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CLeaning, care and Maintenance for the 9120/9125


Cleaning, safety and maintenance

Clean the headset, including the headset boom and ear loop piece, by wiping with a slightly damp cloth

as required. Dampen the cloth with only water and a little washing-up liquid if needed.

Avoid getting moisture or liquid into any button sockets or other openings. The base and cords

may be dry-dusted as required.

The ear cushion and ear plate may be cleaned or replaced. When cleaning, use water only and a little

washing-up liquid if required.

• To clean or replace the ear plate, first remove the ear plate from the headset receiver.

• To clean or replace the headset’s ear cushion, gently peel it off the ear plate.

• Do not immerse the GN 9120 in water.

• For your convenience, replace ear cushion once a year.

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