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  • Allows remote answering on certain Polycom phones without the use of a handset lifter with Sennheiser wireless office headsets
The Sennheiser Electronic Hookswitch for Polycom Phones connects any Sennheiser wireless office headset to certain Polycom phone models, allowing for remote answering and ending of calls without the use of a handset lifter.

Call us at 1-800-HEADSETS (1-800-432-3738) to check for compatibility with your phone.
Manufacturer Sennheiser
Catalog Number 1778
Type Wireless
Wearing Style Not Applicable
Max Range / Cord Length N/A
Connector Type (view connectors) RJ9
Weight 2 oz.
Lines: (telephone products only) Not Applicable
Compatibility Not Applicable
Microphone Not Applicable
Earpiece Not Applicable
Color Black
Special Technologies Not Applicable
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Battery Life N/A
Reversible Not Applicable
Handset Lifter Compatible Not Applicable
Busy Light Not Applicable
Quick Disconnect Not Applicable
DC Adapter Compatible Not Applicable
Digital Encryption Not Applicable
What's in the box? Sennheiser electronic hookswitch

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Greatest customer service ever
customer image Mary LeMay
Finebloom Haenel and Higgins
Sarasota , FL
Sennheiser CEHS-PO 01 Electronic Hookswitch for Polycom Phon
Thank you to Lawrence who walked me through hooking up the phone (found I had something plugged into the wrong place). Works great! Referred our Dispatch to Headsets.com and they bought an Office Runner with the Polycom hookswitch as well. Troy, Rebecca, and Lawrence were all extremely helpful. Love your online chat and follow-up.
customer image Cindy Wall
Actagro LLC
Biola, CA
It works
Took a bit of trouble shooting, but the new switch cord? works as it should now.
customer image Kevin Thompson
Cross Insurance Agency, Inc.
Centralia, , WA
Review for Sennheiser CEHS-PO 01 Electronic Hookswitch for P
customer image Dawn Maloney
Joseph J Lewis & Son, Inc.
New York, NY
Works Great
Had some trouble setting up, but the technical support team walked us through the installation. Product does exactly what it should and has been working great.
customer image Carlo Alor
Ontario, CA
Hands free headset thingee
I bought the headset out connect module and it works great. I can answer with my head set button or the conference button on my Polycom phone. A non-issue is that the receiver on the phone no longer works. I can oly anser with the head set or by pushing the conference button.
customer image Philip McMulin
McMullin Stone and Associates, Inc.
Fayetteville, GA
Works as advertised!
It's nice when a product does exactly what it's supposed to do! And the people at Headsets.com helped me install it and configure it. They are so helpful.
customer image Edward MAGRAM
Smith, Magram, Berenato & Michaud, PC
Burlington, NJ
adds nice conveinence
Allows for a convenient way to answer and end calls form the headset without the need of a manual lifter
customer image
Montgomery, AL
Works on one phone and not another of the exact same model and features. The one is DOES work on has so much static it renders the headset useless! I would say it was my fault but our service provider came and installed the units...
customer image Debra Mauldin
D and J Development
Peta, MS
Everything is working great with the new cords.
customer image
Real Food Marketing, LLC
Arcadia, CA
Hookswitch Freedom
This little gadget makes it possible to move freely and remotely connect and hangup calls. Works Great.
customer image Jack Butler
Atlantic Forest Products
Ayer, MA
Best I have ever used
customer image Ruth Fish
Carpet Source
Albuquerque, NM
enables nice on-hook off-hook functions
Far cleaner than the traditional mechanical device.
customer image Chad Sims
Montgomery Area Mental Health Authority
Montgomery, AL
Works great!
Works perfectly with our Digium D40 phones. Just plug-and-play, no configuration needed.
customer image
Works great
I love my Sennheiser headset and the direct connect cord for my polycom phone works great. It allows me to answer without picking up the handset with the touch or a button. Very convenient.
customer image Blair Jones
Rudman Winchell
Bangor, ME
I really like this. I like that we don't need a lifter for the phone, this works much better
customer image Leslie Swenor
Dentistry By the Bay
Petoskey, MI
I've used the OfficeRunner headset for years (love it!) and just got a new phone that the shape of the handset doesn't work well with the lifter (Polycom VVX500) - I called to ask how to make the lifter work and the rep told me about this option. Whoever invented it is a genius!! With this cord, it's seamless! It doesn't lift the handset and it makes things so much easier when answering and ending calls. I would totally recommend this!
customer image Trudi
Boca Raton, FL
It took a long time for setup but other than that it works.
customer image Janeen Brady
Oxon Hill HIgh School
Oxon Hill, MD
Will be connecting this shortly and will likely call to make sure it's done right.
Expect it to be a big help and time saver giving me more freedom.
customer image Jeff Williams
Ameriprise Financial
Lancaster, PA
I love it, just have to remember to leave it at work when I leave for the day.
customer image Luecinda Johnson-Monroe
City of Riviera Beach
Riviera Beach, FL
Review You Requested
What I like about it is that it works! It is a replacement of one we got in November that suddenly died and left us in a lurch. The deceased has already been returned as requested. I also sent back some empty chocolate and orange tootsie roll wrappers for refill. :)
customer image Bill Sherriff
Sheriff & Asscoiates
Prairie Village, KS
electronic polycom switchook
I was surprised this costs $80+. I was not quoted anything for this on the phone. I do want to get dial tone using the headset. So I assume I need it for that function.
customer image Alan Kernc
KCS International LLC
New Holland, PA
Makes life for our customer service representives so much easier.
customer image Tracy Webb
Springfield, TN
User seems very satisfied.
We replaced our phone system with a new VOIP based system forcing us to replace headsets. One of our users received the Sennheiser CEHS-PO 01 with the electronic hookswitch. She seems very satisfied with the product.
customer image Farley Kamhi
NOITU Insurance Trust Fund
Jamaica, NY
It is a must have...
The electronic hookswitch is necessary for a great experience with your OfficeRunner.
customer image Mike Zitek
Zitek Insurance Group
Lakeville, MN
Headset Replacement Cable
This order was to replace a failed headset cable.
customer image Rob Foraker
Mountain Empire Unified School District
Pine Valley, CA
Great Product
Excellent help from customer service setting up the hookswitch
customer image Chris Macarak
On-Site Tires
Denver, CO
Customer Service
Very impressed with your customer service!
Would also love some more tootsie rolls!
customer image Karen Baer
Triton Wealth Management
Chester, MD
Electronic Hookswitch
This is the next best thing to slice bread. Beats having to deal with the motorized version.
customer image Donna Hamilton
Schultz Process Services, Inc.
Houston, TX
Great upgrade from the handset lifter.The lifter is great but the strips to attach the lifter to our phone always came off. They didn't last too long. We ended up using velcro of our own.
customer image Marcela Medellin
Windy City Linen
Wheeling, IL
Answer calls without a handset lifter?
Who knew eliminating the handset lifter would make my desk look cleaner? My old lifter was touchy. If my handset wasn't positioned just right, the lifter would lay down / hang up. I had it secured on the bottom with a wood block and velcro. There is a delay with the direct connect cord that I am still getting used to but other than that I am very happy with it.
customer image Paul Shields
Frank Hawley
Jacksonville, FL
Does the job
Not much to say other than the cable does what its suppose to!
customer image Dan Nierman
Crate Engine Depot.com
Grayslake, IL
My headset works again!! We got a new phone system here at work and did not have my headset for about a month. Called your help desk, they set me right up and I had the new part to get my headset working again ~ love the service and the promptness in which I received the product. And my neck no longer has a kink in it!!!
customer image Lisa Stoffel
Mtn. Empire Unified School District
Pine Valley, CA
Sennheiser Direct Cord
Direct Connect cord is a must! I like the fact that I can just push a button and be connected immediately to the caller.
customer image Gloria Hill
Cincinnati Works
Cincinnati, OH

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