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Can I Limit the DB Level of Savi?

You can change the maximum decibels(dB) of the Savi W740 headset to help protect your hearing. These features are especially pertinent for European or Australian Customers, as they have laws specifically set to limit the maximum volume level of a headset. When these options are disabled (by default), the maximum limit of the Savi W740 is 118dB.

In order to change these features, you must first download the Plantronics Spokes (may also be called "Plantronics Hub") program available on their website.

Once installed go to Start > Programs > Plantronics > Plantronics Control Panel > Device Settings > Base > Audio Limiting

Audio Limiting

Audio Limiting provides advanced hearing protection for daily noise exposure. When Audio-Limiting is SELECTED, the system monitors and controls sound to ensure audio levels do not exceed 80 dB or 85 dB (whichever is selected)

When Audio-Limiting is set to NOT SELECTED, the headset limits sound levels at 118dB to protect your hearing.

Hours On the Phone Per Day

This feature is used in conjunction with the Audio Limiting feature, there’s a special algorithm that the Savi uses and this will adjust for the amount of time the Cust spends on the phone.


Anti-startle provides advanced hearing protection against sudden loud sounds. When Anti-startle is SELECTED, the system identifies and eliminates sudden loud sounds and rapidly reduces them to a comfortable level.


G616 Acoustic Limiting provides additional hearing protection against acoustic shock. When G616 Acoustic Limiting is SELECTED, the system provides additional acoustic shock protection.

Sound levels are limited to 102dB.

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