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Which headset will work with my phone?

At we carry a full line of headset models compatible with 99% of makes and models of phone. The top manufacturers of office telephones are Nortel, Meridian , Panasonic, Lucent, Avaya, and AT&T. We've extensively tested all the top models and guarantee that they will be compatible with the wireless headsets we carry, specifically the Sennheiser wireless headset line, the Plantronics CS headset line, and the Jabra wireless headset line.

The two phone models that have shown compatibility issues with Plantronics CS line are the Meridian 2250 and Partner Phone system (a model of phone made by AT&T, Lucent, and Avaya). If you have a Partner phone and would like to go wireless we have two excellent options, the AT&T Marathon Wireless Headset Partner Bundle or the Plantronics CT14. If you have the Meriridan 2250 system you'll need to use the Plantronics P10-2250 and any Plantronics H-series headset.

We've noticed lots of people looking for compatibility information with our headsets and various models of phones - particularly Plantronics headsets and Sennheiser headsets - and have seen that some of them misspell the brand names...

Plantronics is commonly misspelled as: Platronics, Pltronics, Palntronics, Plantroncs, Plantronix, Plantronic

Sennheiser is commonly misspelled as: Senheiser, Sennheizer, Sennhiser, Sennhizer

Avaya is commonly misspelled as: Avya, Avay

Panasonic is commonly misspelled as: Pnasonic, Panasonix, Panysonic

We've tried to build some intelligence into our search feature to help out, but if you find your searches on our site or at Google or other external search sites don't give you the expected results, please check your spelling of the manufacturer name.