Can you use a Chattaway with a Busy Beacon or BusyBuddy?



Here’s how you hook it up:

1. Attach the Phone Cord

Plug one end of the telephone cord included with the Chattaway into the TEL jack located on the back side of the base unit. It’s marked “TEL”.

2. Connect the Phone Cord

Plug the other end of the telephone cord into your telephone wall jack.

3. Connect the Busy Beacon(DISCONTINUED)

Plug the Busy Beacon’s RJ 9 into the headset jack of the Chattaway. That’s the jack on the side with the picture of the headset! Plug the other side of this cord into the Busy Beacon(DISCONTINUED) box. Set the I and II buttons both to I.

4) Connect the Headset

Connect the headset’s quick disconnect RJ9 cord to the Busy Beacon(DISCONTINUED) box.

Got an OfficeRunner Soho Bundle?

It’s easy to set up! Just charge up the OfficeRunner for 1 hour, then adjust Step 4 to plug RJ9 side (smaller side) of the Green Cord of the Office Runner into the Busy Beacon box. Make sure your OfficeRunner is on telephone mode to use the Chattaway and you’re good to go! The Chattaway takes the place of a desktop telephone!