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Adjusting notifications in Leitner wireless headsets

Ring detection not loud enough in your Leitner Wireless Headset? No problem, if you have a handset lifter or EHS cable! Follow these quick steps and you should be able to hear when your phone is ringing, even when out of earshot!

Note: To adjust the ring detection sound, you must first be hearing the sound

1. Either have someone call your phone, or call it from a different phone

2. While the phone is ringing, you should be hearing sounds in your headset (if you have a lifter or EHS cable). While that sound is going on, push the plus or minus button on the headset itself

  • Plus will make the sound go up, minus will make it go down

From here you can play around with it until you get it where you want it. Note: we cannot get rid of this sound completely, in most cases.

We do not currently know of a way to change the other beeping sounds in your headset, like the mute notification beeps.

Currently, the battery beep notifications are untested. If you want, wait until you hear that beep, then do the same thing, and it may work! If so, please let us know!

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