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Are there any headsets that get call control/remote answering without a lifter or EHS for Toshiba phones?*


On Toshiba phones listed below:

Jabra 9120, 9125, 9330 and 9350 will have the call control and ring detection without a hookswitch/EHS or handset lifter.

Plantronics may or may not have remote answering with Toshiba

This depends on the configuration of the Toshiba phone’s headset jack. .

Plantronics may work with HHEU or BHEU type headset jack.

Sennheiser and OfficeRunner remote answering without lifter

only works with the BHEU type headset jack.

(Ring detection only works with Sennheiser Electronic Hookswitch for Shoretel Phones and BHEU headset jack, or an ORL12)


DP5008 DP5018-S

DP5022-SDM DP5022-SD

DP5122-SD DP5032-SD

DP5132-SD DP5130-SDL

IP5122-SD IP5122-SDC

IP5131-SDL IP5132-SD

DKT3020-S DKT3201

DKT3201(W) DKT3207-SD

DKT3207-SD(W) DKT3210-S

DKT3210-S(W) DKT3210-SD

DKT3210-SD(W) DKT3214-SDL



IPT2010-SD IPT2010-SDC



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