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Sennheiser ORL 12™ Handset Lifter

Sennheiser ORL 12™ Handset Lifter

Features at a glance

  • Allows you the freedom to answer and end calls while you're away from your phone
  • Compatible with all wireless office headsets from Sennheiser
  • Invaluable if away from the desk for long periods of time
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Answer and end calls while away from your desk with the push of a button. The ORL 12 is compatible with all wireless office headsets from Sennheiser. Back to top

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Sennheiser
Type Wireless
Wearing Style Not Applicable
Max Range / Cord Length Not Applicable
Connector Type (view connectors) Not Applicable
Weight 3 oz.
Compatibility Not Applicable
Microphone Not Applicable
Earpiece Not Applicable
Color Black
Special Technologies Programmable ring detection
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Battery Life Not Applicable
Reversible Not Applicable
Handset Lifter Compatible Not Applicable
Busy Light Not Applicable
Quick Disconnect Not Applicable
DC Adapter Compatible Not Applicable
Digital Encryption Not Applicable
What's in the box? Sennheiser ORL12 Automated Handset Lifter, Ring Detector Cord, Extra Long Ring Detector Cord, Extender Bar, ACC Cable, Tape
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Customer Reviews

Average Customer rating for this item: Sennheiser ORL 12™ Handset Lifter was rated 09 out of 10 by Customers (166 Reviews)

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Sennheiser ORL 12™ Handset Lifter
Customer Rating:
Mark Lawson
Salient Federal Soultions
Birmingham, AL
Customer Rating:
Your customer service team members are the BEST! I only wish I need to order more headsets!!!
Sabrina Day
American River Dental
Rancho Cordova, CA
Customer Rating:
Does not work on a Shoretel phone - cannot reach the handset
Brenda Boone
Lakewood, CO
Handset Lifter
Customer Rating:
Wish I had ordered this with my headset, it is a great tool. I can be anywhere in our office and answer my phone. The unit works fantastic.
Rodney Whetsell Jr
Beaverton, OR
Customer Rating:
Always excellent customer service!
Susan Jeannotte
Essex County OB/GYN Assoc., Inc
Beverly, MA
Customer Rating:
it throws the phone sometimes..
Brenette Hinmon
Accomack -Northampton Planning Commission
Accomack, VA
Customer Rating:
I absolutely love my headset even more know!
Sara Luna
Hutto Family Eye Care
Hutto, TX
Customer Rating:
Nelson Flowers
Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems
Springfield, MO
Customer Rating:
I love this lifter
Chanelle Wanner
All Financial Services, LLC
Owings Mills, MD
Customer Rating:
Steven Adkins
Appalachian Regional Coition is n Homelessness
Johnson City, TN
Headset Lifter
Customer Rating:
The lifter is a SAVE, love it. My only issue is with the headset itself. I put it on about 8am and by 12 I have to charge. According to the info the charge time is much longer, tried to call someone but they just put u on hold don't have time to hold on.
Replacement of Handset Lifter
Customer Rating:
Works great. The whole process was awesome! I really am happy with your products, customer service and follow up....thanks so much!
Maureen Conran
Colonial Life
Overland Park, KS
Customer Rating:
The supervisor using the lifter is completely satisfied with its performance.
Georgia Moreland
AAA Missouri
St. Louis, MO
Get this also!!
Customer Rating:
Clear, easy to follow directions make installation a breeze--Unit works great and is really a necissity with the headset--it is recommended in the brochures/website, but makes the headset much more efficient

Graham Family Dentistry, Inc.
Customer Rating:
Great service
Mary Davenport
SDSU College of Nursing
Brookings, , SD
Customer Rating:
Customer service ladies love this feature.
Scott Beaudoin
Greenstar Plant Products
Cambridge, ON
Customer Rating:
I so appreciate the wonderful customer service and support for Headsets.com.

Truly a Customer Driven company and people!!!
Maureen Conran
Overland Park, KS
Headset & Handset Lifter
Customer Rating:
Like it a lot they are so helpful to conduct business while on the phone
Yvonne Tilley
Superior Abatement Services, Inc.
San Diego, CA
Tricky but Great
Customer Rating:
Had a few installation kinks, but customer service was more than helpful in getting things worked out for me. Customer Service is more than outstanding.
Suzette Stahl
Olive Oil Source
Santa Maria, CA
Sennheiser ORL12 Wireless headset system...
Customer Rating:
Great system... but I was very disappointed that the connection Cables are not long enough for a neat installation. I will have to have cables made to work for me,
Patrick Callan
Fleet Maintenance of TX
Austin, TX
Double Duty
Customer Rating:
Received the handset lifter to work with the Sennheiser Office Runner. Easy to install and works great. Love the way the Office Runner lets me switch between phone and computer mode!
Michael Gebhart
Customer Rating:
I needed to call for help, the lift lever came with vague instructions.
Craig Powell
511 rideshare
Oakland, CA
Headset Lifter Review
Customer Rating:
Our Nortel Network phone have the headset feature built into the phones. I found this to be a lot easier to setup. Since I am not away from my phone that often I will definitely be returning the headset lifter.
Robert Ellison
Commonwealth Financial Network
Lynnfield, MA
handset lifter
Customer Rating:
Works Great
Tina Coffman
Stafford-Smith, Inc.
Lansing, MI
Customer Rating:
very good support
Gerd Stanszus
Innov Health Renewal Center
Anchorage, AK
Customer Rating:
Thank you for the great customer service!!
Linda Jensen
LPA Dental / DCC
Lethbridge, AB
easy, quick installation
Customer Rating:
This product was extremely easy to install and works perfectly for my needs
Rosalee Victorian-White
Transportation & Land Management Agency
Riverside, CA
Customer Rating:
All good! already sent comments to Mike and Julie
Warren Shwe
CLA Financial Advisors
Northbrook, IL
Customer Rating:
Debbie Hogan
Hilton Lisle/Naperville
Lisle, IL
Love This Headset
Customer Rating:
The sound quality is great. Go ahead and order the handset lifter. You will want it when you get the headset. Wish I hadn't waited so long.
Roswell Masonry, Inc.
Canton, GA
Works Great
Customer Rating:
This handset lifter was very easy to use & set-up on my phone.
Nancy Kwiatkowski
Infectious Disease Specialists of SE WI, SC
Brookfield, WI
Review for Handlifter
Customer Rating:
Have had issues with the handset lifter falling off the phone after being lifted. Even when the phone is lowered, it still falls sometimes.
Overall a good product but just need to work out the kinks
Michelle Williams
Bugatchi Uomo
Boca Raton, FL
Customer Rating:
I love headsets.com. So accommodating. So friendly when help is needed.
Fraize Susan
Infinity Consulting Services, Inc.
Carmel, IN
So far, so good with the lifter too!
Customer Rating:
I've been using the headset for a week and cannot imagine using it without the lifter. It allows me greater freedom and mobility to move about the office
Margie Barnett
Kevin J Palmer & Company, Inc
Visalia, CA
Customer Rating:
Does not work my current phone. I will be sending back.

Customer Rating:
Overall we are very happy with their performance. We did have a few minor issues but they were under warranty and Headsets.com was quick to remedy the situations.
Pat Abbe
AG Systems Inc
Lovely Lifter
Customer Rating:
The lifter is awesome! I definitely had issues in the beginning as far as setup & getting the adhesive to stick to my phone went. Called headsets.com about my setup issues and Jeff was able to walk me through it start to finish - which was awesome. You know, with a staff like you guys, you could sell water to an ocean and it would come back for more. Thanks for the outstanding customer service!
Janay Wise
Dream Design Builders
San Diego, CA
Works okay
Customer Rating:
The device can't tell the difference between the external call ringer and the internal call ringer. I only answer internal calls, but my phone rings for both as I need to be able to pick up external calls if necessary. Makes it a little bit annoying to wear the headset when i'm getting "ding ding ding" every time a call comes in. Otherwise it works great.
Paul Heald
Lacey, WA
Customer Rating:
Great service..Quick responce
Efrain Jimenez
Kosh Ophthalmic
Pompano Beach, FL
Customer Rating:
Works great!! Please see my headset review for further comments. Phyllis
Phyllis Pestka
Evanston Township H.S. Dist. 202
Evanston, IL
Good Product
Customer Rating:
I am actually on my second lifter. I had the first one for two years, unfortunately at about 1 1/2 years it started to not work properly. It turned out that the motor went bad. I should not have waited until it was two years old to call about it so it would have been covered under the warranty. Anyway, I replaced it with another and hopefully I get more years out of this one. When it is working properly, I really do like it. Makes leaving my desk very convenient.
Susan Gatto
Gallus Inc.
Philadelphia, PA
Customer Rating:
Larson Glenda
Larson Financial Group
Seattle, WA
Customer Rating:
you guys are the best!
Dawn Dorsey
Canova Moving & Storage
Fairfield, CA
Rises to the challenge
Customer Rating:
This lifter can be set to any height necessary to gain a connection. Once set you can usually forget it.

There is a blue light that flashes and it used to beep in the user's ear, but Headsets.com talked us through stopping that.
Ron Bolander
AUL Corporation
Napa, CA
Replacement Part/Product Reset
Customer Rating:
Getting the part replaced was easy and then I had issues with the button on my headset answering calls and hanging up. I called back and was able to get help resetting the headset and it works great now! Thanks so much! You guys have great customer service!
Angela Glaeske
Christian Family Counseling
Germantown, WI
New Lifter
Customer Rating:
Service was excellent as always. Thank you!
Suzanne Gillette
Coastal Eye Care, PA
Ellsworth, ME
Customer Rating:
Rick Novak
ACF Environmental
North Chesterfield, VA
Customer Rating:
Doesn't quite fit the base of my phone so the handset tilts I had to use the velcro sticks to straighten it out
Tana Gullatte
Dayton Public Schools
Dayton, OH
Customer Rating:
Customer Rating:
Makes an extremely loud noise every time it lifts.
Aundrea Mills
Precision Medical Products
Loomis, CA
love the 2 rings notify
Customer Rating:
Really easy to use and setup.
Need better instructions, I found help on youtube.
Rickie Street
Crossroads Outdoor
Eaton Rapids, MI
Customer Rating:

Customer Rating:
My employee that received the headset loves it. She was able to hook it up herself, and loves the freedom and clarity of the calls.
Betsee Lawson
Medford Foot & Ankle Clinic
Medford, OR
Amazing Staff!!!!!
Customer Rating:
I have never experienced the amazing support that this company offers anywhere else or with anyone else. The staff are absolutely number one and the service is unbelievable.
Michelle Kelly
City of Sault Ste. Marie
Onta, ON
Handset lifter
Customer Rating:
I had to install one of these on my Mitel phone to use the Office Runner unit even though I wasn't using one with my Plantronics unit. Not sure why??
Corey MacKnight
City of Winchester
Winchester, VA
Customer Rating:
Love my headset!!!! Can't do without it!!!!
Anna Brown
Hillcrest Memorial Park & Mortuary
Bakersfield, CA
I love it
Customer Rating:
I can't image my job without this product. We have been using them for quite some time now and we all love our headsets and lifters.
Bonnie Reighard
First National Bank
Fairfield, IA
Office Runner
Customer Rating:
Office Runner is a big improvement over the Plantronics headset I had been using. 1)Sounds much better with more types of cell phones, 2)A more comfortable headset, 3) Last 12 hours while Plantronics needed a recharge in 2 hours, 4) Looks WAY cooler than Plantronics on the desk, 5) Allows me to use the headset on Skype calls-couldn't do that with Plantronics, 6) Price is about the same as Plantronics with far more value. -(Sure glad you sent that Office Runner direct mail piece other wise I would never have known!)
Larry Bilotta
Life Discoveries Inc
Neenah, WI
Customer Rating:
Robert Warja
Marquette Bank
Orland Park, IL
it appears to work well
Customer Rating:
The phone system still isn't working properly (my fault) so I can't give it a complete review.
Diane Toepper
Customer Rating:
Works great.
Julie Carlisle
Enterprise Holdings
Lombard, IL
?? my title is purchasing, not sure what you
Customer Rating:
I am very happy with all of the service I have received from Headsets.com
Customer Rating:
It took two tries to obtain correct placement of lifter on the phone. once this was acheived, the lifter seemed very sturdy and durable. Much more sturdy than my previous lifter from a different manufacturer. I am very pleased with this product
Anna Kleinschmidt
Lexington, TX
Customer Rating:
Works great!
Lisa Ferguson
Tsurumi America
Glendale Heights, IL
Head set evaluation
Customer Rating:
I had an older head set and the new generation ear set is wonderful. Thanks. I love it.
Michael Ina
Arguello Pet Hospital
San Francisco, CA
Customer Rating:
Dennis Laverentz
Bestway Inc
Hiawatha, KS
Customer Rating:
Very easy to install and use
Wendy Adams
Schanzenbach consulting
Dillsburg, PA
Customer Rating:
Thank you!
Brian powley
Paradise Valley, AZ
Sennheiser ORL 12 handset lifter
Customer Rating:
it was easy to set up and works well. It is quieter then the handset lifter I had before, that has taken some time to get use to.
Brenda Mink
Motionworks Industrial Safety
Chickasha, OK
Automated Handset lifter
Customer Rating:
Doesnt work fantastic on my Panasonic ModelKX-DT343 as the handset has to be int the cradle fairly secure.
Farrell Smith
ProVantage Insurance
Customer Rating:
The Lifter works well. It speed is a tad bid slower then the previous one used by Plantronics but I have adjusted to its function.
Patricia Mollick
Career Counseling & Consultant
Long Beach, CA
it works perfect
Customer Rating:
I am so happy, that you all worked with us to purchase two sets. I have been telling my peers of what a great product this is.
Veronica Elizondo
Fort Worth, TX
Customer Rating:
Tish Conwell
Professionals Resource Network, Inc
Fernandina Beach, FL
Customer Rating:
Very pleased with the customer service I recieved
Laurel Downer
Linda Holdredge & Associates CPA
Loveland, CO
Sennheiser Handset Lifter
Customer Rating:
This is an essential piece if you purchase the OfficeRunner headset! We purchased 1 headset with the lifter and 2 without and once we saw how wonderfully the lifter worked, we order for the other 2.
Michelle c
Handset Lifter......one small thing.
Customer Rating:
I love that the lifter actually LIFTS, as well as returns the handset enough to disconnect the line. My last lifter never re-cradled completely. The only thing I have to say that I don't like, is that the sticky's to mount it are just not strong enough. It slips and slides all day long!
Amy Starks
Wilson-Goodman Law Group
Gilbert, AZ
handset lifter
Customer Rating:
Steve Harris
Trinity Orthopedics
Hurst, TX
Sennheiser handset lifter
Customer Rating:
The handset lifter was easier to set up and the one I had previously and it is more quite.
Christopher Brents
Goldsboro, NC
Handset lifter-
Customer Rating:
This lifter works better than previous models I have had. Others either lifted too high or not enough. This one works well. Maybe a tad slow to respond, but otherwise, it is excellent.
Jeff Johnson
Humboldt County
Winnemucca, NV
Customer Rating:
The overall experience is good. The issue I am having is recording the ring tone so that it will beep in my ear when the phone rings and I am away from my desk. The staff has been great in trying to assist me to make this feature work.
Mary Pepides
Largay Travel
Waterbury, CT
Customer Rating:
I think that it is essential to have the lifter. I can now walk away and not miss a call.
Richard Jasper
Opus Advisory Group, Llc
Purchase , NY
Customer Rating:
I hope my boss lets me keep it!!!!! I have gained so much freedom with the handset lifter. I have suggested that others in the Shapiro office get the same bundle and handset lifter and it appears that they will be purchasing at least a unit or two with the trade in offer that we used as well.
Michelle Wittreich
Mark S. Frank Attorney at Law, LLC
Warrensville Heights, OH
Great looking headset lifter, but...
Customer Rating:
The lifter has an LED that comes on every few seconds and the headset beeps in the user's ear at the same time. It is not message waiting or another call. We have trained it to lift to the height we wanted and do not think it is associated with that.
Ron Bolander
AUL Corporation
Napa, CA
Handset Lifter is horrible
Customer Rating:
The lifter does not work properly. The phone does not return back to its proper position no matter how often I reset it or prop up the phone. I was directed to watch a video to assist with set up and it was of little help. The lifter is useless if I can not be at my desk to return the phone properly.
Tia Zavaras
Benson Kerrane Storz & Nelson, PC
Golden, CO
Front Desk
Customer Rating:
Thought the handset lifter was cool but took too long to lift the receiver
Ann Wynboom
Gary R. Duven
Appleton,, WI
Customer Rating:
Marty Coe
Coe Equipment, Inc.
Rochester, IL
Headset lifter
Customer Rating:
Again, great product. I am hoping that I get the great deal on this headset like I did just recently, because I plan on ordering another headset next month
Ric Giles
Bayfront Open MRI/CT
Erie, PA
Customer Rating:
mary stradtmann
susan f grammer attorney
east alton, IL
Customer Rating:
The handset lifter has been great. I can now walk to the next room where our printer is and get something & not feel like I have to RUN back to answer the phone.
Kitty Strong
City of Champaign
Customer Rating:
Lany Hartanto
Lancaster, CA
Customer Rating:
Product is terrific. The instructions are lacking. Need a bit more installation detail.
Robert Spresser
Robert Spresser Ins. Agency Inc
Atwood, KS
Handset Lifter doesnt mount to current phone model
Customer Rating:
Unfortunately the ShoreTel 230 phone my current employer uses is an odd shape and the handset lifter cannot be mounted to it. (It has a half-moon shape to the base at the handset) So I don't want to give your product a poor rating, as I know it works, I used it at previous employer, just cannot use it here. :( I'll rate it as 50/50 and give you a 3. "Boo-hiss" on ShoreTel's part!!
Nora Griffin
McLeod Software
Birmingham, AL
Lifter and headset combined
Customer Rating:
So far so good. I like the pleasant tone it plays in my ear when the phone rings. The strong magnet to hold it in place. Very easy set up. #1 Customer Service. And the tootsie rolls - a very nice touch!!
Marney Bradley
Savannah, GA
Handset Lifter
Customer Rating:
Good product! Will order again for my co-workers.
Rose Crandall
Bon-Aire Industries, Inc.
Boise, ID
Customer Rating:
Absolutely wonderful.
Jan Billings
Blue Diamond Growers
Modesto, CA
Customer Rating:
Love my handset lifter..it truly is the best
Polly Marty
Community Living Options
Pine City, MN
Customer Rating:
I've had my headset since July and it has worked well for me. Was surprised when the lift quit working; but within two days I had the new lift and all is well. The tootsie rolls are a nice added touch to your packaging.
Claire Johnson
South Umpqua School District
Myrtle Creek, OR
Handset lifter
Customer Rating:
Great concept, however not all phones have a straight left side on the phone. Mine is curved. They did provide a longer lift stick but its not the proper fit for my type phone. I do however enjoy it. I wish though that if my phone did not hang up all the way it would give a warning or whenever the next call came in instead of me not hearing it at all and missing a call it would ring louder or just ring in general.Overall helpful to the headset package though
Mellisa Carter
Enza Zaden - Logistics
Salinas, CA
Handset Lifter
Customer Rating:
Loving this product! Wouldn't order the Wireless Headset without it!
Laurie Verheyden
Green Bay, WI
Customer Rating:
I love the product when it works.
Lori Decelestino
Numax Inc.
New Windsor, NY
Decent Lifter, doesn
Customer Rating:
I like that this lifter recognizes your phone ringer (after you program it) and will ring just for your ringer. However, it doesn't recognize all of the ringers for my Cisco phone
Mike Guthrie
Huron, SD
Customer Rating:
excellent works great
brian leiterman
centralbeer dist.
rothschild, WI
Customer Rating:
The new lifter works perfect...thanks for your great service, and yes, would love more tootsie rolls :-)
Jo Habib
Wailea Vacation Rentals, Inc.
Kihei, HI
Great Product!
Customer Rating:
We are really enjoying our Sennheiser ORL 12 Handset Lifter. We also have the OfficeRunner. These two items are literally saving my neck! Also, Bren has been fantastic!
Jamie Scearce
Julie M. McCarron, DMD, PA
Key West, FL
Customer Rating:
So far, so good. Have only used the units for one day, easy setup, easy to use.
Debbie Hogan
Hilton Lisle/Naperville
Lisle, IL
EH 69148
Customer Rating:
Man, it's great!
Jack Sherman
Sherman Insurance Agency
Euclid, OH
Love It!
Customer Rating:
Maria/Dan Goldsmith
Cardinal Construction Inc.
Pleasanton, CA
Defective replacement unit
Customer Rating:
Thank you for the excellent service. I took delivery of this replacement unit last week. It's tested working properly on a existing OfficeRunner station. Thank you for the prompt assistance, the cross ship return should be there soon if it hasn't delivered already.

Edwin Chan
Silver Spring, MD
Well worth the cost
Customer Rating:
I bought this as an add on to the OfficeRunner Wireless Headset from Sennheiser. The staff loves it and answers the phone from all over the building. Much better than running for the phone when they are at the copier. Well worth the $. Tech support helped set it up in mins.
Michael Welsh
Cornerstone Family Counseling
Manhattan, KS
customer service specialist
Customer Rating:
our phone system is programmed w/a headset button, therefore we do not have to pick up the receiver and place on our desk to answer call so this product is not needed in our agency
lisa dougherty
levy insurance agency llc
broomall, PA
handset lifter
Customer Rating:
it would work well if my phone was not wall mounted. I had to try to tape my handset to the lifter to make it work in a vertical position. I had to take it off the phone. I'm sure it operates well on a desk mounted phone.
mike larsen jr
windsor electric co., inc.
owings mills, MD
Sennheiser ORL12 Handset Lifter for Sennheiser Wireless Head
Customer Rating:
We purchased this in conjunction with the OfficeRunner Wireless Headset System. My agent loves it.
Paula Preti
Uniglobe Accent Travel
Peachtree City, GA
Customer Rating:
Kara Schoepfer
United Suppliers, Inc.
Ames, IA
Customer Rating:
I like being able to answer phone by the push of a button, instead of running back to my desk to lift the receiver.
Dawn Ward
Macomb Neurology Associates
Warren, MI
Customer Rating:
best ever I have used one for many years, but the new one is better and improved, works better, great product, and even better support, they are just great, can not be without my headset
robert reisor
r&r real estate
el cajon, CA
Customer Rating:
Outstanding product--works flawlessly. Directions are vague, generic, and in some cases contradictory--be prepared to try different configurations until it works. Once it does, you'll be pleased. And it wasn't free--I ordered it after I installed the OfficeRunner--it was close to $100 for the lifter.
Dennis Reynolds
Washington State University
Pullman, WA
Customer Rating:
Thanks for your quick service. They guys love their new office runners!
Karen Gross
Smith & Johnson, Attys
Traverse City, MI
Customer Rating:
Araceli Granados
FBIAM, Insurance Agency
Sugar Land, TX
Customer Rating:
Haven't had any complaints.
Kathy Finley
UTTyler Palestine Campus
Palestine, TX
It Really Works!!
Customer Rating:
I used the OfficeRunner for several weeks and had no problems whatsoever; no difficulties with set-up or operation. Clarity and reception are wonderful throughout my home. But....I found that it became a bit inconvenient to run to the base to answer calls, then run back to disconnect. Wow!!--once I purchased the optional ORL-12 Handset Lifter, I found that this little contraption makes it so much easier, convenient and fun to use the wireless headset. It's well-worth the $99 cost to add the remote answer/hang-up feature. Great idea, great manufacturer with a stellar reputation. Thank you!
Chris Echsner
New Beginnings Group, Inc.
Pensacola, FL
Product Review
Customer Rating:
I had a little trouble attaching the lift to my phone, since it has a rounded edge rather than a straight edge. But I finally managed it. Appreciated the extender arm for lifting.
Randi Folkerts
United Suppliers, Inc.
Eldora, IA
Handset Lifter
Customer Rating:
Easy to install right out of the box! Appreciate that there are extra sticky pads/parts available in the box for future need.
Teresa Horn
Adrian Dominican Sisters
Adrian, MI
Lifter does not operate correctly
Customer Rating:
barely lifts handset and adjustment mechinism does not work. I called your customer service and they are sending a new one. Thank you
Steve Lohman
The Lohman Group
Cincinnati, OH
Good Product
Customer Rating:
Great customer service.
George Leyendecker
Georgetown Library
Georgetown, SC
ORL 12 Lift
Customer Rating:
I really like that I don't forget to hang up the phone. Almost every time I used the headset previously I left the phone off the hook, not any more, thank you.
Kevin Carson
Sequim, WA
Replacement lifter
Customer Rating:
Thank you for replacing me phone lifter. It works perfectly. Your staff is always to helpful and friendly. Thank you.
Alison Frinks
Pain Management Service
Steamboat Springs, CO
What A Class Outfit - Great Company!
Customer Rating:
Very impressed with your products, but even more with your customer care!
David Arnovitz
Great Western Leasing & Sales, Inc.
North Salt Lake, UT
Office Runner
Customer Rating:
Love every aspect except after purchasing the lifter, the only option to pick up a call is to press the side of the headset. By mid day, my ears are sore from continually pressing it. Other than that, very comfortable to after adjustment, sounds are great. It really travels quite a bit of distance away from base. I rounded 2-3 walls and down a hallway and it still worked, but fuzzy.
Cindy Strandberg
Pediatric Clinic Inc. P.S.
Unhappy with Purchase
Customer Rating:
My company purchased the headset which I absolutely love (OR10) after getting the headset I decided to purchase the hanset lifter (ORL10) I've replaced the two-sided tape twice since purchasing it in Oct. The weight of the receiver when lifted pushes the cradle and loosens the tape.
Rhonda Steele
Handset Lifter
Customer Rating:
quick, easy to use.
Gloria Mushinski
Pennsylvania Machine Works
Aston, PA
If you have an Office Runner you
Customer Rating:
You have an Office Runner right? You walk around right? You use both hands while you're working right? Then why don't you have one of these? It's a "gotta have"!
Mark Sills
Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy
Orange, CT
One of my best purchases of the year
Customer Rating:
As much as I love my OfficeRunner headset, I found it frustrating to have to return to my desk to answer a call. Now that I have added the Sennheiser ORL 12 Handset Lifter, I have the ability to move around and still be “In Touch”.
David Perkins
Hackettstown, NJ
Love it!
Customer Rating:
We are absolutely loving our new headsets! Easy to setup, clear sounds and love being hands free!
George Mason
Dr. George Mason, D.D.S.
LaFayette, GA
Sennheiser ORL 12 Handset Lifter
Customer Rating:
The lifter works great. The only problem is that my phone (ShoreTel230) has a curved edge on the left side so the lifter doen't attached wery well. We had to go to a local plastic fabricator and build a stand that wraps around the left side so the lifter can sit properly.
Danny Alexadner
Black Angus Steakhouse
Los Altos, CA
its pretty good
Customer Rating:
lifter is good, but it does seem to take a while after you press the button on the headset to actually lift.
Jacob Miller
Orem, UT
Customer Rating:
Headset works fine now w/ the lifter.I can walk around office & still pick up incoming calls.
Kim Shinnebarger
Benefit Informatics
Jenks, OK
Customer Rating:
Instruction to set up was not clear at all - not worth the trouble if you can't tell me clearly how to set it up and use it
Sandra Reily
Rigging & Welding Specialists, Inc.
Baytown, TX
Customer Rating:
Annette who was speaking with you directly said this was the most plesant company she has delt with in months. Great Job.
mark cunningham
Ronceverte, WV
Customer Rating:
I enjoy this product a great deal. It lifts the receiver off from the hook with little effort every single time, hanging up just as quickly. Very nice. I had a bit of difficulty figuring out but, it was my fault for plugging things in wrong. Tech support was fantastic. Had it correct in about 1 minute.
Jerry Groot
G. W. Groot Piano Service Inc.
Grand Rapids , MI
Customer Rating:
I liked the rep and her attitude. There is static on the line and I hope the filter you are sending will solve it. With the handle piece that I had to pay for the phone price added up a little too much.
Dave Antypas
Brentwood, TN
Customer Rating:
Seems to work pretty well. Would be better if you could achieve a wireless connection.
Peter Dott
Northwestern Mutual
Westport, CT
Replacement Order
Customer Rating:
Great customer service. Keep up the good work!
Cora Smith
Mississippi Adolescent Center
Brookhaven, MS
Works great.
Customer Rating:
Easy to install. Don't experience delays in answering the phone as others reported.
Diane Williams
Dayton, OH
Sennheiser ORL 12 Handset Lifter
Customer Rating:
Angie Whitcomb
Shakopee Chamber of Commerce
Shakopee, MN
Germalina Ramos Order
Customer Rating:
The headset we ordered for the front office has been great and very helpful. The experience with this equipment has been very beneficial and helps us accomplish our job duties at the front desk easier and more efficiently. We have had no problems with the headset since we received it.
Germalina Ramos
Barfield Inc.
Miami, FL
Customer Rating:

I really like my new wireless headset I ordered from you. I'm not quite sure I like the lifter as it seems really unstable when lifted, sometimes the handset slips and falls lower so it won't hang up properly (this is a problem when I'm elsewhere in the office because I have to come back to the phone to manually hang up the handset) and sometimes the lifter doesn't lift the first time I press the answer button on the headset.

Am I doing something wrong? Did I install the lifter wrong? Could this lifter be defective as it was an "open box" item?
Channing Bridges
Royal Aloha Vacation Club
Honolulu, HI
Handset Lifter
Customer Rating:
It is nice being able to answer the phone while I'm away from my desk but I can't leave the room or I don't hear the phone ring; also the lifter is a little slow. I can answer the phone much quicker with the handset.
Janet Cunningham
Ace Iron & Metal
Columbus, OH
Customer Rating:
Apears to be working well. I like it.
Chuck Marks
Marks Insurance Agency, Inc.
Apalachicola, FL
Little trouble
Customer Rating:
Overall, love this lifter. Flexible and can be adapted to most any phone. I have used this lifter for a long while now. Unfortunately, I just had to buy a new one because the lifter hinge broke. So, it won't lift my handset anymore. I tried glue, no luck. Basically, the plastic lift arm has spun on the metal shaft that turns to lift it. It seems like for professional use it should be designed a little more hearty.
Brett Flory
IBM Corp.
Southlake, TX
hanset lifter
Customer Rating:
The handset lifter installed and functions well.
I wish the delay between the activation of the headset button and the lifting of the handset on the phone was a little quicker.
Ray Robinson
Midwest Refrigeration Systems
Paw Paw, MI
Customer Rating:
The lifter works pretty good it sure is helpful
Dallas Bodnar
Pinchjer Creek, AB
handset lifter
Customer Rating:
does not fit my phone properly have to keep adjusting now im trying the longer peice to see if that works better Ive been using it 2 days now i think its working going to give it another day to be sure. wish i could put phone on hold and transfer from anywhere but this helps a heck of a lot
dianne young
Charing Cross Dialysis
Catonsville, MD
ORL-12 Headset lifter
Customer Rating:
The device was shipped very promptly. It was easy to install and adjust. The lifter works as advertised. No concerns to date;unit has been in use for about 2 weeks.
Mark Aldrich
Mark A. Aldrich, D.P.M.
Antigo, WI
Sennheiser Handset Lifter
Customer Rating:
This lifter works ok, just can't get it adjusted to my phone, had to put something under the phone to get it to hang up.
Karen Dunn
Archey-Warren-Dunn Ins. Agency Inc.
Broken Bow, OK
Customer Rating:
Easy to install, comfortable to wear, works great, not too expensive.
Need the handset lifter, for sure.
Donna Delgoffe
Christensen Machinery & Supply
Menominee, MI
Does not work with Shoretel 565
Customer Rating:
The ORL 12 handset lifter does not work with the Does not work with Shoretel 565 IP phone, due to the physical shape of the phone, it has a bulging semi-circle left side "edge" by the handset and the lifter cannot reach the handset.
Brian Powers
King of Prussia, PA
Customer Rating:
I don't like the handset lifter. It doesn't seem to work right with my business phone. I don't need the lifter because I don't get up from my desk and answer phones. I wanted the headset so I can type while talking.
Kim Cherryhomes
Vick, Carney & Smith
Weatherford, TX
Customer Rating:
Works as advertised. Very convenient for answering calls while away from my desk.
Murray Robertson
Kingston, ON
Love it!
Customer Rating:
First I received the headset and had not order the handset lifter. When the handset lifter arrived I was excited to see how it would work together. I am now able to answer the phone and end calls from another room in the office. No more scrambling to get back to my desk when the phone rings.
Denise Smith
St. Charles Community Schools
St. Charles, MI
Customer Rating:
The handset lifter made all the difference! I love this system!
Daphne Fleury
Cohen Steel Supply
Concord, NH
Customer Rating:
So far agood product. Easily installed
Jerry Plant
Mark I Asset Mgt
Oklahoma City, OK
Customer Rating:
There seems to be lag time between when I press the headset button and the handset actually lifting. Too slow because the phone is continuing to ring!
Marjorie Mooneyham
Lake Norman Anesthesia
Mooresville, NC
not high tech enough..
Customer Rating:
This doesn't do what we had hoped. We were wanting to be able to answer the phone while not at your desk but since it doesn't know what line to pick up it doesn't allow you to answer the call. So it's pretty pricy just to be able to hang up from a call.
Jamie Clack
Columbus, IN
Customer Rating:
It didn't fit our NEC phone base; we had to jerry rig it to stay with double-sided sticky foam, but we couldn't get it to respond to the earpiece to pick up. Had to return it for another model.
Hugh Mills
Lykes Insurance, Inc.
Winter Park, FL
Works great
Customer Rating:
Confusing setup instructions but excellent telephone help from Headsets.com got it going.
Kate Herman
Hastings on Hudson, NY
Sennheiser ORL12 Handset Lifter
Customer Rating:
Works great
Paul Cole
C & P Insurance Services
Anaheim, CA

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Product is terrific. The instructions are lacking. Need a bit more installation detail.
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Customer Rating:

This lifter works ok, just can't get it adjusted to my phone, had to put something under the phone to get it to hang up.
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I needed to call for help, the lift lever came with vague instructions.
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