Customer Testimonials

Below you'll find a bunch of great thoughts and feedback from some of our Customers. You can also checkout some vidimonials (those are video testimonials) here.

“Thanks for always being so helpful!”
customer image Martha Baldwin
Capital Associated Industries
Raleigh, NC
“Our IT department orders our headsets. I have had the GN9150 since 2005. Great product. Love it!!”
customer image Irma Babcock
City Of Encinitas
Encinitas, CA
“I wish I could buy everything from you! You are the best!”
customer image Dina Collins
Cornerstone Insurance Services
Folsom, CA
“I've already told co-workers about the headsets and they have made purchases; especially our tunnel operators.”
customer image Kathleen Yoda
Honolulu, HI
“Continue doing what you are doing. Every time that I have had to call it has been positive. I am always expecting the worse news, but so far there has always been a fix. Yeah!”
customer image Cindy Herzog
Storehouse Of Religious Goods
Austin, TX
“ has the Best Customer Service that I've ever dealt with and I deal with a lot of them. A+++ in my book!”
customer image Teresa Alderson
Tabor Dental Associates
Hendersonville, TN
“Always a great customer service experience.”
customer image Doug Johnson
Valor Partners
Roanoke, VA
“I wish other CSRs could be trained to be as courteous as the two I have dealt with.”
customer image Elisabeth Miller
Rok Systems Llc
Belmont, MI
“Ashley was extremely courteous and knowledgeable about the product. Always a pleasure to with reps!”
customer image Suzanne Smith
Surry County Tax Department
Dobson, NC
“We love the friendliness of your CSRs - Thank you! It's great that they are proficient with their tools to bring up account info so quickly.”
customer image Gina Kaiu
Bervar & Jones
Honolulu, HI
“Love the friendliness of your people & practices”
customer image Patti White
Cypress Fairbanks Womens Clinic
Houston, TX
“You guys are always fantastic! When I move to San Francisco, I am going to come work with you!”
customer image Simon Griffith
La Jolla Pediatrics
San Diego, CA
“Staff is very pleasant and helpful. Annie really went out of her way and took her time to help me.”
customer image Natalie Coffeen
Dr. Carroll
Yuma, AZ
“Miranda was able to set her headset up herself. She said the instructions were very easy to follow!”
customer image Theresa Miller
Norfolk, NE
“Service is great! Received my order in 1 day! Wow!”
customer image Barbara Miller
North Georgia Regional Collection Agency
Dalton, GA
“Your employees have the best customer service skills I've ever encountered.”
customer image Deborah De Veaux
Puget Sound Orthopedics
Tacoma, WA
“We Just wanted to thank you for your quick service. Your customer service rep. (Patience Mitchell ) was very helpful. The lifter works great, and I enjoyed the tootsie rolls. The defective lifter has been returned, and should arrive soon. Thank you again for your service.”
customer image Rindy Faust
A.e. Stone Inc
Egg Harbor Township, NJ
“I am impressed with your company's customer service approach- very good!!”
customer image Alec Neider
Liverpool, NY
“You guys are the BEST! Every time and each person I talk to is cheerful and helpful. Great team! Best customer service ever!!”
customer image Trudi Valdivia
Rw2 Enterprises Llc
Boca Raton, FL
“As always, the team at have provided perfect customer service. Something as simple, but necessary to our business, is always an easy execution. Top notch service.”
customer image Josh Miller
West Coast Trends Inc.
Huntington Beach, CA
“Thank you for your outstanding service. Great company to work with.”
customer image Paul Manke
Pc Marketing
Ridgefield, NJ
“Couldn't be better. Service has always been helpful. Everyone is very nice, orders go out quickly.”
customer image Barbara Isley
J. Mann Inc.
Novato, CA
“I just got it set up on Saturday and had a few hours of calling, road trip up to a family reunion North of Salt Lake on Monday, got situated Tuesday and started calls Wednesday. áI was able to make sales calls and consulting calls on all 3 levels, outside on the balcony looking at snowy mountains surrounding me and was able to mute, take and end calls super quick... I am able to dial super fast, dialed in to some meetings on skype, one on google hangout and it switches super fast thanks to the base tech and the switch cord. áI will for sure do some reviews with the links you supplied. áI can do photos and video for youtube or facebook if you like just let me know.”
customer image Josh Bailey
Ontop Digital Llc
Queen Creek, AZ
“Lawrence Shine is great!”
customer image Larry Stein
Hendersonville, NC
“Great customer service.”
customer image Larry Stein
Hendersonville, NC
“We appreciate the help of your staff and the hard work they do to resolve our issues.”
customer image Vanessa Montalvo
Houston, TX
“You guys/gals are always the best! Thank you!”
customer image Debbie Elsen
Gsv Asset Management
Redwood City, CA
“Thank you, Ashley, for your time and attention and capability today. I especially appreciate you taking the time to get briefed on all my equipment and all my problems.”
customer image Stefan Levy
Strategic Interlinks
Cary, IL
“Great customer service. Always helpful!”
customer image Brenda Thacker
Portsmouth, OH
“I really appreciate the personal touch your company adds to EVERY order.”
customer image Charles Fulmer
Commonwealth-Altadis Inc
Fort Lauderdale, FL
“Excellent service, fast shipping!!”
customer image Diane Douglas
Tullahoma, TN
“Really like the OfficeRunner.”
customer image Donna Stresing
Steren Management Company
Cudahy, WI
“You guys are the best company I deal with.”
customer image Nikki Lewin
Joel H. Kaplan, Md
Woodmere, NY
“I am so happy that the Circuit Clerk of LaSalle authorizes funds for us to have one of your headsets. Love my job, love my headset!”
customer image Val Scalora
Lasalle County Circuit Clerk
Ottawa, IL
“The representative was very knowledgeable and helpful. He took the time to explain the answers to my questions thoroughly. He was very patient.”
customer image Suzanne Sauer
Indianapolis Independent Pediatricians P
Indianapolis, IN
“I just wanted to thank you for your superb customer service today!!! You were extremely friendly, professional, helpful and efficient; in fact I received my requested invoice before I even hung up the phone! Sadly, I find this high-quality service absent in many of my personal and professional experiences; this short call helped regain my confidence that there are companies and people out there that care! Also, I manage a very high-volume customer service unit and I can tell you that this experience would be the prototype for my staff! I just wanted to take a moment to thank you (as I suspect most do not) and share this with you and hopefully your supervisors (although I suspect they know). I have an extremely high standard for customer service and you far exceeded every expectation I had; great job!!!! Thank you again and have a great weekend! Joel”
customer image Joel Davis
Suny At Albany
Albany, NY
“The young lady handling the order was great along with the fellow who helped with the battery installation.”
customer image George Osborne
Barters International
Jackson, MS
“You guys are the best in comparison to most other service and/or product companies that I work with.”
customer image Gene Kalika
Collinsville, IL
“Everyone is wonderful at I spoke with a person on the phone as well as using the online chat service. Both were extremely helpful and surpassed my customer service expectations what an excellent company. I will continue to support them. Thank you for your help.”
customer image Lisa Henton
Fashion Optical Displays
Paradise, CA
“You guys have always given me the best Customer Service!”
customer image Jennifer Hoffman
Absolute Dental Services
Durham, NC
“Have only had it 1 week. Still getting used to it. Had the GN Netcom wireless before this and enjoyed it. The sound is good in the OfficeRunner. Don't like having to push the phone icon before it engages after it's been on the base. Find it cumbersome that it charges upside down from how you wear it. When you pluck it off the base you have to turn it 180 degrees. My old one was one movement. Sounds silly, but as I said still getting used to it. No complaints from others on how they hear me. Feels pretty good on ear, though struggle a bit with the fact I wear glasses too. I don't use over the head option. My opinion may change as I get more used to the product.”
customer image Pat Hutto
Healthcare Administrative Svcs
Everett, WA
“I recommend your product every chance I get.”
customer image Sandy Zajac
Robert Jakubiec Dds
Middletown, CT
“Ordered late in afternoon Thursday received on Friday before lunch, great service!”
customer image Jeff Underwood
American Carpet Wholesalers
Dalton, GA
“I love our headsets. Wish I had one at home.”
customer image Patti Pollard
Bremen Dental Depot
Bremen, GA
“Could you please take over managing the escrow department of my homeowner's association because they are making the document process unnecessarily difficult while I am selling my home and you all rock and handle business intelligently! Thanks.”
customer image Karen Awad
Aliso Viejo, CA
“If you get calls that seem like pranks, it's because some of our recruiters here have threatened to call you guys up just to test the Customer Service”
customer image Christopher Fabiszak
Washington, DC
“The long and short of it is that the service at is quite literally superlative. I've been working in customer service for a long time, and I've never been so consistently impressed or satisfied. Not only is everyone friendly, but they also solve my problems in under 60 seconds. In fact, the whole process is streamlined, which is what I like best about your company. I don't waste time giving stupid information or otherwise.”
customer image Christopher Fabiszak
Washington, DC
“Your service and credit option was extremely helpful, and I was able to continue working the next morning absolutely FAST.”
customer image Regina Greene
Maryville, TN
“Jeff was great! Thank you for your amazing service.”
customer image Brenda
Project Sentinel
Santa Clara, CA
“I can't believe I waited so long to start using a headset.”
customer image Danita Lewis
Hillview Middle School
Palmdale, CA