Customer Testimonials

Below you'll find a bunch of great thoughts and feedback from some of our Customers. You can also checkout some vidimonials (those are video testimonials) here.

“Every single time I have dealt with your company the people have been wonderful! I only buy headsets from you and always will.”
customer image Paula Duhn
Contract Loan Processing
Santa Ana, CA
“I called one day and the next day my headsets arrived - how do you improve on that?”
customer image Gene Blessen
State Farm
Redmond, WA
“Being able to talk with an online Headset Specialist was very impressive. Will order headsets from you from now on because it was so easy to do.”
customer image Michelle Smith
Medical Technology Inc.
Grand Prairie, TX
“The Headset Specialist I spoke with was very nice, personable, had an impressive knowledge of Plantronics headsets, and answered all my headset questions. I found your web site to be user friendly!”
customer image Michelle Rodriguez
Jenkens & Gilchrist
Washington, DC
“If your headset service continues to be as excellent as our first contact, you'll be seeing many more headset orders!”
customer image Tami Bricco
Main Street Software
Tigard, AZ
“My headset shopping experience with you has been the most pleasant encounter I have had in years. Thank you for your promptness and positive attitude.”
customer image Marilyn Lassiter
Ww Foods
Goose Creek, SC
“You are all very helpful and knowledgeable in Plantronics headsets; I will be sure to recommend your services to my colleagues.”
customer image Stephen Purdom
International Equity Syndicate
New York, NY
“Every time I call, I m so impressed with how I ve been treated by your representatives. I wish every company cared about their Customers the way does!”
customer image Lisa Daiey
Alexandria, KY
“I would like to say it was a pleasure to work with your Headset Specialist. He was very helpful and most professional in helping me choose a Plantronics headset!”
customer image Sue Spisak
San Francisco, CA
“The live chat feature worked great, I loved the responses. I will be back for more headsets!”
customer image Winston Faircloth
Omni Electronics
Georgetown, KY
“I went online, made the purchase of my headset, and 3 days later here it is. I am going online today to purchase another headset!”
customer image Claire Hahn
Anaheim Convention Center
Anaheim, CA
“I liked the live online Customer Service feature on the web site [and] headset product reviews. It helped me to choose the right Plantronics headset for my needs.”
customer image Janice Dodds
Rmi Answering Service
Sarasota, FL
“Your Headset Specialist was courteous and thorough in every really stands out when you are dealing with a person who understands the true meaning of Customer Service.”
customer image Jacques Blaauw
J Events, Ltd.
Chicago, IL
“Best Plantronics Customer Service of all the places I have ever called.”
customer image Lyn Luzwick
Opamp Technical Books
Los Angeles, CA
“Your Headset Specialist handled my call with expertise and in a quick, but unrushed, manner.”
customer image Betty Smith
Richmond Office Center
San Pablo, CA
“We are tickled pink with your service and Plantronics headsets!”
customer image Chris Carvalho
Prestige Remodel
San Jose, CA
“Thank you for making my job easier to do. Great Customer Service and the headset deliveries are never late!”
customer image Kathi Wilson
Idx Systems Corp.
Seattle, WA
“The Headset Specialist instantly recognized that I was about to order the wrong headset and directed me to the correct Plantronics one!”
customer image Renee Colwell
Cincinnati, OH
“I've been very pleased with your headset service...your support staff were helpful, patient, and friendly.”
customer image Janice Pliskie
Mosinee Manufacturing
Mosinee, WI
“This headset order was really fast and totally painless! You have this down to an art!”
customer image Sue Cornforth
Midwest Surgical Assoc.
Olathe, KS
“You made me feel comfortable with knowing that if I needed help with my new Plantronics headset, you would be there.”
customer image Dawn Correa
Hawaii Emergency Physicians
Kailua, HI
“I appreciate the headset knowledge, variety of headsets, and the quick and smooth handling of shipping.”
customer image Kathy Farber
Benefit Designers
Austin, TX
“I received great headset service. The Plantronics headset arrived in good time and I really enjoyed the ability to speak to a live person when I called.”
customer image Suzanne Hildebrand
Lighthouse Christian Fellowship
Anchorage, AK
“Your service was wonderful and your timing was great. Thank you for your fast headset service.”
customer image Annette Nelson
Matrix Sports Group
Livermore, CA
“Thank you so much for realizing what an important part Customer Service plays. I am extremely satisfied with my headset thanks to your amazing staff.”
customer image Mary Copeland
Studer Group
Hays, KS
“Yours is the best Customer Support of any headset website we visited!”
customer image M Roberts
Electronics Int'l
Bend, OR
“Well pleased with your Headset Specialists but especially with your headsets!”
customer image Zina Bull
Morristown Hospital
Morristown, TN
“I have been extremely impressed when buying Plantronics headset from you - the Customer rep even made me laugh!”
customer image Laura Jimenez
Miami, FL
“Your Headset Specialist...assisted me not only with the new Plantronics order but in regards to a discontinued headset model.”
customer image Lynn Abud
Arizona Dystonia Inst.
Scottsdale, AZ
“The Customer Service rep was great - very informed, helpful and seamless. We then received the headset a day sooner than expected!”
customer image Bonnie Kovacs
Allied Home Mortgage Capital
Richmond, VA
“I really appreciate the excellent Customer Service your company provides. I always get prompt assistance and our headset orders are processed quickly.”
customer image Yvonne Osborne
Aetna Financial Service
Honolulu, HI
“I've been very pleased with your headset system. More impressive are your Customer Service Representatives and their willingness to help.”
customer image Cynthia Robert
Family Practice Associates
Corpus Christi, TX
“I had a small order, yet there was no pressure to buy more headsets! I will definitely order headsets from you again.”
customer image Tim Burgad
American Fork, UT
“Your wireless headsets are great and your Customer Service is perfect. You have managed to get the best people for Customer Service.”
customer image Annice Roberts
Kroll Worldwide
Franklin, TN
“Our compliments to your headset organization, for an excellent product and for the outstanding quality of your support staff.”
customer image Edward Smola
Doctor Of Dental Medicine
Hadley, MA
“Without a doubt, the best company I have ever worked with. You have me as a lifetime Customer.”
customer image Kristine Johnson
Dywidag Systems Int'l
Tucker, GA
“Every time I have placed an order...I have been blown away by the excellent Customer Service that you guys have shown.”
customer image Chris Gordon
Hoya Vision Care
Modesto, CA
“You and your staff are one in a million; wonderful, helpful, and kind!”
customer image Pam Cain
Genesee Hematology-Oncology
Flint, MI
“Just wish I could encounter great headset Customer Service like yours everywhere. You're the best!”
customer image Terri Wisham
Ocala Eye
Ocala, FL
“You have proven, once again, to have the best headset Customer Service of any and all companies I deal with.”
customer image Mike Sinclair
Tri County Industrial Park
Vancouver, WA
“Customer Service is world class, a pleasure, always caring, knowledgeable about headsets, efficient, and professional!”
customer image Aaron Greenberg
Advice Staffing
New York, NY
“Every Headset Specialist I have dealt with has been very knowledgeable, courteous, and professional!”
customer image Fran Brown
Bone Robertson & Mcbride Inc.
Concord, CA
“You have cheerful, helpful, and knowledgeable Headset Specialists.”
customer image Dorothy Seniw
Jewish Community Services
Miami, FL
“Customer representative was a port in a storm, water in a desert, and a great Headset Specialist. A perfect 10!”
customer image Nancy Brown
Bank Of America
Greenbrae, CA
“Customer Service [had excellent headset information] and was very helpful. Your delivery service was quick.”
customer image Lois Haddaway
Ronald T Carter Dds Pa
Baltimore, MD
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