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Can I Charge the Presence and/or MB Pro on an OfficeRunner Base?


The Sennheiser MB Pro headsets already have a headband and with the Presence you can get a headband for it (Presence Headband=Catalog #2319 on website) that can charge on the cube-shaped Office Runner Base.

The Bluetooth headset will NOT pair to the OR base and cannot be used in place of the OfficeRunner Headset.

While your Presence (in its headband) or MB Pro headset is charging on the OR base, you cannot use your OR. Putting anything on the base puts the headset base into OFF mode.

So to recap:

1) MB Pro = Ready to Go! For the Presence, you’ll need the Presence headband

2) It will charge on that headband just fine

3) It ONLY charges, you can’t use it with your base, it will never pair

4) Your OfficeRunner headset is out of commission while you’re charging your Presence or MB Pro on the OfficeRunner Base

So now you know!

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