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ADTRAN Phones Remote Answering With Sennheiser or Plantronics*

On ADTRAN phones that have "load detect" (LD) electronic hookswitch control, wireless headsets can remote answer without an EHS cable or a lifter.

BUT, you wont be able to hear the phone ring in the headset on incoming calls unless you add the appropriate electronic hookswitch accessory.

With these accessories, you will have remote answering capabilities AND ring detection.

Option #1: Sennheiser Electronic Hookswitch for Shoretel Phones. You can find it here!

Option #2: Plantronics RD-1-POD Ring Detector. Found here :)

To enable the electronic hookswitch control

Switch Hook, use the following steps:

1. Press Menu.

2. Press 2 for Phone Settings.

3. Press 0 for Misc.

4. Press 1 for Headset Switch Hook.

5. Scroll to On and press the Select soft key.

6. Press the Ok soft key or OK on the navigation bar.

7. Press the Exit soft key until the idle screen appears, or press CANCEL on the navigation bar to return directly to the idle screen


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