Can I pair the TL7600 Mic Directly to a Phone?



The TL7600 can be paired with some AT&T Cordless phone bases.

To register the headset to an AT&T DECT cordless telephone base:

1 - Make sure the battery is properly installed in the

headset (see page 7). The ON/OFF light flashes

twice every five seconds to indicate the headset

is not registered.

2 - Place the headset in the headset charger and

allow it to charge for at least five minutes

before beginning registration. Remove the

headset from the charger and then place the

headset back into the charger.

3 - On the telephone base of the cordless phone,

press and hold the /HANDSET LOCATOR

button until the IN USE light turns on (about four

seconds) and release the button.

If your telephone base has no HANDSET

LOCATOR button:

Press and hold the HOLD button until the screen

displays Registering... Please wait, then release

the button.


and hold the LOCATOR button until the screen

displays Registering handset..., then release the button.

4 - The headset registers to the telephone base automatically; this

may take about 30 seconds to complete. The headset ON/OFF

light turns blue on the first headset registered and orange on the

second headset registered. To verify registration was successful,

press the headset ON/OFF button and check for a dial tone