Can I make my softphone ring out loud through my speakers while the call goes to my headset?*


1st try looking in the softphone settings. Some have a different setting for ringer vs for headphones or speaker. You can set the ringer to the computer speakers (usually called Realtek in Windows machines) and the headset can be set up for the headphones or speaker option. If you do this, make sure your Realtek speakers are enabled in your sound settings.

If this doesn’t work we can try changing the settings in Windows

Playback: Built in speakers (the Realteks) as the default device and the headset as the communication device. Now test!

This doesn’t always work, but when it does, you’ll have your softphone calls ringing out through the speakers (so you don’t have to wear you headset 24/7) and your caller’s voice in your headset.

Note: This method will only work if you are using a softphone app. If you log in through your browser, like Chrome or Internet Explorer, then the calls will go through the speakers, because the browser is not classified as a communications device.

Pretty cool, right?

PS: For instructions on how to do with with a Mac computer, check out this article!