Are Leitner wireless headsets PCI compliant?

Short answer; No. Long answer below.

Technically they are not PCI compliant.   What it does include is the following:


  • Registration procedure and time limits set to 120 seconds or less
  • On air 64 bit authentication key allocation (Base & Headset)
  • Authentication of Base & headset
  • Evaluation of peer sides behavior regarding encryption including timeout values for triggering of call release
  • Early encryption immediately after connection establishment between headset and base established
  • Procedure for re-keying with a new derived cipher key during a call so that cipher key can be changed at least every 60 seconds during a call


Ultimately if that level of security does not meet their needs they would need to go with a wired headset option to remove the need for wireless encryption/security. We do not have information on wireless headsets that are up to that level of security.


If someone wants more information on PCI compliance (or you are curious, yourself), check out the link below, as it has some of the information.