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Are Nortel Phone Models Beginning with M and N the Same Phones?

Northern Telecom (also known as Aastra Telecom, Nortel, Norstar, Meridian) Phone Model Translation:

M2008 = NTZ08BA or NTZK06BA

M2016S = NTZK02BA or NTZK20BA

M2216 = ACD I or ACD II (Polaris compatible)

M2317 = NT1F21

M2616 = NTZK16BA

M7100 = NT8B14

M7208 = NT8B30 (Polaris compatible)

M7310 = NT8B20 (Polaris compatible)

M7324 = NT8B40 (Polaris compatible)

M7900 = NT8B50 (Polaris compatible)

M8300 = NT4L01AH

M8400 = NT4L10AD

M8600 = NT4L04AA, NT4L04AB, NT4L14AA, NT4L14AB

Note: The Polaris models noted are only some of the Nortel models that are compatible with Polaris Headsets. For more information search HDSAnswers for “polaris compatibility” or the Plantronics Compatibility guide.

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