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BusyBuddy/Busy Beacon Troubleshooting Guide (Including Paperclip Method)

You may have some questions about your BusyBuddy or Busy Beacon, and we have some answers and techniques to make it work its best for you!

BusyBuddy busy light for your phone and headset

Busy Buddy or Busy Beacon not staying on long enough?

Try adjusting the Fade Time. It’ll make it stay on longer when there’s silence on the line.

Using a bent paper clip, turn the dial on the back of the switch box to increase the fade out time up to 21 seconds. Here’s how:

BusyBuddy box with fade time dial

1) Hold a small paper clip as shown and bend the upper part up and to the right by 90 degrees

2) Note the tiny loop that is created (You can also use the corner of a credit or gift card)

3) Insert that loop into the dial on the switch box. Turn the dial to adjust the fade-out time.

Busy Buddy or Busy Beacon not turning on fast enough?

Try adjusting the Sensitivity. It’ll make it turn on a bit faster once it hears sound.

BusyBuddy busy light sensitivity dial

Look on the connector box for the Busy Beacon/Buddy. On one side there is a notched turn-wheel.

If your sticker and the Busy Beacon/Buddy manual switch are facing up, then turning this wheel to the right will make it more sensitive. Turning it to the left will make it less sensitive.

The Busy Beacon has a white line on this wheel (The Busy Buddy does not). The standard sensitivity (medium) would be the white line being in the center.

Play around with it to see what works best for you!

Busy Buddy or Busy Beacon has no sound or one-way sound when the headset is plugged in?

Try adjusting the Compatibility. The compat buttons might be on the wrong setting.

BusyBuddy busy light compatibility switches

To adjust these, look at the side of the Busy Beacon or Busy Buddy wiring box that has two switches.

On the Busy Beacon it will say I and II on either side of each switch.

On the BusyBuddy it will say 1 & 2 on one switch and 3 & 4 on the other.

The most common setting for both is for the switches to be going to the LEFT. That is I & I on the Busy Beacon and 1 & 3 on the Busy Buddy.

If it still doesn’t work with both switches pushed to the left, try different compats to see if any work better.

BusyBuddy busy light paper manual

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