Cisco IP Communicator mic setup*

Changing mic settings in Cisco IP Communicator

1) Click the Menu icon in the upper left corner of the phone, and then click Audio Tuning Wizard.

NOTE: This is VERY hard to find, so check out picture 1.

2)Once in, click on the NEXT button to get the process going

3) You will now see a list of 4 drop-downs: HEADSET, SPEAKERPHONE, HANDSET, and RINGER

-set them ALL to whatever headset you are trying connect, then click NEXT

4) Now we can adjust the listening volume by moving the slider and pressing PLAY, making sure they can hear it in their headset, then hit NEXT

5) Now, do the same for the mic volume, making sure their voice is moving the bar, then hit NEXT, then FINISH

You should now be able to use the headset with the Cisco softphone!