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Can I Use a Hookswitch with my Wireless Y-Adapter?

Answer-- MAYBE.

This is a great solution for folks training on Sennheiser units that keep cutting their training headset off whenever they hang up a call!

(Hint: the easiest solution for these folks would be to use their “End Call” button on the telephone rather than hang up with the EHS cable, but if they don’t have that option, try this:)

If you have a hook switch cable that plugs into an RJ9 Headset Jack on the phone then YES, you should be able to use a Wireless Y Adpator (hint: this is the majority of EHS cables). If you have a weird one like single-line Aastra/Seimens cable then it won’t work.

You will need a 2nd wireless headset and base OR a corded headset + RJ9 QD cord to make this work.

Here’s how to set it up

1) Unplug the power from the primary headset charging base (and USB if it has one)

2) Plug the headset base side in first, following the standard instructions for your EHS.

3) Plug the RJ9 Headset Jack part of the EHS cable into the Wireless Y Adaptor in either slot A or B.

4) Plug your 2nd training into the other slot of the Wireless Y Adaptor.

5) Plug the Wireless Y Adaptor into the Headset Jack of the telephone.

6) Plug the other side of your EHS cable into the Aux/EHS/5-prong etc. jack of the telephone.

7) Plug the power back into the primary headset’s charging base.

You should now be able to train using your Wireless Y Adaptor and your hook switch cable. WOOHOO!

Here’s a list of cables we’ve tested with this:

Polycom EHS for Sennheiser

Cisco 7900 EHS for Sennheiser

If you test something out and it works or does NOT work, let us know by emailing ! We’ll update the article!