AT&T Marathon lights... What do they mean?*

AT&T MARATHON Lights (MARATHON Discontinued)

AT&T MARATHON headset and lights


On The Base:

Red light lit up next to Lifter Mode or No Lifter Mode. When the headset is ON, this light flashes. When it’s OFF this light is steady.


- May also flash when another telephone is in use on the same line.

- Flashed quickly when there is an incoming call


Red light next to Mute means your microphone is muted



On The Headset:

Blue on top: Registered. The headset is paired to a base (note: it might be paired to a different base than the one it’s sitting on! Test and check!)


Blue flashing on top: We have had others report they see blue flashing on the top and nothing at the bottom. We have yet to figure out what that lights means.


Blue on top/Orange on bottom: Deregistered. The headset is not paired to a base.


Red on bottom: Low Battery. The headset needs to charge.


Blue/Red Flashing: Search Mode. The headset is not paired to a base and is searching for one.


Orange on bottom ONLY: The headset is paired as the 2nd (guest) headset in conference mode. You would have to specifically put a 2nd headset into this mode, so you will hardly ever see an Orange-Only MARATHON.