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Activating/Deactivating Voice Prompts for the Sennheiser MB Pro1/2

Sennheiser MB Pro Bluetooth headset voice prompt directions

1) Switch the headset on

2) Simultaneously press and hold the headset’s multi-function button and Audio button for 5 seconds

The voice prompts are now activated/deactivated and the voice prompt “Voice on” or “Voice off” is announced in the headset. If the voice prompts are deactivated, the headset emits beeps.

Want to hear how much battery you have left in your headset?

With the newer headsets: You can double-click the mute switch (push it in twice rapidly), which should tell you how much time you have left before you have to charge again.

For previous versions: You can hear how much time is left by pressing the multi-function button (on/off button)

Time for a new Bluetooth headset?

Many Sennheiser Bluetooth Customers have switched to the Leitner LH370!

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