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What Headsetters Are Saying employees are a special breed."I work here because of the people. The hiring procedure is unlike anything I have ever experienced and it works. We all work hard and play hard and it makes for a great experience." –John Gillham, Credit Approval

"Being one of fifty employees, I feel like my opinions really matter and can make a difference. The company treats us like individuals, but within a team environment, each of us a contributing asset." –Amber Beam, Headset Advisor

"Two words come to mind when mentioning as a place to work. Second Family. Not only is it a GREAT company to work for who pride themselves in caring for their employees, but the people that work here have become a second family to me. We all care about each other and are always willing to help each other in any way possible." –Bree Dezort, Headset Advisor

"I love working at because I have a voice. Since day one I have been encouraged to provide ideas and feedback on everything from the new hire training I received to ways to improve the office. Seeing my ideas in action not only makes me feel part of a team, but it makes me feel like an important part of the team. I love!" –Anne-Marie Cavnar, Headset Advisor

"Working at has given me many opportunities to grow – I've been able to improve my Customer Service skills, learn how to provide technical support and I've definitely learned the importance of team work." –Eric Schmidt, Product Support

"It's hard to say what I enjoy the most about working at To say it in one word: People. To say it in two words: Fun people. The people I get to work with are incredibly unique and make working enjoyable for me. We love our Customers, and they know it which makes it fun to help them. I've been here for almost 5 years, and is by far the best company ever worked for in the 20 years I've worked in Customer Service." –JD, Headset Advisor

"I LOVE how here at HEADSETS.COM everyone makes plenty of room for fun and parties. The company goes out of their way to make the environment relaxed even though we are all still working very hard. I really loved the party we celebrated during Cinco de Mayo and how delicious the food was and how fun the games were. I will never forget it!" –Moriah Baribeau, Headset Advisor