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Sennheiser Presence Bluetooth Headset

This little beauty packs a punch with Sennheiser-quality sound, design and features

Features at a glance

  • The Sennheiser Presence is the headset for executives on-the-go
  • Multi-connectivity with your cell phone and computer for seamless switching between tasks
  • The sliding microphone boom doubles as an intuitive power button, making sure your headset never gets turned on by accident.
  • 3 noise-canceling microphones to keep your conversations professional everywhere
  • Auto-adapts to environmental differences with WindSafe™ so you don’t have to
  • An extended talk time of up to 10 hours – enough for any amount of straight talk
  • Comes with a premium carry case to protect your investment while travelling
  • Up to 80 feet of range
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The Sennheiser Presence is the definition of on-the-go connectivity. With three noise-canceling microphones and signature SpeakFocus technology, this headset zeroes in on your voice and makes it clearer than any other Bluetooth headset.

Redefine your conversations with the Presence, which auto-adapts to all environments using WindSafe, so you don't have to. Compatibility with your cell phone and computer ensure you stay connected with who you want, when you want.

Work all day with 10 hours of talk time and a Bluetooth range of up to 80 feet. When work is done, you can use your headset to listen to music thanks to A2DP technology. It even comes with a premium carry case to make sure your headset stays safe and sound while travelling. Back to top

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Sennheiser
Type Cellular
Wearing Style In-the-Ear
Max Range / Cord Length Up to 80 feet
Connector Type (view connectors) Bluetooth 4.0
Weight 0.5 oz.
Lines: (telephone products only) Not Applicable
Compatibility Works with your existing cell phone
Microphone Noise-canceling
Earpiece Rubber
Color Silver
Special Technologies A2DP
Warranty 2 Year Replacement
Battery Life 10 hours
Reversible Yes
Handset Lifter Compatible Not Applicable
Busy Light Not Applicable
Quick Disconnect Not Applicable
DC Adapter Compatible Yes
Digital Encryption Not Applicable
What's in the box? Bluetooth headset, earloop, USB charging cable, USB car charger, USB Bluetooth Dongle, Spare ear buds, User Guide, Safety Guide
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Customer Reviews

Average Customer rating for this item: Sennheiser Presence Bluetooth Headset was rated 10 out of 10 by Customers (16 Reviews)

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Absolutely Awesome ... Sennheiser Presence
Customer Rating:
I'm a Real Estate Agent, so I'm on the phone constantly. This is by far the best Bluetooth Headset I have ever owned. The voice clarity is outstanding. When I'm talking, even in the wind or with my car's A/C full blast, my clients can still hear me extremely well with clarity. The Headset is very comfortable to wear - it took a few days, but now I hardly notice it is there. All-in-all, an excellent purchase for my Business :)
Rick DeAguiar
Yuba City, CA
Almost perfect
Customer Rating:
Great product, great quality, great design. If they would design the ear tip like Bose, this would have superior headset. I buy headset nearly twice a year. Hope newer design will come soon. Jeff Martin the sales person awesome
Best mobile bluetooth headset of 2014
Customer Rating:
I have owned and used the BOSE and Sennheiser VMX 200 mobile bluetooth headsets which were good but this Sennheiser PResence is mucher better. The 3 microphones vs the two that the BOSE and VMX 200 have along with Bluetooth 4.0 support is awesome.

It is excellent
Customer Rating:
I am still getting used to this headset, but my very particular clients tell me that it is clear and plenty loud enough, which is a blessing after other headset fails.
Larry Westbrook
Gordonville, TX
Just what I was looking for
Customer Rating:
super comfortable even after 8 hours - everyone tells me the reception they hear is great. I'd buy another if I needed one.
Jon Vance
Bell Canyon Consulting
San Diego, CA
Good Product
Customer Rating:
Jitesh Dega
Light weight and comfortable to wear
Customer Rating:
So far, so good. Please give me another two weeks before I make a final decision
Michael Finfer
Samuel Strapping System
Longview, TX
Awesome Customer Service
Customer Rating:
The headset is ok, a bit uncomfortable on the ear but I am sure I will get used to it! Your c/s rep, DJ, on the other hand, is AWESOME! Actually, your company is awesome, from the sticker on the box thanking us for being customers since 2001 to the surprise tootsie rolls inside, I was very impressed. Keep up the good work and thank DJ for representing your company so well!
Lynda Cockett
Aspire FCU
Clark , NJ
Customer Rating:
This is by far the best headset on the market. Clarity, light weight, range. All pro's, no cons. It's pricey but, if you want a Mercedes, it's going to cost you!
Kenneth miller
bushkill, PA
New Headset
Customer Rating:
Great product. Absolutely outstanding service!!!
Michael Spierer
Madison, WI
Best bluetooth to date
Customer Rating:
The Presence has the best noise cancellation I have had with any bluetooth. I've owned and tried many. 75 MPH on the interstate with my driver window all the way down and two people said they could hear me fine. Any louder and I wouldn't be able to hear them, so to me it can't get much better. The battery life has been excellent as well. I use it all day without needing a charge. Fits well it my ear without using the loop. Buttons are a little tough to push but not a big deal. Volume is loud enough, sound quality is maybe a bit less than my Bose but I don't use it to listen to music. Give this headset a try, I am totally satisfied!
Kevin Renner
Colorado Springs , CO
Stellar Service and Performance
Customer Rating:
What a difference in clarity and ease of use from the headset I retired in exchange for this. The Presence Bluetooth outperform all around. My husband experienced the difference immediately when I gave him a "test call." The customer service was exceptional. And the Tootsie Rolls….now, that hit my over the top happy place! One grateful customer
Sennheiser Presence
Customer Rating:
I have used this headset for about a month now and it has exceeded my expectations. The noise cancelation is outstanding and is very comfortable to wear. Headsets.com has been outstanding to deal with, very friendly with fast delivery. I highly recommend.
Scott T
Doylestown, PA
Customer Rating:
I do like the clarity of the device. I like that it voice prompts me as to approximately the power level left. For the most part it feels secure to my ear. I did have to have the over the ear hook as the ear buds were not quite there for me. I did feel that the center sennheiser button was a little harder to push than I like. For example I also have a nice Nokia and volume control and other buttons respond much easier. It is just that in the ear I feel like I am pushing the side of my head in! I also thought the volume could be louder. For the most part I am good with it.
Karl Kissinger
Customer Rating:
great sound quality and allows you to be quite far from the phone!
Angie Campbell
Specialty Forest Products
Algona, WA
Blue Tooth
Customer Rating:
a very nice well built headset its only been a week but I think I like it

chgo hts, IL

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Customer Rating:
Sennheiser Presence Bluetooth Headset was rated 5 out of 5 by Customers (16 Reviews)
Manufactured by: Sennheiser
5 based on 16 reviews
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What Customers Are Saying

Average Customer rating for this item: Sennheiser Presence Bluetooth Headset was rated 10 out of 10 by Customers

Customer Rating:

Great product. Absolutely outstanding service!!!
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Customer Rating:

great sound quality and allows you to be quite far from the phone!
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Customer Rating:

The headset is ok, a bit uncomfortable on the ear but I am sure I will get used to it! Your c/s rep, DJ, on the other hand, is AWESOME! Actually, your company is awesome, from the sticker on the...
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