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9120/9125 Basic Troubleshoots


I do not hear a dial tone.

• Check that all the cords and plugs are connected correctly.

• Check that the power adapter is plugged in and has power.

• Check that the on-line indicator is lit. If it is not, place the headset in the base unit and take it out again.

• Check that the battery is charged. If the battery is fully charged, the battery charging indicator on the

base unit will light when the headset is placed correctly in the base unit.

The person I am talking to has difficulties hearing me.

• Check that the mute function is off.

• Check the position of the boom arm and make sure that the microphone is placed as close as possible

to your mouth.

• Readjust the microphone volume.

• You may be out of range of the headset’s base unit. Move closer to the base unit.

My battery charging light keeps flashing and will not go solid.

Check the battery is correctly fitted inside the headset, and/or the headset is placed correctly in the


I have set up my GN9120 correctly, but I am getting a buzzing sound on my headset.

Your telephone may not be fully immune to the radio transmission between your headset and base. To

overcome this problem, move the base at least 30 cm/12” away from the phone. If you have a European

version, you can instead choose to set the headset to Low Power mode.

The person on the other end of the line says he/she cannot hear me.

Ensure that the Telephone Termination Switch is in the correct position and that you have adjusted the

Transmit Power.

When I press the MFB (Multi Function Button - the GN equivalent of the “call control” button) the GN 1000 RHL lifts but the call is not connected.

When using your GN 9120 with a GN 1000 RHL, make sure that the base is connected to the telephone’s

handset port and not the headset port. Please refer to the illustrations in the GN 1000 RHL Quick Guide

My headset echoes.

Make sure your telephone’s volume control is set to a mid position or lower. If necessary, adjust your

microphone volume on the headset to a lower setting

I have a GN 9120-xx-1x, the version with built-in Electronic Hook Switch, but it doesn’t work

with my telephone

Please make sure that the GN 9120 is compatible with your telephone system, and set the GN 9120 in

the correct mode. For standard telephones and for use with GN 1000 RHL, please make sure to put the

GN 9120 in RHL mode.

My headset was working but now it has stopped, no indicators are lit.

Your headset may need pairing to the base. Refer to “Registering a new master headset” in HDS answers

Replacing the battery

The battery provided with the product will provide you with years of use.

If you need to replace the battery, complete the following:

1. Remove the wearing style as explained in section 5 the quick guide.

2. In the headset receiver, where the battery is located, press down the

plastic tab securing the battery and pull the battery out.

3. Insert a new battery into the battery compartment.

Note: Make sure that the battery is placed correctly in the headset with

the + of the battery corresponding to the + indicated in the battery slot

of the headset.

4. Re-attach the wearing style as explained in section 5 in the quick guide.

Memory reset

When the battery is removed or the power adapter is unplugged (for at least a few seconds), all

customized headset settings are returned to factory-set default settings.

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