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Computer headset setup

Set up with Windows:

Set Up:

  1. Connect your headset into the computer
  2. Right click on the speaker located in the bottom right hand corner of your screen and select “Open Sound Settings”
  3. To the right of that screen select “Sound Control Panel”
  4. Under the playback and recording tab ensure the headset is set as default device (it should have a green checkmark next to it). Make sure all other devices say “disabled” or “not plugged in”
    1. For Leitner, it will say "DECT Headset" and Sennheiser wireless will be "Sennheiser DECT" or something similar, etc.
  5. If any devices say “ready” we want to right click and hit disable
  6. For Leitner corded ensure the compat is on 2 & 3
Mac set up:

Set Up:

  1. Go to “System Preferences”
  2. Then select Sound
  3. Select the correct headset from the dropdown menu for both Input and Output
    1. Leitner will be listed as "DECT Headset" and Sennheiser wireless will be "Sennheiser DECT" or something very similar, etc.
  4. Slide the sliders so that they are turned on!

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