Headsets.com benefits as of January 2013

Benefit [ben-uh-fit] - something that promotes well-being

Headsets.com employs above average performers who enjoy working hard and helping people. We believe in providing our Team Members with a variety of benefits both standard and innovative. Eligibility for benefits begins after 65 days of actual work unless otherwise indicated.


  • We offer a competitive base pay that varies depending on the position and location that you are applying for.
  • Raises—Headsets.com wants to ensure our hard working team members are being appropriately rewarded when the time is right. For this reason, we do not associate performance reviews with raises. While you will receive a performance review every 6 months during your employment, eligibility for a raise is looked at as often as every month.

Paid Time Off

  • Including Personal Time, Sick Time and Holidays, Headsets.com Team Members accrue approximately 23 days of paid time off per year.
  • Annual Double Week – Time off the recharge your battery is important, and we like to reward our long term Team Members with a little something extra. After completing three years of continuous service, Team Members who work a regular full time schedule, can pair an extra week of free vacation with a week of accrued PTO. This results in the potential for two consecutive weeks off every year, while only using five days of accrued PTO.
  • Sabbatical – At the end of your fifth year of full time employment with Headsets.com, you are eligible to take a four-week paid sabbatical. This means you get a month vacation, and you get paid all at the same time! Pretty amazing, right? Even better than that, you are eligible every 5 years after each sabbatical is taken, to take another one.

Medical and Dental

  • Medical and Dental benefits are available for Team Members after 65 days worked.

Community Involvement

  • Non-Profit Volunteer—After 65 days worked all Team Members are given the opportunity to take two days each year, fully paid, working for a registered charitable cause in a volunteer capacity.
  • Jury Duty—Full Time Team members on jury service receive 75% of their contracted pay rate, of up to 30 days per year with proof of service.
  • Time off to Vote—If your schedule does not allow you to make it to the polls, registered voters can receive up to two hours off to participate.

Learning & Growth Opportunities

  • Training Allowance—We want our Team Members to be the best of the best, and that's why we encourage them to find relevant training to further their careers at Headsets.com. You can request as much training as possible for your own benefit on the job at Headsets.com or in any future positions inside the company. Job related training, if approved, is paid for by the company.
  • World Class Trainers and Coaches—At Headsets.com we searched the world to provide our Team Members with some of the best coaches available. Our current coaching line up includes a Voice Coach who works with us via telephone from Australia, a Management & Organizational Coach in the UK and 2 highly trained Business Coaches.
  • Entrepreneurial Exit Program—Headsets.com was built with an entrepreneurial culture. We believe in supporting entrepreneurial ventures. If you feel you're ready for an entrepreneurial venture of your own and want to leave the company, you may be considered for a company grant, investment, or loan to help you get started.

Credit Union

  • As a Team Member of the Company, you are eligible to enjoy the benefits of Alliant Credit Union. Membership in the Credit Union allows you to take advantage of free banking and favorable interest rates for both savings and loans.

Simple IRA

  • Headsets.com has arranged for a Simple IRA plan through Charles Schwab in order for its Team Members to have a tax efficient way to save money for retirement. Team Members become eligible for enrollment in the plan after they have earned $5,000 in the preceding 12 months of employment with the Company. Currently, Headsets.com is matching your contribution dollar for dollar up to 3% of your year earnings.


  • The company, from time to time, may issue Stock Options to Team Members. These options provide Team Members the opportunity to buy shares in the Company, at a later date, at a price that is fixed when the options are granted.

Free Cell Phone Headsets

  • At Headsets.com we have a passion for headsets and we want our Team Members to be knowledgeable and experienced with our product. We provide each Team Member with one free cell phone headset per quarter. This headset can be for personal use, or to give away to friends or family.

Employee Discount

  • Headsets.com Team Members receive 50% off all orders on our website!NOTE: Benefits are subject to change at any time without notice