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Battery Resets and Charging TImes

Wireless Headsets:

Sennheiser Wireless:

1st Charge/New Battery – 1 hour

Manual Battery or Dimple Battery Reset— 1 hour

Sennheiser SDW 5016:

1st Charge - 1 Hour

Manual Battery Reset - DON’T! Battery is screwed in.

Dimple Battery Reset (S1 button) - 1 hour

Leitner Wireless (all):

1st Charge/New Battery—Overnight (at least 4 hours, but manufacturer recommends 8-12)

Do not reset battery and create a callback like you would with the OfficeRunner, as the battery doesn't work that way for Leitner. If the battery light situation doesn't improve after an unplugged reset and their complaint is short battery life (under 6 hours), then just replace the battery.

AT&T Marathon (Base or Dial Pad)

1st Charge/New Battery—Overnight (at least 4 hours, but manufacturer recommends is 8-12)

Battery Reset—3 hours

Plantronics Wireless (all):

1st Charge/New Battery— 4 hours

Battery Reset—3 hours

Skoot Wireless:

1st Charge/New Battery— Discontinued.

Battery reset—2 hours.

Jabra Wireless (all models except 9350):

1st Charge/New Battery— 4 hours Discontinued.

Battery Reset—DON’T.  Battery removal requires a special screwdriver.

Jabra 9350 ONLY:

1st Charge/New Battery—4 hours Discontinued.

Battery Reset—1.5 hours


Sennheiser MB Pro:

1st Charge/New Battery—2.5 Hours

Battery Reset—at least 40 minutes

Sennheiser MB660:

1st Charge—3 hours

Battery Reset—NOPE.  It’s hardwired in


1st Charge—1.5 hours

Battery Reset—NOPE.  It’s hardwired in.

Plantronics Bluetooth (All):

1st Charge—2 hours Discontinued.

Battery Reset— NOPE.  It’s hardwired in.

VXI Roadwarrior B250-X—Discontinued.:

1st Charge—12 hours

Battery Reset/New Battery—DON’T.  It’s under several screwed down pieces.

VXI BlueParrott B350-XT—Discontinued.:

1st Charge—3.5 hours

Battery Reset/New Battery—DON’T.  Product manual lists it as “not user replaceable.”

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