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Are There Calisto Pro Instructions for use with a Partner Phone System?

Using your Calisto Pro with Multi-Line Partner Phones

Package Contents:

1. Bluetooth Headset

2. Handset/Remote (small unit with LCD display)

3. Handset battery & battery door

4. Charging Base

5. Electrical Cord (black AC power adapter)

6. Telephone Cord (RJ11 line)

7. Jack Splitter (optional for wall telephone jack)

8. USB Cable (for VoIP)

9. Quick Start Guide

10. Software CD

How to Setup Your Calisto Pro:

1. Plug the telephone cord into the bottom of the charging base.

A) If your Partner Phone has an auxiliary jack, plug the other end of the telephone cord into it. This is located on

the underside or back of the phone (often hidden beneath a plastic platform) and is labeled “AUX”.

B) If your phone does not have an auxiliary jack, then you will want to use the jack splitter. The jack splitter would

then be used to plug both the Calisto charging base and the Partner Phone into the same wall jack.

2. Plug the appropriate end of the power cord into the bottom of the Calisto charging base. Plug the other end of

the cord into an electrical outlet.

3. Place the headset onto the base and press down firmly to charge. The headset indicator light should be red

while charging and change to solid blue when fully charged (at least 3 hours the first time).

4. Place remote into the base to charge. Allow the remote to charge for at least 16 hours before using the first

time, or until the full battery icon is displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Powering the Headset On/Off:

The headset automatically powers on when it is charging. If the headset has been powered off, then to power on press and hold headset button for 2 seconds (4 ascending beeps will be heard in the headset).

How to Answer a Call:

When the phone rings, either:

- Press the headset button (if using the bluetooth headset).

- Press the TALK/FLASH button on the remote (if using remote or corded 2.5mm headset).

How to Place a Call on Hold:

Press the TALK/FLASH button on the remote. You should hear an intercom dial tone. Now press END. Your call is now on hold.

Retrieving a Call from Hold:

In order to retrieve a call from hold you will simply go back to your Partner Phone and press the button for the line that is on hold.

How to Transfer a Call with an Announcement:

Press the TALK/FLASH button once. You will hear an intercom dial tone, which means the call is parked. Now, dial the extension to which you want to transfer the call. The phone will ring. When someone answers, announce the call: if he/she accepts the call, press END and the call will be transferred. If no one is available at that extension, press TALK/FLASH and you will be returned to the call.

PLEASE NOTE: The Intercom feature may not work with the Partner ACS system. Check your phone’s feature guide for possible ways to use the intercom feature.

How to make an Intercom Call:

Press the TALK/FLASH button to get an open line (you cannot place an intercom call while on the line with a caller). You should hear a dial tone. Now press the (*) key and 71. This activates the intercom feature. Now, simply dial the extension of the person you wish to intercom and your voice will be heard through the intercom. Press END when done.

How to make a Conference Call:

After you are connected with the first party, press the TALK/FLASH button. This will give you an intercom dial tone, which means the first party is now parked. Press 9 to get an outside line, then dial the new phone number (Note: If you are conferencing someone from an inside line press TALK/FLASH button and dial their extension). When the second party answers, press the TALK/FLASH button once. You should now be connected with both parties. In the event that the number is busy, or if there is no answer, press END and you will return to the first party.

When you are ready to end the conference call, press TALK/FLASH to hang up on both callers; if you want to continue speaking with the first caller, press END and the last caller will be dropped.

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