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Adjusting Chromebook Sound Settings

Chromebook is similar to Windows but has a few distinct differences that you simply weren't prepared for. But that's why we have this article, to break it all down for you and get you on the phones!

Changing the audio settings on a Chromebook

Chromebook Audio Settings

  1. As soon as the USB is connected it will be recognized
  2. Click on the bottom right (by the time, battery, wifi etc.) and you will get the pop up below.
  3. Click on the arrow (when you hover over it, it will say “Audio settings”)
  4. In the picture below it will give you the option to choose your input and output.
Chromebook audio settings part 1
Chromebook audio settings part 2

That’s it!

Please note: there is no sound settings to check with communication apps (that we know of - prove us wrong!). For example I was using Vonage business and Teams and the audio settings could not be found.

Time for a new headset?

Many Chromebook users are already using the Leitner LH270!

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