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Sennheiser Binaural 3.5 mm Cell Headset
The sound quality was excellent but the muffs kept sliding off my head - especially when I looked down. Very annoying. Am returning for a set with more comfortable and flexible muffs.
customer image Alyce Hoge
Land Training
Spring, TN
Headset for Samsung 4G
Does this set have a volume control. It was for a household member and she indicated that they seemed "weak" on volume, but otherwise she loves them.
Excellent service on delivery.
customer image Roger Messenger
HIghland Beach, FL
Love it
I don't generally bother to write reviews, but.... I am network field engineer and sometimes working in very loud computer room environments. These light weigh headsets manage to block out a huge amount of ambient noise, the sound is clear and loud, and presumably the mic works well as I don't have complaints.
They get a lot of abuse from field work and so far they have been holding.
customer image George Young
G-L Data
Colonia, NJ
I was pleasantly surprised on opening the box when I saw chocolates included in the shipment. Thank you Matthew.
Now to the review.
I've been using this set for the past few weeks.
Pros - The sound is crystal clear. Music from a ipod sounds balanced. The microphone is good since I've not received a single complaint about voice quality from folks on the other end of the line. The headband is very comfortable and so are the ear cushions. I've used this set for long calls lasting more than 4 hours at a stretch without any discomfort. The sliding volume control works very well indeed. In fact it does override the phone's volume controls. This is very important since many phones sound loud even at the minimum volume setting.
Cons - What is surprising to me is that the gauge of the cable connecting the headset to 3.5mm jack is very thin matching that of headsets that cost $5/-. The cable connections to the headphone and the 3.5mm jack look fragile indeed. Frankly, I'm worried about the longevity of this otherwise wonderful headset. I believe that the design should have incorporated user replaceable cable connection between the headset and the 3.5mm jack since most headset problems arise with the cable connection. This would have increased the useful life of the headset.
However for now, its a good buy.
customer image Subrata Chattopadhyay
Dover, NJ
Great, great, great
This headset was a gift from my niece. They're perfect in every way, such nice sound quality and the mic is pretty clear.
customer image Pam I.


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