or work someplace very noisy IT'S A MUST HAVE HEADSET.
customer image Ronald Newman
Finally, a bluetooth headset I can hear!
I drive a convertible and even when the soft top is up it makes too much noise for a Bluetooth headset when I'm driving over about 45 MPH. That is until I found the BlueParrott B250. This works perfectly and the volume is incredible. I usually have the volume at less than half its max and its plenty loud. I'm using it paired with a Blackberry Curve. I haven't had the top down yet but I'm expecting great things there as well. The headset came recommended by a Harley rider and he claims he uses it while riding down the road. I'm hoping to have the same luck but I'm just pleased it works with the top up, anything else will be a bonus!
customer image Rick Sammons
Excellent i like it so much it great your price is very good. I'm all ready telling my friend the web site.keep up the good work i will comeback in the future for product. 2/24/09
customer image Clifford Ramirez
Headset has worked well. I have a big head (yeah, I know) and the headband holder seems a little small at first but when you get comfortable with it, seems to work good. Hearing, on both sides of the conversation is good.
customer image Albert Last
WOW!!! Blueparrott Roadwarrior B250
I am a trucker driver and I just bought my B250 last week. I ordered it on a Sunday and it arrived quickly on Tuesday. I charged it the 12 hours and then called everyone. The sound is great. Everyone can hear me over the truck noise or window being down or the CB noise or music playing and I can hear them loud and clear. The battery life is great. Talk so far about 6 hours straight with no problems. I don't get the 66' feet range, but I don't intend on being that far from the phone anyway so no biggie. I will be telling everyone of Headsets.com and the BlueParrott. All truck stops were sold out, but Headsets.com had it and I got it fast. My next bluetooth for more smaller occasions will be from Headsets.com. I am your customer now. Thanks
customer image Richard Powell
NJ trucker
Well 4th times the charm. After buying 3 yuppie headsets, I found a keeper. The Roadwarrior B250 is what a trucker needs. After I received a $150.00 ticket on the NJ Turnpike for talking on my cell. I won't be without my Roadwarrior again
customer image Dave Macomber
The Best Headset
This the 3rd Headset I've tried, and will be the last. I drive a late model semi that's loud and proud and its like being in the same room while using this product.
customer image Doug Last
Great Headset
Bought this to replace old Blueparrott that had been repaired through warranty twice. Very comfortable and sound quality is the best I've found in any headset on the market. Have never had a problem keeping it paired with my phone.
Ordered on Friday, and was delivered Monday morning.
customer image Kathy Elrod
Works well for convertible
It looks a little clunky, but is the only headset I've found that works when driving with the top down. My voice comes through loud and clear with hardly any wind or radio noise.
customer image Jim Thorn
Great BT headset
My wife, and I both drive for a living. I purchased her a cheaper brand headset, and then purchased the BlueParrott Roadwarrior B250 for myself.
Both of our headsets are Bluetooth, hers is a light weight over the head type, and it works great, but the battery life is shorter than mine.
I was happy to find that the BlueParrott came with both a wall charger, as well as a car charger.
The sound is great, I can hear every word spoken, as well, people I am talking to can understand me perfectly, no external noise.
I would highly suggest this headset for anyone working in the trucking industry, or any other type of work environment that has high noise levels.
It is a little bulky, but that is alright, it is worth dealing with for the sound quality.
customer image Charles Richardson
Great Product
First of all, product arrived on time.
The Roadwarrior B250 is excellent in all aspects.
I can hear clearly without much effort. it was easy to pair with my phone. I was also complimented on how no noise was heard from my side of phone call. The unit is built sturdy but feels comfortable. This has to be the best unit i have purchased with competitive pricing. I will recommend it to other truckers that have been looking for a unit this great.
customer image Joe Last
Great Product
I am a truck driver and use it a lot they work great.
customer image Tom Galloway
Just Love It
I just love this BlueParrott, i am a truck driver, and it can get very noisy inside of the cab, with the headset a can hear someone call and talk to them and the sound is great, they also say that they do not notice i am in the truck because they cannot hear any noise, also i haul bulk plastic and when i load and unload i have to start a loud blower which is attached to my truck, i can still hear some calling and talk to them just like i am inside of a quiet building, this is a great product, and wish i have ordered it earlier, i had a Plantronics from sprint and did not like it at all, keep up the good work
customer image Kelvin Penegar
Happy Customer
The BlueParrott Roadwarrior B250 I purchased works great. Sounds clear and everyone I've talked to on it say I sound fine. It is very comfortable even after wearing a long period of time. Other Bluetooth devices have always bothered me after a short time. I did have a problem with the first one they sent me. I contacted the manufacture first and they were very helpful with trying to find the problem and sent me a new battery to see if that fix it, it didn't so I contacted Headsets.com and they promptly sent a new one. It works great.
Thank You for solving my hands-free communication needs.
customer image Jerry Newman
Great piece of equipment
As a truck driver, I was having a hard time finding a hands free phone system that I could safely use while traveling down the road. I tried a Plantronics Discovery which according to the sales person was top of the line and was supposed to have great noise canceling abilities. It wasn't long until my wife told me that I really needed to do something with my phone, she could not understand me and that the truck noise was making it impossible to talk....I gave her the Plantonics and I went searching for another phone. I found the blueparrott on the internet, ordered it and got it in the next day. What a difference. Not only are the people that I am talking to, much happier, but so am I. Headset is heavier than the ear piece that I had been using previously, but other than that, I love this phone. Boom Mike knocks out all of the truck noise, even the CB and AM/FM background noise. I have asked people what they were hearing in the background, they say nothing. I have called my answering system at home and left a message so that I could hear what others hear. I was impressed, nothing but voice was coming through, nothing else. Great phone.
customer image David Thomas
Works excellent, it is the first headset that I have to turn down. I can hear great, and others hear me fantastic. It was worth every penny, I wish they were cheaper so I could get them as Christmas gift for all family members.
customer image Lisa Purdham
Blueparrott Roadwarrior B250 - Road Tested
Since our company has gone to cellular phones as their primary communication method; this headset has been a savior both on the road and in the home office. They are so much more comfortable than ear buds and the noise canceling features make the phone line sound as good as a land line no matter where you are.
customer image Mary Stennett
Blue tooth Roadwarrior B250
I have nothing but good things about your company.The product was sent as promised and I have enjoyed using it as I drive a truck over the road.
customer image Robert Rice
I Love the B250, but when I received it there was not an instruction booklet on the various settings
customer image James Wright
Blueparrott Roadwarrior B250
Tried four other models before the Blueparrott Roadwarrior and this is the only one that sounds like I am sitting home in my living room. No one can hear the truck running in the background, and I like the over the ear design. It is really great, thank you!
customer image Richard Frederick
I was looking for something just like this because I like over-the-head headsets, and was always complaining that Bluetooth headsets were all tiny. This fits great, and sounds just like my office headset, even with my cell phone! Awesome!
customer image Phil Britton
It really is loud
I needed a bluetooth that was loud, and man does this fit the bill. When I first turned it on I had to turn the volume down, and it's great for in the car...but that's about the only place I wear it, it's not exactly a fashion accessory. Highly recommended.
customer image Darrell Greene

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