Can you conference in 2 Leitner headsets and UNIBASE at the same time?

Yes we can :)

However, the PRIMARY headset needs to be in UNIBASE mode before we try and pair the 2nd microphone. We CAN NOT pair the 2nd microphone then try to put the headsets in UNIBASE mode.


1) Start with the base in Phone mode. The light should be on the button on the right side by the picture of the telephone.

2) While in phone mode, press and hold the Computer Mode button for about 4 seconds. This is the button on the left side under the picture of the computer.

3) Both lights should now light up and you will hear a musical little tone pattern to let you know Unibase was successful.

4) You should be able to hear sound from the Phone and the Computer


1) Turn on primary headset

2) Place the secondary headset on the primary headset’s base.

3) The light on the secondary headset will turn on and the 3rd light on the right side of the base will flash to indicate that the secondary headset is pairing to the base.

4) Once the registering has completed, the 3rd light on the right side of the base will stop flashing and the secondary headset’s light will begin flashing.

5) Once the secondary headset’s flashes, immediately remove it from the charging base.

6) The secondary headset should automatically connect to the primary headset within seconds of removing it from the base.

7) Test to make sure 2nd headset is getting audio.