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AC/DC Adapter Specs for S12 and T20 (BOTH DISCONTINUED) Are there 2 Different Power Cords for the S12 and T20?


In JUNE 2009, Plantronics made a change to the DCA power cord for S12 and T20 bases.

This is important to know because they are not interchangeable. So, to recap:

Plantronics changed the S12/T20 DCA and its connection on the base. This means that:

- Old DCA’s will not fit New S12/S11/S10/T20 bases

- New DCA’s will not fit Old S12/S11/S10/T20 bases

In order to make sure we send out the correct DCA for the S12/S11/S10/T20 the Customer has, It is extremely important to check the part number on the plug the Customer currently has for their base. (If DCA is missing, check date code undeneath base)

NEW Plantronics S12/S11/S10/T20 Adapter: (same as AP15 adapter)

Input: AC 100-240V~50/60Hz 0.2A

Output: DC 9.0V 500mA

Part Number: 80089-05 (P/N on plug - 77391-01)

Catalog Number: 1548

CLASSIC Plantronics S12/S11/S10/T20 Adapter:

Input: AC 120V 60Hz 5w

Output: DC9V 300mA

Direct Plug in Class 2 Transformer

Part Number: 73079-01 (P/N on plug - 45561-03)

Catalog Number: 9192

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