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Avaya 9600 Hookswitch Function - Audible Alerting

AVAYA 9600 Series phones have an option under Call Settings called Audible Headset Alerting,

(this option may also be listed as Headset Signaling)

it allows alerting tones through a headset in addition to the speaker on the deskphone.

Depending on the Customer’s firmware, different steps are needed.

To set call alerting with the newer firmware:

(See lower photo to right)

1. Click the “Settings” icon

2. Click Option 1 “Options & Settings”

3. Click Option 1 “Call Settings”

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the list & click “Headset Signaling...”

5. Select Option 2 “Switchook & Alerting”

To set call alerting with older firmware:

(See upper photo to right.)

1. Press “Home”

2. Touch “Call Settings”

3. Touch “Options & Settings”

4. Access the “Screen & Sound Options”

5. On the “Screen & Sound Options” menu, touch “Call Pickup Indication”.

Repeatedly touch “Call Pickup Indication” to scroll through the settings and touch “Audible Alerting” (or “Headset Signaling”,

6. Touch Save, to save the setting

If these settings don’t work, or are inaccessible from Customer’s phone, Avaya 9600 ringtones may need to be changed to ringtone # 4.

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