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Jabra is a very well established developer and manufacturer of top class headsets. They specialise in both wireless and corded headsets and trade worldwide. Since being founded in 1983 Jabra have consistently delivered cutting edge headset technology.

Perhaps the most important thing to know about Jabra headsets is the level of innovation in Jabra wireless headsets, allowing extensive operating ranges and long battery life - essential for modern business.

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We're very pleased to able to offer a very extensive range of Jabra headsets available to buy online. It's all part of our aim to deliver the perfect headset suited to your needs.

When looking for a sense of durability, along with quality, buying Jabra corded headsets are a good option as this particular manufacturer excels in extraordinarily solid construction. We also provide Jabra amplifiers that work with PC/Mac or your office phone. There is also a Jabra wireless computer headset available for use specifically with VoIP, Skype or multi-unit conferencing across a network.

The Jabra headsets range is quite diverse, with many corded and wireless accessories also available.

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Jabra GN9350e Wireless Headset Basic Bundle Jabra GN9350e Wireless Headset Basic Bundle

The dual-function Jabra GN9350e wireless headset provides high performance in both traditional and PC-based VoIP telephone environments.

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Jabra GN2010 Monaural Soundtube Headset Jabra GN2010 Monaural Soundtube Headset

Sleek and lightweight, GN2010/2100 SoundTube headsets are the natural evolution of voice tube technology and design.

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