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About Us

This is normally where we tell you how professional and experienced we are. We're going to skip all that jazz and instead talk about you. You're the reason we're in business, you're the reason we can pay the bills and hire employees and keep the lights on and pay for everything else we need to keep our business going. So we'd like to say thank you. And to repay you for supporting us, we're going to work our hardest to give you the best damn service you've ever received from a .com company.

A few facts you may not know:

  1. CEO Mike Faith, started the company in 1997, when he couldn’t find a supplier with detailed product knowledge, a complete range of headsets, fast shipping and satisfactory product support. Mike believed he could do better. is now the leading headset supplier in North America, with over 800,000 Customers.
  2. We put Tootsie Rolls in every package we ship. It’s weird, we’re not sure why we started doing it, but people seem to love it.
  3. We love it when you contact us. No really, we look forward to hearing from you. So please, pick up the phone anytime you need anything, even if it’s just to ask for a few extra Tootsie Rolls.

2013 at

Jason Headsetsdotcom – News outlets across the country covered Jason Sadler changing his name to Jason Headsetsdotcom in January, 2013 – we were the winning bidder at $45K. For 2014, Jason has sold his last name to someone else, and we are looking for new contenders that we can pay a lot of money to. Is it a whole football team? Is it the first child born in 2014 whose parents want to name them We don’t know the answer, but we’re ready for the best suggestion, and ready to pay. It’s the best publicity we received last year, and we’re hoping to double down next year.

Customer crowdsourcing – We get lots of good ideas from our 30 staff members, but we get even more ideas from our 700k US Customers. We emailed them with a chance to win $1,000 for them AND $1,000 for their favorite charity for ideas, fixes, suggestions, etc. The next day, we have had nearly 1,000 responses from Customers. Customer crowdsourcing is inexpensive, makes Customers feel special and yields some great ideas. Every business should be doing this.

Slimming your workforce, literally – During 2013 we offered to pay our staff $1,000 each to either quit smoking or meet a weight loss goal. As a company we lost just around 2% of our weight (that is equivalent to two of our lighter team members) and have had over half the smokers quit. Our 2014 Healthy Healthy (great name, right?) initiative is going to be even more rewarding.