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Conferencing Savi headsets

How to conference extra Savi Headsets:

1) Place a call on the Primary headset (or just make sure the Primary headset is on and has the light on it).

2) Place the Guest headset into the Primary headset’s base.

3) The Primary headset will receive a multi-beep tone to let them know it’s time to pair the Guest headset.

4) Press the on/off button on the primary headset to pair the two headsets.

5)The subscription light on the Primary base will turn yellow to confirm that a conference is in session.

Fun Fact, you can pair up to 3 additional headsets to the same Savi base. To do this, repeat steps 1 through 4 with each additional headset.

Please note that only headsets of the same style can be paired together... because otherwise they won’t fit into the Primary base.

Also note that lifters and EHS cables will cause the connection between the headsets to break. Whenever the Primary headset is turned off, the connection between the headsets will drop. So, unless you can leave your lifter up and/or unplug your EHS and just use the buttons on the phone, you will lose connection.

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